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Zichain (ZCN) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Zichain takes a leading role in creating a cryptocurrency asset management industry for private and institutional investors, combining best practices of the traditional financial world with innovative technologies. We are developing an ecosystem comprised of several key products: a platform for starting and managing investment funds, news and market data provider, index funds based on a family of our cryptocurrency indexes, crypto-fiat exchange, and a marketplace for financial services.

Zichain Ecosystem

Blockchain Asset Management Platform

Currently, there are dozens of investment funds operating in the cryptocurrency industry, whose infrastructure cannot be called reliable and whose asset management process cannot be viewed as transparent. Even though this industry is in early stage of its development, several large thefts of investors’ funds have already occurred. Due to most of the funds working outside the legal framework, state institutions around the world are recognizing the need for a systematic approach to the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. Sooner or later the market players and asset managers will require transforming their businesses in order to minimize their risk exposure, and particularly – the counterparty risks.

BAMP is a platform that foresees this future requirement and provides a ready technical solution for creating and managing investment funds. It also offers all the necessary tools to monitor the status of investors’ portfolios, whilst meeting all the conventional standards of classical financial market.


Passive strategies can outperform actively managed strategies in the long term, especially if the investor is striving for low volatility and a stable income. One of the varieties of passive strategies is investing in index products that track the dynamics of a broad market or its individual sectors. The most convenient way to invest in a broad market is ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). Over the past 20 years, they have become one of the most popular tools for both institutional and individual investors. ETFs currently contains over $4.5 trillion of assets worldwide.

Despite the fact that the ETF industry has grown by 1,000% over the past 13 years, it is still quite insignificant compared to the mutual funds industry, which grew by only 150% over the same period. The volume of assets under management in ETF is now only one-tenth of the assets of mutual funds.

Advantages of investing with TheIndex.Fund

  • A single entrance point to the cryptocurrency market – one token represents the portfolio;
  • Variety of customized index funds – from straightforward large-cap strategies to specific industry exposure;
  • Lower expenses – cost-effective operations, order execution, and rebalancing;
  • Safe asset storage – custody and cybersecurity

СryptoEYE is a multilingual information provider in the crypto ecosystem. The functionality and volume of the displayed information of the website can be adapted for each user. At CryptoEYE, classic investors have the opportunity to obtain accessible, comprehensive and latest information on cryptocurrencies, as well as on existing and forthcoming industry projects. At the same time, information is available to any user in an understandable language and with the minimum use of highly technical terms.

CryptoEYE Offers

  • Easy understanding of individual cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
  • Full picture of any product’s development cycle and assessment of its potential: which of the products is a prototype, which already works, the stage of the product life cycle (idea, prototype, and implementation)
  • Understanding the interrelationships between technologies and applications
  • . • Identifying factors that affect pricing.
  • Obtaining both brief and comprehensive, well-organized information about what is happening in the market.
  • Tailored filters to obtain news and information about the crypto economy that is necessary to solve specific user tasks.
  • Obtaining the necessary analytics and forecasts for various sectors of the crypto industry


Zichain aims to create a cryptocurrency broker that will bridge the gap between the world of traditional finances and the developing crypto space. We will provide retail and institutional investors with an exclusively legal and transparent solution for conversion of fiat money to crypto-assets. Our main input to the market will be a combination of accepted operational standards of the traditional financial industry and the values that drive blockchain technology development such as simplicity, convenience, and security. ZiChange will eliminate obstacles which institutional and retail investors meet when they venture into the world of crypto-assets. There will be two types of exchange services:

  1. Fiat-to-crypto (and crypto-to-fiat) exchange services. The company will provide legal and secure entrance to the cryptocurrency market. All deals will comply with regulatory requirements.
  2. Crypto-to-crypto exchange services. The company will give access to a wide range of crypto-assets within one liquid platform.

Our exchange infrastructure will give investors the opportunity to direct long-term investments into the cryptocurrency market. A duly performed KYC/AML will allow clients to convert any digital asset to fiat currency and to use funds legally. At the beginning, we will only work with counterparties located in EU and CIS, and later we plan to expand to other jurisdictions, subject to compliance with the local laws and regulations and excluding any cross-border issues.

About Token

Zitoken (ZCN) is the ERC20 ICO token in the Ethereum blockchain, which acts as an internal currency fuelling the ecosystem of our services. The ERC20 standard is used to facilitate transparent, low-cost transactions within the platform, and to provide users with convenient and secure opportunity to store tokens. With Zitoken, both investors and managers can pay for our numerous services at a 30% discount.

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    Khachatur is an established investment management professional with more than 10 years’ experience in asset management and private banking. During the course of his career, he has worked with the leading banks and hedge funds from Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Lichtenstein. Khachatur was the Partner and Managing Director of ATON, Russia’s oldest independent investment group. He was responsible for the development of ATON’s Swiss operations, ATON WM Suisse, from a start-up in 2014 to one of the leading independent asset managers in Switzerland with assets under management over USD 250m. Khachatur possesses strong expertise in brokerage, asset restructuring and financial advisory, and is a frequent lecturer on alternative investments. He is a qualified asset manager and financial markets specialist and has a degree in political science.
  • SERGE GELLER  Сo-founder, COO
    SERGE GELLER  Сo-founder, COO
    SERGE GELLER Сo-founder, COO
    Serge is an experienced project manager and business restructuring specialist with more than 15 year’s international experiences in the technology, energy and construction industries, particularly the USA, Austria and Russia. Serge specialises in business process organisation, procurement consulting, cost optimisation, and business administration. He holds an MBA with specialisation in Finance from NOVA Southeastern University, USA.
  • ANDREY GUNIN  Co-founder, CFO
    ANDREY GUNIN  Co-founder, CFO
    ANDREY GUNIN Co-founder, CFO
    Andrey is a finance and investment guru with more than 20 years’ experience in the media, telecoms and fintech sectors. Prior to joining Zichain, he spent several years successfully developing a number of start-ups and fintech companies specializing in mobile applications. Andrey also spent six years as Chief Financial Officer at Svyaznoy, Russia’s second largest mobile phone retailer, where he oversaw the company’s financial planning, budgeting and product pricing activities. Prior to that, he was managing financial strategy at Media Most, one of Russia’s largest media companies. Andrey started his career in 1996 at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has a degree in the economics and finance and holds MBA from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
    Stepan is an award-winning software engineer with more than 15 years’ experience in software systems development using an array of breakthrough technologies. He is a technical visionary with a proven ability to implement complex and innovative projects with service-oriented architecture and technology. Over the years, Stepan has led numerous IT teams and projects internationally. His expertise lies in enterprise software design, service-oriented architecture and technologies, software defined infrastructures, Big Data, Cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence. Stepan is an author of 12 scientific publications and holds a PhD in Computer Science.
  • VIACHESLAV TIMERBULATOV  Co-founder, Head of Business Development
    VIACHESLAV TIMERBULATOV  Co-founder, Head of Business Development
    VIACHESLAV TIMERBULATOV Co-founder, Head of Business Development
    Viacheslav possesses more than 15 years’ experience in the development and successful implementation of the marketing projects. He particularly specialises in the project management and restructuring, as well as crisis management. Viacheslav has an extensive experience in the creation and implementation of numerous educational programmes and non-profit sector initiatives.
  • JULIA KALCHEVA  Corporate Communications
    JULIA KALCHEVA  Corporate Communications
    JULIA KALCHEVA Corporate Communications
    Julia is a multilingual PR and corporate communications specialist with over 14 years of international experience, including emerging markets.
    During her career, she has given advice in the areas of long-term reputation building, financial PR, media and investor relations, corporate communications, IPOs, M&A, crisis communications and litigation support. She also works in the areas of online reputation, branding and CSR.
    Her services cover a wide range of industries, from energy, mining and telecoms to real estate, financial services, retail and culture and arts.
    Julia speaks English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. She holds an MA in International Business Management from the University of Westminster. She is also a Member of the UK Investor Relations Society.
  • DANIL YAKOVLEV  Trading Infrastructure Manager
    DANIL YAKOVLEV  Trading Infrastructure Manager
    DANIL YAKOVLEV Trading Infrastructure Manager
    Danil is a financial markets specialist with a quantitative research experience in a proprietary high-frequency trading fund. He has a successful record of developing and deployment of trading algorithms at Moscow Exchange, and possesses deep understanding of infrastructure-level market operations. The key areas of expertise are market microstructure, execution algorithms, customized stat-arb strategies, and algorithm design. Danil holds a degree in Economics at Higher School of Economics and New Economic School.
    Alexander is an experienced project manager and a leading software developer with more than ten years of experience in large international companies such as SUN Microsystems and Oracle. His main areas of expertise are data analytics systems, machine learning algorithms, big data, and natural language processing.
    Viktorya is self-motivated and dedicated Quality Assurance Engineer with exposure to determining, preparing and maintaining quality test strategies, designing test frameworks, and developing correlating test scripts, to ensure quality at each level of assigned projects. She is well-versed in working closely with the backend, frontend and design and production teams. She has 13+ experience in analytical and reporting sphere.
    Anahit is a Quality Assurance Engineer who is passionate about building quality software and solve problems in an agile environment with experience in software testing. She is skilled in software development/testing lifecycle including test strategy preparations, test execution and bug tracking. To create test plans and test cases, she starts with business requirements analysis and software specifications.
    Karen is a senior software engineer with over 11 years of experience delivering enterprise application solutions and leading complex technology projects. His expertise is in web development with an emphasis on full stack development in the open-source space.
Karen doesn’t rely on common methods to solve a problem but addresses each situation from specific angle. He looks at each problem with a fresh perspective and contributes to the overall technical strategy while also improving the performance of the applications and the scalability for dozens of new users.
  • HAYK MANUKYAN  Developer
    HAYK MANUKYAN  Developer
    HAYK MANUKYAN Developer
    Hayk is a software and mobile developer with master’s degree in applied mathematics. He is always ready to learn new technologies and improve himself. He is a Reach technology enthusiast who leverages his experience to create reusable code for web frontend and mobile applications to minimize the possibilities of bugs and maximize the same user experience on multiple devices.


  • 1
    Q3 2017

    The concept of infrastructure for the cryptocurrency fund. Start of IT development.


    Development of cryptocurrency indices and corresponding methodology for index funds launch.


    The concept of Information provider including news aggregator and features enabling efficient asset management in cryptocurrency industry.
  • 2
    Q4 2017

    Alpha-version release: 5 cryptocurrency indices, crypto-wiki with 100 coins and tokens description, cryptocurrency investment calculator.


    Transformation of the fund concept to full-fledged Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP) for external asset managers.
  • 3
    Q1 2018

    Release of beta version. Release of the news aggregation module.


    Company set up in EU. Obtaining of license for crypto-fiat exchange.


    MVP release.
  • 4
    Q2 2018

    Integration of the news aggregator into the CryptoEYE. Release of CryptoEYE 2.0.


    Launch of first two tokenized index funds for investors.


    Launch of crypto-fiat exchange. BTC/ETH/LTC vs USD/EUR.
  • 5
    Q3 2018

    Integration of Zichange services and investment products of TheIndex.Fund.
    Release of the iOS and Android mobile applications.


    Release of BAMP 1.0. Release of the trading platform supporting all major exchanges within one terminal.


    Launch of full range of index funds.


    Extending the number of currency pairs available for exchange. Starting operations with institutional investors and corporate clients.
  • 6
    Q4 2018

    Start of the Index funds securitization and listing on traditional exchanges.
    Setting up the legal access for investors in different countries
    (US, Singapore, and others).


    Legal framework setup. The umbrella fund structure with subfunds for each asset manager on BAMP.


    Creation of the multilingual editorial team to publish our own news and other cryptocurrency-related content. Localized website interface and news articles (2 languages).
  • 7
    Q1 2019

    Full localization into 2 more languages. Launch of the investment products marketplace for BAMP.
  • 8
    Q2 2019

    Development of advanced news and market data filtering to provide individual newsfeed based on an investor’s portfolio. Full localization into 2 additional languages.


    Release of BAMP 2.0. Decentralized asset storage with distributed access. Licensing as a fund administrator in the cryptocurrency market.
  • 9
    Q3 2019

    Development of analytical platform for creating and backtesting trading strategies. 2 more languages added.
  • 10
    Q4 2019

    Development of analytical platform for creating and backtesting trading strategies. 2 more languages added.
  • 11
    Q1 2020

    Localization into 2 additional languages (10 total)

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