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ZeroState (ZSC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Introduction ZeroState

The ZeroState has come up with an effective solution that brings users and advertisers at one single point and allows them to reap mutual benefits from it. This solution helps advertisers to know about their customer loyalty through their emotional involvement.  With this platform, you can easily place your advertisements and get click and users reviews on it. The users will get rewards for posting a review on any product and services.  All users’ reviews are safely stored in the blockchain. The ZSC token holders can utilize the ZeroState app for launching their advertising campaign and make payments to users. The tokens are transferred to the user’s ERC20 wallet which they can exchange for other digital currency in the stock exchanges or sell them for any cryptocurrency.

All About ZeroState

ZeroState is a first emotional intelligent platform powered by advanced blockchain technology. This platform will prove highly beneficial for all the advertisers across the world by increasing the loyalty of their customer base through analyzing their emotional involvement.  The platform is supported by a mobile app where users can share their reviews about the product in one word.

Advertisers can launch their advertising campaign through the app but for this, they need to buy the ZSC tokens. The prime reason to receive feedback from users is to attract the customer attention and increase sales. On the other hand, users will get ZSC ICO tokens for writing reviews for products.

The ZeroState is supported by a highly talented team of professionals who are working on this advertising platform from last two years. Now, they are focusing on tokenizing the user reviews. For this, they are working on implementing blockchain technology and issues tokens which will be distributed among advertiser and users.  The application will be design to enhance the experience, improve emotional self-expression and enable users to enjoy experiential luxury level which is not available with any other ICO services.

The blockchain is an advanced technology that enables a secure and transparent way of transaction therefore the number of companies like Seal, Upline, DenCity, etc. prefers to utilize this technology for their project development.

zerostate Intro

Benefits of ZeroState

1 – Search Engine on A New Level

People use Google to search “what” a thing is. The platform will shift the people focus on “how” it feel to provide exactly what the user are looking for. The company has established a partnership with iTunes and Liters to design an emotional search add-in which can suggest “Fun” music or “wise” book.  The same thing will be applied to online shopping platform like Alibaba, Amazon, etc. to upgrade them E-commerce 2.0.

2 – Social Network 2.0

It is easy for people to search according to their interest in social networks but it will not reflect their personality always.  At ZeroState network it is possible for finding a like-minded people of your personality.  The user needs to type only “efficient “to search people who do the same.

3 – Marketplace or Uber-like advertising platform

Users will receive real money for writing reviews from the advertising campaign budget. This will ultimately increase the number of reviews on the platform as well as unbiased review will provide an opportunity to form an objective opinion about the product.

Benefits for The User

1 – Free participation in promotions

You just need to install an application and sign up for free to become a member of ZeroState network. After this, you can search for information and participate in an advertising campaign at free of cost.

2 – Bonus For Reviews

The advertisers are responsible for advertising campaign and determine the budget of it.  The user can become participant by posting review on the platform or by confirm someone else’s.  The user will be rewarded in the form ZSC token for posting each review or confirmation.

3 – Unbiased Opinion

Users will receive bonuses for every review including unfavorable one too.  The users are not forced to praise the product as it will help the company to know about the fair and full evaluation.

Multiple Tools that will help the users in finding:

  • Inspiration for self-actualization
  • Unreachable or unexpected things
  • New creative ideas
  • Entertainment, socialization, jobs and games

Benefits for The Advertiser

The platform will allow advertisers to place their advertising campaign and provide quick and unbiased feedback on it.  It is very simple and easy to create a campaign on the platform. You just need to create a product card where you can upload an image. The ZSC platform will bring various benefits to the advertisers that include:-

1 – Extremely loyal Customer

It not only provides company information to the customer but also allows them to write their opinions and chance to earn money.

2 – User Feedback

Provide reviews with detail feedback which helps in analyze and improve the product

3 – Rating

The platform offers a rating for each emotion. The user review will add points and play well in promoting a certain entry to the top. This will help the company to become “coolest” or “sweetest” and attract the users who are exactly looking for these emotions.

4 – Emotional Price list

The company page contains cards that can be easily sorted by rating and emotion.  The user can check for “tastiest”, “most useful” etc. products as per their preference. By adding a buy button or link to the store, a company can receive new sales in an efficient and simple manner.

zerostate app

Concept of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is like exactly what we feel.  It is a human feeling that comes from inside before our brain can assess the situation, apply social filters to decide whether a thing is good or bad. The platform is using an application through which they can collect such feelings.  They motivate the users to share their views so that they can learn about new product and earn money for it.  The tokenized feeling from users will help to understand the authentic opinions and feelings of the users about any product and service.

The way of customer loyalty is lies through their emotional involvement.  If customers really think about your brand then they will definitely buy it. The platform will play well in developing a link between manufacturers and the users.

  1. The ZSC token holders can create an advertisement on the app and get feedback and reviews on their products that help in increasing their ranking and sales
  2. Users will get an opportunity to receive ZSC token by posting reviews. They can sell the token in a secondary market to the advertisers or withdraw them from the system

Business Model of ZeroState

The ZeroState business model is based on tokenization of feeling and emotions.  It uses a specific ZSCoin (ZSC) token on the platform. The company has already implemented a technical solution which plays a significant role in bringing users and adversities closer for their mutual benefits. It enables the advertisers to upload their advertisement and get an impression, click and user reviews for a bonus.

If we talk about ZeroState it has an average CPM that doesn’t exceed $2 whereas the market average is $4. The average CTR is 0.14$.  It shows that placing an advertisement on the platform is highly efficient and attractive as compared to average in the market.

The advertisement industry is growing at a higher pace where it becomes difficult to satisfy its demand. Most of the companies are searching for a platform who believes in a new fresh approach to advertisement and ZSC platform is a perfect choice for it.

What is ZeroState Blockchain?

ZeroState blockchain is a type of software tool supported by advanced blockchain technology  (tokens such as BitRewards, Auctus, Bunnytoken)that delivers large numbers of transactions in a simple and secure manner.  The main objective of ZeroState blockchain is to ensure transaction flow processing that ranges from 300 thousand to 3,000 thousand transactions per minute. This will sufficiently work in supporting transactions from advertisers to users within an app and also support stock exchange transaction too.

ZeroState Blockchain is

  1. PoS with a possibility to delegate authority
  2. Allow advertiser to do multiple transaction with one single transactions to reduce transaction fees and network load
  3. Ensure high level of trust because nodes will receive penalties for double spending
  4. The limited number of ZERO nodes is responsible for network integrity and provides work of the slow nodes with limited ability of processing transactions.
  5. Dividends for node managers and account holders
  6. Hash of all account is a part of block to ensure instant synchronization with ZeroState blockchain

Brief Idea of ZSCoin Token

The ZSCoin is a token used by the platform for the settlements on more favorable terms. When numbers of ZeroState users reach a certain level, ZSCoin is the only means that can be utilized for the settlement between users and advertisers. This token is designed with aim of making transparent and favorable conditions for all the token holders.

The ZSCoin price is directly associated with numbers of active users and ongoing promotions.  If more promotions and users are taking place then more ZSCoin are bought in the market for the settlement purpose. If in case, token quantity is limited and numbers of users are increasing then token price will grow as well.

The ZeroState will publish 100,000,000 ZSC through a smart contract on Ethereum.  A smart contract will automatically exchange ZSC to ETH at the fixed rate which is decided at the time of launch. After the ICO events, ZSCoin tokens will be entered on the stock exchange and freely exchanged for other tokens.  Next, the company will start to work on their blockchain infrastructure and re-issues the tokens.

Token holders can utilize these token for launching an advertisement and campaign in the ZSCapp as well as for making user payments.   Tokens are stored in ERC20 wallet and can be exchanged for other digital currencies available in the stock exchange.

ICO Details

  • Presale starts on : 21st March 2018
  • Presale ends on : 31st May 2018
  • ICO starts on : 21st June 2018 at 10:00 (UTC+3)
  • ICO ends : 31st Aug 2018
  • Token Price : 0,00047 ETH
  • Possibility of early termination : when the upper limit of 100,000,000
  • Regulated distribution: undistributed and unsold tokens are destroyed
  • Method of buying token : public sale only ETH

: Private Presale BTC, LTC, ETH, USD from qualified investors

  • Minimum target : US $4,000,000

zerostate token distribution

Token Distribution

  • Business advisor :  2%
  • Bounty program : 3%
  • Main team : 10%
  • Reserve Fund : 20%
  • Token Sales : 65%


The ZeroState is developing with the aim of connecting advertisers and users. With this platform, advertisers can upload their product advertisement on the app and get user reviews and feedback on it. This will help them to understand their customer feeling regarding products as well as also improve their product visibility and traffic rate. On the other, users who are sharing their reviews on any product will receive rewards for it.  The platform will work well for monetizing a rating, create a user and customer database as well as collect emotional and sensual review on product and services which is beneficial for the advertisers.

The company is running its Pre-sale in which you can participate in the development of this project and reap good benefits from it in the future. Apart from it you also have an option to invest in its main ICO token sale which will be coming soon with great bonus offers. If you are new to crypto market and want to know how to invest in ICOs.  It is always good to read to ICO planning guide or check ICO ratings, if you are really seeking for best ICOs to invest and want to enjoy profits in the future.


  • Alexey Aslezov
    Alexey Aslezov
    Alexey Aslezov
    (CEO, Co-Founder) - Aleksey is the founder and CEO of ZeroState. Leveraging his extensive working experience in top managerial positions in the largest Russian companies and IT project management skills, Aleksey suggests SMART tasks and unique solutions in project management.
  • Evgeniy Sosnin
    Evgeniy Sosnin
    Evgeniy Sosnin
    (CTO) - Evgeniy dedicated 20+ years to IT industry and is recognized as a top-class specialist by some of the largest international companies: Intel Co., Deutsche Bank, JnetX. Broad experience in development of banking and multimedia software products for Sberbank, Alpha Bank, Bank of Moscow does not impede Evgeniy from staying an IT enthusiast and living by the start-up spirit. He made ZeroState not just an app, but an emotional intelligence that is intuitive to use.
  • Pavel Petrov
    Pavel Petrov
    Pavel Petrov
    (CVO, Co-Founder) -
    Pavel is the idea generator and the heart of ZeroState project. His conceptual vision of business earned through 20+ years of work in private sector allows him to see What, How and Whom to sell to, making all the parties happy by the way.
  • Aleksandr Mikhailov
    Aleksandr Mikhailov
    Aleksandr Mikhailov
    (CMO) - Aleksander managed a full cycle digital agency for three years, taking part in web, blockchain and software projects of varying complexity.
  • Serge Shilnov
    Serge Shilnov
    Serge Shilnov
    (Blockchain & ICO Mentor) -
    Sergey is a blockchain evangelist to his fingertips. Blockchain architecture design, development, testing and infrastructure integration are Sergey’s daily routine.
  • Sasha Karachinsky
    Sasha Karachinsky
    Sasha Karachinsky
    (Designer) -
    Original branding with attention to details is a must to Sasha. His approach is based on emotions design. Design for Sasha is not work, but an art of satisfying hundreds of customers all over the world.
  • Maxim Varganov
    Maxim Varganov
    Maxim Varganov
    (Community Manager) -
    Releases, announcements, news, bloggers, and feedback make just a tiny portion of Maksim’s arenas where he is irreplaceable.
  • Alex Shiganov
    Alex Shiganov
    Alex Shiganov
    Team Lead
  • Galina Muravyeva
    Galina Muravyeva
    Galina Muravyeva
    iOS developer
  • Alexey Ganin
    Alexey Ganin
    Alexey Ganin
    Senior Backend Developer


  • 1
    Initial fund raising
    Launching ZeroState app development, team building
    First prototype and testing
  • 2
    Releasing the app
    on the App Store and Google Play
  • 3
    30,000 active users.
    First advertisers on the platform.
    Launching a test pay-for-review system in fiat currency.
  • 4
  • 5
    Marketing effort to attract 1 million users.
    Entering U.S. and European markets.
    Development of the ZeroState blockchain system to tokenize feelings and emotions begins.
  • 6
    4 million users.
    Launching an E-Commerce solution.
    Development of a browser extension begins.
    Development of Knowledgebase for the Internet of Things (IoT) begins.
    ZSC enters cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • 7
    Entering the local markets of India and China
  • 8
    Entering the markets of Africa and Latin America.
    Localization and scaling in the countries of presence.

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