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ZeroEdge.Bet (Zerocoin/ ZERO) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The growth of the Internet has acted as a booster in the growth of gambling and betting. There is a big industry developed around online gambling and betting. The benefits provided by the Internet, of providing access to world class games from the luxury of one’s home is attracting more and more people towards it. But the online gaming is rife with its own problems. Online casinos have lots of avenues for defrauding their customers by tampering with the random number generation process used in these casinos. This gives the casinos a better chance of winning games (referred to as “house edge”) compared to what is considered as fair. They also charge a higher transaction fees from users for participating participating in online betting games. Online casinos have been early adopters of Bitcoin which smoothed the process of payments in these casinos and ensured anonymity. But the problem of trust and high transaction fees is still rampant.

With ZeroEdge we propose a blockchain based online gambling platform which uses state channel technology to ensure trust between players and the casino. We introduce a 0% house edge model which reduces the cost of playing in online casinos and gives players a fair chance. to win. Powered by smart contract technology, we believe that Zero Edge casino will be the pioneers of trusted and low cost online gambling.

0% House Edge Games

Zero Edge Blackjack

Zero Edge Blackjack pays out 3:2 for a Blackjack. The game allows double down on any two cards and after splitting. Furthermore, players are permitted to surrender and split aces. One thing to keep in mind, is that a player must play a perfect Blackjack strategy to achieve a 0% house edge, otherwise the house will have a slight advantage. You can read more on Blackjack strategy here.

Zero Edge Video Poker (Jacks or Better)

In traditional casinos, the pay out on a Royal Flush is 250:1 for playing 1 coin. In order to make the game with 0% house edge, the pay out at Zero Edge Video Poker on a Royal Flush is adjusted to pay 976:1 for playing 1 coin. Furthermore, to make the game more attractive to players with different bankrolls and risk taking styles, there is no advantage of playing more than a minimum bet. The pay out on a Royal Flush for playing 5 coins is 4880:1, exactly 5 times more than playing 1 coin.

Zero Edge Slot games

At traditional casinos, house edge on slot machines vary from 2%-15% depending on the game providers. Since slot machines are purely luck based gambling it would be impractical to have a 0% house edge slots otherwise the games might be abused by users. However, we will be offering slot games with a house edge of about 0.01%, the lowest available in the current online gambling market.

Zero Edge Sports Betting platform

Zero Edge Sports betting will operate as an exchange rather than a bookmaker. However, unlike traditional betting exchanges (Pinnacle, Betfair) which take a commission from the winning bets, Zero Edge Sports Betting will have a 0% commission on players’ winning.

No Zero Roulette

As mentioned previously, European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% and is one of the most popular casino games. Zero Edge Roulette will be without number 0 on the wheel which will truly make the game with 0% house edge. This means that all pay-outs are equal to true odds. For example, if you bet on black or red you’ll get paid out evens and actually have an even chance of hitting your color (50%), whereas in a European roulette game with a green 0, the odds of hitting either black or red is 48.6%.

ZeroEdge Token

Zero Edge provides players with a chance to play at an online casino which has 0% house edge. As well as playing at any Casino that is a part Zero Edge Network & uses Zerocoin for its games. We believe that this is a unique value proposition which will attract a significant number of players to Zero Edge casino. Usually, house edge at traditional and bitcoin online casinos varies between 1-15%, so over time irrespective of how well a player plays, the casino collects this percentage as “service costs”. At Zero Edge, players don’t have to worry about this. Furthermore, early adopters of Zero Edge token, will see a considerable difference in their Zerocoin value moving forward. We expect a network effect which will accelerate Zerocoin’s adoption and its value growth as players will begin to spread word among their peer, communities, etc. about Zero Edge Casino. The ICO countdown has already begun for many tokens.

As the number of players who play in Zero Edge increases, more number of players will hear about it and start playing in Zero Edge. We are sure that once a player gives Zero Edge a try, they will stick to it as they will be able to see a visible difference in their earnings. The rate of increase in number of players will be proportional to the number of players who have played in Zero Edge. This is essentially the features of an exponential growth, where the rate of growth depends upon the current value.

Since Zero Edge token is the token which will be needed to play in Zero Edge casino, the demand for tokens will also increase proportionally to the number of players. We expect that this will lead to increased network effects for the token and greater demand for it. Since there is a fixed supply of Zero Edge token, a higher demand means that the price of the ICO token will increase. This is the same dynamics which has been observed in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, in which the total number of bitcoins that ever can be produced has been fixed to 21 million. Thus, as more people want to buy Bitcoin, the price invariably increases as the total supply is fixed.


  • Adrian Casey
    Adrian Casey
    Adrian Casey
  • Simon Bastide
    Simon Bastide
    Simon Bastide
  • Jai Balani
    Jai Balani
    Jai Balani
    Blockchain Engineer
  • Zoe Golan
    Zoe Golan
    Zoe Golan
  • Shihaam Isaacs
    Shihaam Isaacs
    Shihaam Isaacs
    Marketing Manager
  • Marissa Pearce
    Marissa Pearce
    Marissa Pearce
    Web Analyst
  • Sinni Parmar
    Sinni Parmar
    Sinni Parmar
    UX/UI Web Designer
  • Kirsten Wheelan
    Kirsten Wheelan
    Kirsten Wheelan
    Data Analyst & UX
  • Tierney Ruddock
    Tierney Ruddock
    Tierney Ruddock
    Marketing specialist

  • Abi Kirkland
    Abi Kirkland
    Abi Kirkland
    Communications & PR
  • Roger Crook
    Roger Crook
    Roger Crook
    CEO at Capital Springboard
  • Kenneth Goodwin
    Kenneth Goodwin
    Kenneth Goodwin
    Fintech-Blockchain Advisor


  • 1
    February 28th - March 15st 2018
    ZeroEdge.Bet Pre-ICO
  • 2
    April 15th, 2018
    ZeroEdge.Bet ICO
  • 3
    May 15th, 2018
    Official ZeroEdge Casino Launch
    First 0% house edge games on the platform
  • 4
    June 1st, 2018
    ZERO token listed on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • 5
    August - September , 2018
    Commission-less Sports betting
  • 6
    December 2018
    ZeroEdge.Bet Poker

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