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Wixlar (WIX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Wixlar?

Wixlar is a Global Decentralized Digital Currency based on the BlockChain Technology which is instant, secure, private and with low fee transactions. With Wixlar coins, you can buy and sell products or services online and offline. Wixlar is the only Digital Currency offering more than 12 Services to the public, individuals and companies.Now it’s your chance to buy Wixlar Coins on the cheapest price and best offers for the short period of time in the Wixlar Initial Coin Offering.

Smart Contract

Through Wixlar Wallets, our users are able to create their own tokens, assets or shares through Wixlar Smart Contracts in order to take their business to the next level through Wixlar Block-chain Technology. Smart contracts were first proposed by Nick Szabo in 1994 which are computer protocols intended to facilitate, verify, or even enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract in the blockchain. Szabo proposes that smart contract infrastructure can be implemented by replicated asset registries and contract execution using cryptographic hash chains and Byzantine fault tolerant replication. The aim of smart contracts is to provide security that is superior to traditional contract and to reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting. The key difference with smart contracts is that it is a decentralized system accessible to anyone, that doesn’t require any intermediary party, and in addition minimizing the counterparty risk, reducing settlement times, and increasing transparency.Wixlar Smart Contract gives you the ability to create tokens, assets or shares for your company or your group of members in order to provide a realistic way for your share holders to participate in your projects.

What is Letter of Credit?

A Letter of Credit (LC) is a payment method that plays an important role in global trades between buyers and sellers that may not know each other personally or even separated by distance, laws and currency in different countries. LC is offering a secure balance for the buyer as well as the seller, and normally both of them are relying upon the Security of Banks and the Banking System to ensure their payments are received and goods are provided. Now you can do the exact same thing within the Wixlar BlockChain due to our Latest Technology of the Hashing Algorithm Security, rapid transactions and much lower fees.

How does it work?

In Wixlar Letter of Credit, the Seller accepts to receive Wixlar Coins after shipping the goods to the Buyer. The Buyer approves to send the exact amount of goods in Wixlar Coins to our Wixlar Commercial Department that holds that balance and send notification to the seller to ship the goods. Once the goods are received or shipped according to the mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller, Wixlar Commercial Department will release the Wixlar Coins to the Seller.

Cloud Storage

A Cloud Computing is believed to have been invented by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in the 1960s with his work on ARPANET to connect people and data from anywhere at any time. The first online platform for personal and business communication was launched in 1994 by AT&T that is called PersonaLink Services. The storage was one of the first to be all web-based. Amazon Web Services introduced their Cloud Storage Service AWS S3 in 2006, and has gained widespread recognition and adoption as the storage supplier to popular services such as Smugmug, Dropbox, Synaptop and Pinterest. In 2005, Box announced an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service for businesses. Nowadays, Traditional Cloud storage is a model of data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. These cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible, and the physical environment protected and running. People and organizations buy or lease storage capacity from the providers to store user, organization or application data.

Wixlar Cloud Storage

The advantage of Wixlar Cloud Storage is that it splits apart, encrypts and distributes your files across a decentralized network through the BlockChain Technology. The Decentralization eliminates any failure or theft of your files unlike traditional cloud storage providers. You hold your personal private key in order to get access and control your files. Wixlar Decentralized Cloud secures your sensitive data through a fuzzy logic hashing algorithm that makes it much more secure.The prices of Wixlar Cloud Storage are far lower than the Traditional Cloud Storage Companies starting with just 2 Euros / month for 25 GB of Storage Space that make it much more affordable for average people or big companies. Wixlar Cloud storage services can be accessed through a co-located cloud computer service, a web service application programming interface (API) or by applications that utilize the API, such as Wixlar Cloud Desktop Storage, a Wixlar Cloud Storage Gateway or Wixlar Web-based Content Management Systems with a very easy user interface.

Wixlar ICO

With the CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization of over $570 Billion USD, the ICO will support funding the Wixlar Group in order to start the Road Map of Wixlar Coins and expand faster in the CryptoCurrency Market. A minimum of 60% of all funds raised in the ICO will be used for building technology projects, funding small businesses and attracting more merchants, partners and investors. This way when Wixlar Coin goes live, it will rapidly rise in price. The number of Wixlar Coins is limited to 5,330,000,000 Coins, out of which 30% will be available for the ICO.Wixlar Coins can be purchased using Bank Wire Transfer, Visa/Master Card, BitCoin BTC, Ethereum ETH and LiteCoin LTC. All funds will be received and held in multi-signature wallets to accomplish each step on the Road Map.In each stage, you are eligible to buy early Wixlar Coins with special bonuses than the next stage. Going through the Wixlar Road Map, After the ICO is completed, Wixlar Wallets will be available and the Coin will be listed on the Global Exchanges beside some of our services that includes Wixlar Master Card, Wixlar Free-Lancing, Wixlar E-Shop, Wixlar Smart Contract, Wixlar Letter of Credit and many more. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs


    The Founder and CEO
    Mr.Thomas has a history of building successful businesses. Since 2011 he is the Owner of Properties and CEO of his Hotel business. A Digital Marketing Certified Manager since 2007 and a Professional Speaker. MBA Certified, graduated from the university of Athens and received a scholarship for Master's Degree in London.
  • S.J SONG
    S.J SONG
    S.J SONG
    Director/Representative in Asia & Russia
    CEO of Hana ITC (InterTrade Corp.), CEO of Song & Associates, Vice-President at Primgas-Russia, Post Graduate course of Yonsei University, 30 years experiences in international tradings (Import & Export) and a member of the 1st generation of Global Online Marketing.

  • H.K. CANG
    H.K. CANG
    H.K. CANG
    Sole Distributor in Korea
    Sole Distributor in Korea, Specialized in cryptocurrency marketing. 20 years experiences in marketing, trading and frachises. 4 years experience in the blockchain related technology.
    Marketing and Outreach
    SEO Expert for over 8 years, Entrepreneur at Jeronimo Rubio and Mujaser Mamuti, CEO & Founder at Aprint Media. Mr Mujaser Studied English Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy - State University of Tetova and continued his education at Frank Kern, Russell Brunson and Tony Robbins Mastery University.

    Financial Development
    Mr. Marios is responsible for the private banking platform and treasury support of Chasikos & Co. He has over 20 years’ experience in banking & custody and dealing & treasury services with particular experience in offshore trusts, cash management and multi-jurisdictional regulatory matters. Marios holds a BSc in Financial Services from the University of Manchester and diploma in Professional Banking from CTL Collage. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments, an Associate of the Institute of Financial Services and a CySEC advanced examination holder. Marios also holds Non-Executive directorships in investment firms. His previous roles include Banque Nationale De Paris Intercontinentale, Marfin Popular Bank and Bank of Cyprus where was responsible for dealing and treasury services.
    Media and Broadcasting
    Broadcasting TV Channel Manager and Consultant. One of the top 10 advisors of the Digital Entertainment industry worldwide, with over 16 years experience in e-commerce, magazines, online channels and financial programs. Having worked with major online and offline projects such as Cinemania, Bizz TV, DNA Channel, 7Sports TV and many more, Mr Kattos has significant experience in the Web TV and magazines.

    Business Development

    During the last 20 years Mr Fekkas served as a director on the boards of private businesses and different projects in Europe, Owner and CEO of MANCA Group Co. LTD for Tourism Transportations since 2005. Mr. Fekkas was recognized for numerous awards for his entrepreneurial style and collegiate approach to leadership. His focus is on identifying opportunities and enabling dramatic corporate expansion.


  • 1
    Q2 2017
    Patners Global Meeting and Assigning Legal Contracts; Launching the Wixlar Croup Co. under the European Law.
  • 2
    Q3 2017
    Starting the programming process of and Managing Wixlar services; Emphasizing on Hashing Algorithms Research.
  • 3
    Q4 2017
    Beta Testing of Wixlar Wallet Mobile Application; Sponsoring and Participating in World wide Events; Launching with Multi-Languages.
  • 4
    Q2 2018
    Launching Wixlar ICO; Wixlar Rewards and Wixlar Academy.
  • 5
    Q3 2018
    Launching the Wixlar Coins and Wixlar Wallets; Starting the Wixlar Innovate Letter of Credit Service.
  • 6
    Q4 2018
    Launching Wixlar API & Accepting More Global Partners; Wixlar Blockchain Smart Contract; API becomes avaliable for e-commerce.
  • 7
    Q4 2018
    Wixlar Master Card with Multi-currency support; Wixlar Decentralized Cloud Storage Service.
  • 8
    Q1 2019
    Wixlar E-shop with Exclusive Wixlar Technology Products; International money transfers to any card avaliable; Smart Invoicing feature for developers.
  • 9
    Q1 2019
    Launching the Wixlar Free-Lancing Platform; Updating the Partners API; Distributing the Stake Revenue for annual Stakers.
  • 10
    Q2 2019
    Mega-launching of the Wixlar Smart Lottery service; Expanding Collaborations with more Partners; Manufacturing More Technology Products.

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