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WisePass (PASS) ICO Review – ICO Token News


WisePass Pte Ltd. is a Singaporean-based lifestyle platform connecting its members and its partners. The members are entitled to a free lunch, dinner, coffee or bottle of alcohol everyday from partners at five-star hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. We started the business in January 2016 and membership sales officially began in August 2016. WisePass is currently available in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bangkok, and Manila. We have set a target to open a new city every quarter in 2018, and we received funding of US$400,000 on September 2017 by Expara, a VC located in SIngapore. Currently Wisepass has seen a revenue growth of 50% on average for the past 6 quarters and has driven more than 20,000 visits to our partners thanks to our loyal user base. People can become a member by subscribing through the app for a flat monthly fee. In Vietnam, the fee ranges from $265 US to $700 US.

Our Mission

At WisePass, our goal is to ensure our members always have a good time through the technology that we’re building. From choosing a place to eat, enjoying a cup of coffee at Starbucks or drinks with some friends at a trendy bar, we aim to build the best recommendation platform of the future.  For WisePass, lifestyle means to have a good time. From that specific credo, we ask ourselves everyday if selecting each individual partner will match consistently with our definition. When we started with drinks, we realized that having a good time can be many different things. We listened carefully to our members to know what they wish they could get on Wisepass in order to decide about the direction to take anytime we add a new service.  As of now, we have yet to see a product on the market that is truly able to connect the crypto world with tangible products and services that you can consume everyday. By building our own cryptocurrency we believe that WisePass can become the main bridge between cryptocurrencies and the real economy. The aim is to become global, armed with the funds collected during the token sale and through rapid expansion both in terms of services and geography. The company has built a fastpaced roadmap for expansion in order to succeed.  The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

WisePass for Partners

Usually apps and businesses that try to partner with restaurants, hotels, and bars ask for a commission or a fee. An example of this is TabbedOut, a popular payment app for restaurant and bars whose main revenue stream relies not only on commission but also a monthly recurring fee charged to the establishments using their platform1 . Consequently, the partnership stipulations eat up the partners margins for the promise of a spike in sales. WisePass is an app where partners get traffic and sales without charging fees or a commission. WisePass buys directly from the partners. Period. That preserves the partners margin and makes the relationship truly sustainable.

WisePass for Brands

Brands selling in the HORECA segment (five-star hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs) have a really hard time measuring the effectiveness of their marketing spend. They do events and partnerships and the process is usually labor intensive without a clear measure of how effective the campaign was. In fact, according to HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Report, proving the ROI of marketing activities and generating traffic and leads are the leading marketing challenges for companies today. This has led marketing departments to become increasingly data driven2 . With WisePass, brands can set aside a specific amount of money and get a guaranteed, quantifiable ROI quickly across multiple countries and markets. Every marketer dreams of putting brands on a platform and cost effectively reaching a large number of qualified users in multiple countries with a significant amount of sales within a short amount of time. That is the vision of Wisepass—to build a platform that seamlessly makes life easier for users, brands, and marketers.

Cryptocurrency adaptation

We have yet to see a service successfully implemented to the market that allows for cryptocurrency investors to use these earnings to seamlessly purchase tangible products and services in the real world. Using Ethereum’s blockchain technology, Wisepass will revolutionize the process of purchasing items with cryptocurrencies through the utility of PASS tokens which can purchase items to be consumed in everyday life. Currently, there are ICO tokens such as REQ which promise to apply cryptocurrencies in real world application however this is a payment system that requires merchants to first be willing to accept cryptocurrencies. It is also gambling on the possibility that companies such as Amazon will replace their current PayPal model for this new untested technology3. Wisepass is different in that we are operating in the here and the now. We are buying the products from our partners using either fiat or cryptocurrencies and this allows our users a guarantee that their purchases will be accepted. Wisepass members will be able to utilize their PASS tokens at certified Wispass merchants (merchants or companies that are part of the Wisepass membership platform) to purchase the items they wish. This is just the first step before we begin developing the technology that will allow ‘uncertified’ merchants to accept PASS tokens as a form of payment. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.


  • Lam Tran
    Lam Tran
    Lam Tran
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Former Googler with over 10 years of experience in Marketing. Successful entrepreneur and lifestyle evangelist, Lam is responsible for WisePass’ vision and its execution.

  • Aymeric Matencio
    Aymeric Matencio
    Aymeric Matencio
    Head of Ops & Co-Founder
    Financial background, experiences in Business Development and very tech saavy. Aymeric’s versatility is unmatched as he takes head on any challenges.

  • Trung Dang Duc
    Trung Dang Duc
    Trung Dang Duc
    Head of Tech
    With over 5 years of experiences developing complex IT systems and managing projects, Trung is spearheading the Tech department & building greatness.

  • Jérémy Lemaire
    Jérémy Lemaire
    Jérémy Lemaire
    Head of Business Dev
    Coming from various experiences in France & Asia, Jeremy has the perfect balance of energy, dynamism & professionalism. Managed our growth from 1 to 100 partners within a year in Vietnam, now responsible for our global expansion.

  • Vy Bui
    Vy Bui
    Vy Bui
    Operations Manager
  • Tien To
    Tien To
    Tien To
    Senior Business Development Executive
  • Khanh Vo
    Khanh Vo
    Khanh Vo
    Marketing & Events Manager
  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen
    Marketing Assistant
  • Céline Francois
    Céline Francois
    Céline Francois
    Senior Account Manager
  • Kimble Ngo
    Kimble Ngo
    Kimble Ngo
    ICO & Blockchain Advisor: Marketing, Compliance, and Strategy
    Kimble is a Blockchain & ICO Advisor, investor, speaker, and communication trainer. He has extensive experience in Investment Banking, Digital Marketing, Liquor Distribution, and Startups.

  • Christian Geissendoerfer
    Christian Geissendoerfer
    Christian Geissendoerfer
    Founder at German Accelerator Southeast Asia CEO at YOOSE & Venture builder
    International business builder, entrepreneur and mentor with extensive experience in location advertising and mobile startup businesses.

  • Sieng Van Tran
    Sieng Van Tran
    Sieng Van Tran
    Founder @ Egg
    ICO Advisor, Lifestyle
    An advisor and investor to several top Blockchain projects. He has successfully developed and implemented digital growth strategies for hospitality business mainly in the luxury segment and taking them to exit.

  • Paul Espinas
    Paul Espinas
    Paul Espinas
    Founder @ UpUp App
    ICO Advisor, Marketing
    He co-founded multiple startups that are now operating in 8 countries in SouthEast Asia and he’s a marketing consultant to some local and multinational companies in Vietnam.


  • 1
    Q2, 2018
    Wisepass at the Movies.
    To be implemented in the first half of
    2018, members will have access to daily
    movie viewings at all CGV cinemas
    across Vietnam before later expanding
    and being accessible in all cities where
    Wisepass is available.
  • 2
    Q3, 2018
    Free Flights & Rides.
    The third and fourth quarter of
    2018 will see a further market and
    service expansion to include flights
    and transportation. Loyal, privileged
    members will have access to this
    exceptional offering.
  • 3
    Q4, 2018
    Token Ownership.
    Token holders owning more than X
    amount of tokens during a certain
    period of time will be entitled to a free
    WisePass membership. (see: Phase 1 of
    Benefits for PASS Holders).
  • 4
    Q1, 2019
    Room & Board.
    2019 will see a further increase in
    services to include accommodations
    for members. This Airbnb type service
    will be available in all WisePass cities.
  • 5
    Q2, 2019
    PASS for Memberships.
    People owning PASS tokens will have
    the opportunity to use PASS to pay
    for any WisePass membership with a
    substantial discount. (see: Phase 2 of
    Benefits for PASS Holders).
  • 6
    Q3, 2019
    Gym Passes.
    Q3 and Q4 of 2019 will see the
    implementation of fitness service
    options on our application.
  • 7
    Q4, 2019
    Pay for Everything.
    PASS holders will be enabled to
    purchase goods and services directly
    from WisePass’ certified merchants.
  • 8
    Q2, 2020
    Fashion Subscriptions.
    Providing members with rental
    access to high-end, luxury clothes at
    conveniently located showrooms in
    each market. Packing light takes on a
    whole new meaning.
  • 9
    Q4, 2020
    Marketed towards our female users, Q4
    will feature the addition of cosmetic
    services at WisePass showrooms in
    each of our markets. Ready for the
    board-room or the runway in whatever
    city they find themselves.
  • 10
    Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.
    Using PASS as a currency everywhere.
    (see Phase 3.2).International Expansion.
    Expand across the rest of Asia,
    Europe and Americas. Offering
    global, multi-language support.

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