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Vikky (VIK) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Vikky

Vikky is an application that allows you to advertise short term jobs, displaying locations on the map from chores such as electricity and water repairs, houses, gardening, etc. to deliver goods from one place to another. Vikky draws on a route map that connects the departure and destination (such as the itinerary), allowing the recipient to easily find a task suitable to their flight. Or a carrier could get more goods on the way to their destination. Vikky also allows users to filter by industry category of interest, or by language of use. Just change the language, for example to Chinese, the Chinese community in the world will see each other regardless of geographic location. This also helps communities to be separated, and not messing up together. Users only need to choose the work nearby which suits themselves, apply for it and wait for the response of the employers. When both sides have agreed, the work will be carried out. Workers receive their earnings when work is completed.

Worker or outsourcer information is valued by the community, which enhances the reputation of the employer and the poster, contributing to the reduction of false or fraudulent information. However, only individuals who have traded through Vikky can judge the others, this is the way to avoid phony assessment. Participants in Vikky are very diverse: from ordinary housewives, students, students, engineers, mechanics, to companies that need to recruit short-term workers, and even those who travel, long-distance truck drivers, and even Uber, Grab drivers. Airbnb’s owners can also hire a cleaner with Vikky. Or guests of Airbnb can also rent bicycles, find guides, etc. through Vikky.


As an after-comer, VIKKY recognized in Southeast Asia, Grab won the Uber by a variety of payment methods from cash to credit cards, services are plentiful and various fulfilling demands from motorcycles, cars, delivery. Vikky also realized to focus only on the delivery array would be far more risky than expanding for short-term jobs on the same platform. Users can filter information by industry category, or map to find the nearest, most appropriate task available. And payment solutions will vary from cash, cards, to blockchain technology. Thus, the world will no longer gap in terms of payment rates, payment methods.

How does Vikky Work

For employers: To participate in the system, the employer must have VIK ICO Token available in their VIK Wallet. Then users post specific job information, place of execution as well as number of VIK Token to pay. When someone applies, the employer can review the candidates’ records and select the appropriate candidate. When both sides agree on the salary, the work will be out. Once the work is completed, the user will make a VIK token payment to the employee. For job seekers: Use the Vikky application with a job map feature to find jobs near your location and match your capabilities. After applying for a job and being accepted, the employee conducts the work. When the work is completed and verified by the employer, the employee will be paid a fair amount of VIK Token, part of which will be retained by the system to cover maintenance cost.

When the VIK Token number in the VIK Wallet large enough, allow users to withdraw to other Crypto Trading Platforms to be converted to ETH or Bitcoin respectively and then converted to cash for use. Once a job is completed, the employer and employee can evaluate each other. This rating helps to increase the credibility of Vikky users and also helps to limit false positives.


Vikky will use the blockchain technology on the ERC20 / Ethereum platform to create the VIK Token. This means that the VIK Token will be fully integrated with the latest features of the Ethereum blockchain system. This is a distributed ledger system with automatic calculation, reliable and secure. Use VIK Token combined with VIK Wallet as the basis for payment, instead of using the normal cash payment gateway. More specifically, VIK Token is a new electronic money type used to exchange and pay for services on the Vikky platform. VIK Wallet is a secure and secure electronic wallet used to store VIK Token as well as to allow the VIK ICO Token to be transferred to other digital exchanges.


VIK Token is built on the basis of ERC2.0 / Ethereum on the Blockchain network. Ethereum is the second largest currency in the world in terms of capitalization (after Bitcoin) and has many advantages in terms of transaction and payment. VIK Token operates on Ethereum’s blockchain network, which inherits all of Ethereum’s superior features. The total number of VIK Token created is 1,000,000,000 tokens at an initial price of 0.0226 USD / 1VIK.  Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

  • 76% token VIK (equivalent to 760 million tokens) for distributing to the community.
  • 7% VIK Token (equivalent to 70 million Token) for Angel investors.
  • 7% VIK Token (equivalent to 70 million Tokens) for Founders.
  • 5% token VIK (equivalent to 50 million tokens) for the development team.
  • 3% token VIK (equivalent to 30 million tokens) to the Advisors team.
  • 2% VIK Token (equivalent to 20 million Tokens) is available for free distribution to the community.


  • Huy Thai
    Huy Thai
    Huy Thai
    Founder & CEO
  • Mark Murray
    Mark Murray
    Mark Murray
  • Hung Le
    Hung Le
    Hung Le
    IT Manager
  • Nhuan Vu
    Nhuan Vu
    Nhuan Vu
    iOS Developer
  • Shade Tran
    Shade Tran
    Shade Tran
    Marketing Executive
  • Binh Hoang
    Binh Hoang
    Binh Hoang
    Full Stack Developer
  • Linh Phan
    Linh Phan
    Linh Phan
    Android Developer


  • 1
    MARCH 2018
    Preparing ICO
    Run Airdrop campaign
  • 2
    APRIL 2018
    Start ICO and Token sale
    - Soft cap: 5,000 ETH - Hard cap: 26,600 ETH
  • 3
    AUGUST 2018
    List on exchanges
    List VIK tokens on some popular exchanges (One of them is top 10 exchanges)
  • 4
    SEPTEMBER 2018
    Release VIK Wallet
    - Intergrated VIK Wallet to Android, iOS - Reach 200,000 members, 20,000 tasks
  • 5
    NOVEMBER 2018
    Marketing & PR in Asia
  • 6
    MARCH 2019
    Business growth
    - Reach 1,000,000 members - Over 100,000 tasks
  • 7
    NOVEMBER 2019
    Vikky go Global
  • 8
    MARCH 2020
    Business growth
    Reach 3,000,000 members, 500,000 tasks

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