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UHIVE (HVE) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Introducing UHIVE Social Network

UHIVE’s new innovative platform enables users to create & display their space (profile – walls) with a digital physical location address in a world of infinite space available for occupancy. You will be able to travel, maneuver and explore those spaces with a simple easy finger motion on your smartphone’s touch screen, move up or down, left and right to scroll across adjacent spaces. Zoom out, and all spaces will shrink to give you a distant view of all spaces registered in that specific address, zoom out further, and users will able to view the headlines or categories of interest. The civilized world is structured on interest categories such as sports, music, news, fashion, etc. Zoom in and you will find communities of common interest, which fall under the space category. Drill further in and you will be able to spot walls and personal spaces. The mobility of an exploration journey is like life: as you move close to a space, it must become magnified, move away and small objects relatively shrink until they disappear.

We are pushing a new edge of social networking, which will provide more than the common interactions of sharing media or comments on pages, we are granting users a new way to explore and perceive information through their senses. Unlike other social networks which are relatively one dimension (flat), where users search for keywords, relevant words and hashtags to start up a new discovery journey for random topics, UHIVE grants users the opportunity to walk through infinite spaces and identify communities worth exploring. The discovery journey will utilize visual aids (spaces with occupancies) to take exploration to the next level.

New Social Experience

UHIVE will introduce a new social experience, which will allow users to explore. You don’t need to have friends or follow people to see and discover new things, all you do is explore, go left and right, up and down, zoom in and out, with the help of our innovative and patent pending new navigation. You will be able to spot anything interesting from a distance and go anywhere when you are in the mood to explore, whether it’s for fun, sports, or technology.

What is Grey World?

Simply, Grey World is a space, where you can explore forever! It’s designed to be infinite, you will never reach the end of it, it’s a completely anonymous world on multiple levels. Blockchain technology as allowed us to create an unmonitored world where anything goes. It’s like our space, uncharted and unknown, you can go and create your space anywhere, no one will ever find it, unless users find it by chance, or you have shared the location with them. People naturally tend to group with each other, and in time, certain areas will be known for a certain interest.

UHive Token Value Growth

UHIVE, as a social network, has a huge potential for high organic growth. The app is designed to encourage people to use it and stay on it, which will increase the lifetime value of the users, consequently increasing the UHIVE Token value over time. The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Why Buy UHIVE Token?

  • Based on a very unique and solid idea (four years in R&D).
  • Completely self-sustained economy (using blockchain technology)
  • Fifty percent of the social network’s ads revenue will be distributed among active users weekly
  • Large and highly talented team with extensive global experience and many success stories
  • Based and regulated in UK, London
  • It is a part of a new social network, as people join and start using the network, the UHIVE Token value will increase on a massive scale.

Why is This a Different ICO?

  1. We have spent years in the creation of a new digital social network (UHIVE) with numerous innovative ideas and technologies. It will follow the release of the UHIVE Token, which will be used as the main currency to assist all the digital transactions and establish solid trade grounds within UHIIVE’s digital economy.
  2. UHIVE is unique as it doesn’t rely on any third party to use the token (such as resellers, dentists, shops, or financial governmental institutions).
  3. As the number of social network users grows, the value of the token is bound to increase.
  4. Behind it is a highly skilled team with a successful track record in product development.

Gold and the UHIVE Token

Humans have dug around 200 billion grams (7 billion ounces) of gold since it was discovered. Like life, UHIVE will have its own cryptocurrency, it’s called UHive Token. With it, people can trade inside and outside the app (at the start it will have a low value, so it will be a good time for people to join and get it). The currency will be like gold is on Earth (raw material), we will issue around 80 billion tokens, users will use them to buy in the social network, plus trade, or buy anonymously in the Grey World, or even exchange for real currency (USD, Euro, GBP). At release, 20 billion UHive Tokens will be released to the public as an ICO, and the rest will be reserved in the app for internal use and releases to exchanges platform soon., we estimate that all the 80 billion UHives will be released completely, once we reach 100 million users on the social network The Tokens will be available also for trading on the Internet, and for instant use in the social network.

Presale token period:  11th Apr – 30th May2018

Crowd sale Token period:  10th Jun – 15th Sep 2018

Soft Cap:  $10,000,000

Hard Cap:  $54,000,000




  • Jason Hung
    Jason Hung
    Jason Hung
    He is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox, and the advisory board for more than 20 ICOs include BitRewards, BlockLancer, Datarius, ICONIC, AIDA, EZPOS, Suchapp, USAT, EVENFOUND and SafeCrypt. He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps. He was also formal PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China. He is also a blockchain expert of ICOBench and International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group.
  • Amarpreet Singh
    Amar is one of the leading advocates and contributing member of Global Blockchain community, Senior Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation,
    ICOBench rated top 'Expert' and is Advisory Board Member of many Blockchain projects around the world.
    A Technology/Digital enthusiast and a seasoned professional with years of experience in operations, consulting and innovation of the Tech industry, Amar’s background includes working with Tier 1 firms such as Microsoft (APOC Operation Manager), the World Bank (Senior Infrastructure Consultant and Economic Advisor), Airbus etc., and advising startups and speaking at various technology forums. His educational background includes B.E. (Computer Science) and three Masters degrees from three Universities around the globe (including MBA from National University of Singapore).

    Amar is a very well-travelled individual, and his extensive knowledge and experience has proven to have benefited many organisations and projects he worked with around the world.
  • Muayyad Shehadeh
    Muayyad Shehadeh
    Muayyad Shehadeh
    Over 25 years of experience, CEO of Genie9, Zoolz Intelligent and UHIVE
    A long and broad experience in machine learning algorithms and A.I. systems. Created Zoolz Intelligent cloud which was the first cloud solution to utilize cold and hot storage, and integrate A.I, Zoolz Cloud was presented by Amazon AWS CEO as one of the leaders in this field.
  • Wannipha Buakaew
    Wannipha Buakaew
    Wannipha Buakaew
    Leading personality, public speaker and voice of progress to the cryptocurrency community and emerging markets.
    While advising a number of blockchain projects , Jen is also on The New Money Systems Board- Lifeboat foundation alongside Vitalik Buterin and Charlie Lee.
    Jen is also the Board of Directors for the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB), with HQ in Russia.
    Known as Crypto Jen, one of the most highly regarded female crypto/blockchain influencers in the world. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand following the appointment as the Director for the Thai Blockchain Association (TBA).
  • Daniil Morozov
    Daniil Morozov
    Daniil Morozov
    PhD in Economics Over 10 years in financial consulting, winner of "100 best products of Russia", "Financial Russia 2007", "Financial Russia 2008".
    Business Angel, 15 startups in the portfolio (such areas as construction, financial consulting, real estate, IT, high-tech).
    Expert on ICOBench, active member of the crypto community.
  • Douglas Lyons
    Douglas Lyons
    Douglas Lyons
    My experience and track record of high performance provide the depth and expertise required to elevate my clients’ businesses and execute a successful fund raising launch.
    As a longtime member of the community and currently an industry leader (full time) I have helped raise millions usd in funding for various blockchain start-ups.
    I am not a Blockchain technical expert, however; my presence in the community since 2013 allows me to provide customized solutions to clients to help them meet their strategic goals. My main area's of expertice are in the guidance of project teams using a functional working assessment model(s) that provides for clarity of information to the average investor. My long term network affords me the opportunity to present a project prospectus to high net worth investors, both individually and groups.
    I am dedicated to providing the best advice to founding teams, corporate's, and funds on how to optimize funding execution while navigating the increasingly complex community and scrutiney.
  • Jillian Godsil
    Jillian Godsil
    Jillian Godsil
    Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She was PRO of Iona Technologies (Ireland’s first company to float on NASDAQ).
    She changed the law in Ireland in 2014 and is a former European Parliamentary candidate (as an independent). She is a freelance journalist with CryptoCoin.News, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times. She has her own radio show on DublinCityFM. Her first job after graduating from Trinity College was as a systems analyst with JP Morgan.She is advisor to a number of ICOs, has been named a Crypto Queen by In Zero Conferences as well as listed in the 50 most influential women in blockchain rollcall.
  • Anwar Daoud
    Anwar Daoud
    Anwar Daoud
    A seasoned real estate professional who has worked with both retail and commercial trust fund projects, as well as tenant-based properties in Europe and the Middle East.
    For the last three years he has been the co-owner and Managing Director at a boutique real estate agent, among other personal projects has conceptualised.
  • Gerald Hahn
    Gerald Hahn
    Gerald Hahn
    An Entrepreneur, sales and marketing specialist with a passion for Cybersecurity.
    Gerald Hahn is the CEO and founder of Softshell, through which he created a new approach for international Cybersecurity companies to successfully enter the European market.
  • Hazem Bustami
    Hazem Bustami
    Hazem Bustami
  • Mark Peacock
    Mark Peacock
    Mark Peacock
  • Amanda Estephan
    Amanda Estephan
    Amanda Estephan
    Long experience in Social Media immersion across a wide variety of platforms.
    Responsible for designing, building, and driving all content for multiple successful applications, Social Media endeavors including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.


  • 1
    Started working on the Idea.
    Researching social networking and human Psychology.
  • 2
    Working on the Financial Ecosystem.
    Working on the Grey world concept and behaviour.
  • 3
    Q1 2017
    Working on integrating Hybrid Blockchain in the Grey world.
    Adding Cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • 4
    Q2 2017
    Starting working on A.I. Technology and Preparing prototypes.
  • 5
    Q4 2017
    Start working on our UHIVE ICO Token Release.
  • 6
    Q2 2018
    UHIVE ICO Launch.
  • 7
    Q3 2018
    Expanding the Team and working on preparing a beta release for iOS and
    Android Apps.
  • 8
    Q4 2018
    Releasing Beta version to the world.
    Release UHIVE Tokens into Cryptocurrency Exchange markets.
  • 9
    Q1 2019
    Release the Final App globally
  • 10
    Q2 2019
    Release the App in 8 Different languages.
    Release new updates and features.
    Start working on our ADs (Advertisments) Platform.
  • 11
    Q3 2019
    Enter China with Partnerships with China biggest Cloud Providers and ISPs (A
    New World for China).
    Release new Updates and Features.
  • 12
    Q4 2019
    Release the App for another 10 Languages.
    Release our Advertisement Platform Version 1.0.
  • 13
    Q2 2020
    Release XBOX and PS4 editions, where people can explore the social network.
    Platform Updates.
  • 14
    Q4 2020
    Connect it with Smart TVs and many new IoT Devices.
    Platform Updates.

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