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Trimpo (TRIMPO) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Trimpo is about offering merchants a choice: a choice to list at global and local marketplaces as well as at Trimpo’s own marketplace. Trimpo provides an opportunity for suppliers to find the best fit in the merchant community; and an opportunity for customers to securely and reliably purchase what they want at the best price globally through well-informed, secure and most suitable choice. Trimpo team members participated in the development and launch of many e-commerce projects over the last few years, as well as in several payment gateway designs and project launches. Our team worked with globally known companies, such as eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Yandex, AliExpress and implemented integration projects for end-clients, as well as solutions for same-type challenges of merchants.  After implementing a large number of marketplace-integration projects for merchants, our team emerged with tried-and-tested solutions for a variety of common challenges, and using those solutions as building blocks we can now offer greater solutions to our users.

Product Section

Trimpo is a complex and multifunctional platform which provides merchants with everything they need to start selling their products on World’s biggest online marketplaces and on social networking websites. With Trimpo’s help merchants can easily connect with their customers, handle returns and cancellations, analyse stats, and so much more. And all of that can be done via Trimpo’s platform even if the products are listed on multiple marketplaces. Trimpo is a great tool for e-commerce, allowing merchants to sell their products on marketplaces. After quick registration merchants choose marketplaces where they would like to list their products and either upload files with products information or add information manually. Delivery terms, returns and terms of payment are also to be submitted on Trimpo, which then acts as a control center for merchant’s sales.

Managing orders from marketplaces is safe and easy via merchant’s account on Trimpo. All orders can be viewed in user’s account, which also has search and various filter options. Trimpo has a built-in CRM system, where merchants can check and reply to messages without having to go to their marketplaces’ accounts, check order status and keep track of the business, returns and refunds. Trimpo system collects transaction data and produces detailed orders and sales reports that are accessible in merchants’ accounts. Listed features along with extensive instructions provided on the website make Trimpo platform easy to use and navigate, all the while facilitating the attraction of new customers and increase of sales.

Trimpo Token

Main features:

  1. It is the only token or digital unit that will be sold during the Token Sale.
  2. Created for both external and internal transactions made by users of Trimpo’s ecosystem
  3. The only payment method for Trimpo’s commission.
  4. One of payment methods for purchases made on Trimpo Marketplace and for customer loyalty program.
  5. Will be integrated in Trimpo’s ecosystem to the fullest to ensure its maximum usage and turnover.

Usage for Merchants

  1. Merchants list their products on marketplaces via Trimpo and receive orders
  2. Trimpo issues an invoice to be paid in tokens according to merchant’s rate plan once a month.
  3. Merchant pays the invoice in tokens (if they don’t have any tokens, they purchase them from Trimpo Fund with fiat money in order to pay the invoice).
  4. If Merchant doesn’t pay the invoice their rate plan changes next month to the free one, with lower level of services or basic plan rate.

Trimpo Token circulation

Increase in demand for Trimpo tokens will be ensured by merchants’ need to pay for Trimpo’s services and commission for sales made on Trimpo Marketplace. On one hand, that gives the token holders the opportunity to leave the project after selling their tokens, but this has positive implications on market value of the ICO token, as the only sellers of tokens are the holders. Value of Trimpo tokens, like any other currency, will be defined by the willingness and ability to receive Trimpo tokens as payment for merchants’ products and services. The steady demand for Trimpo tokens can allow them to be used on third-party platforms. Presumably, partnership projects (delivery providers, advertisement and content providers, etc.) will make payments in Trimpo tokens, benefiting from the speed and transparency of transactions. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

Value of Trimpo token is majorly tied to Trimpo’s platform trade turnover, and to overall development of Trimpo Ecosystem for customers, merchants and suppliers. All invoices for services rendered by Trimpo and commission for purchases made on Trimpo Marketplace are to be paid in Trimpo tokens, and they can only be purchased from the token holders on exchange platforms, which ultimately increases the demand for Trimpo tokens. It is important to note, that the terms and fees of Trimpo Ecosystem are flexible, and in case of the increase in the value of Trimpo token the amounts will be calculated accordingly to spot rate of the token. Trimpo is not planning to effect regular purchases and sales of tokens, leaving the preferential right of selling tokens to its holders. Trimpo Fund will be steadily replenished through merchants’ payments and commission fees; however, received tokens will not be sold on exchanges. Their future usage will be decided based on project’s development during the first few years.


  • Alexander Terentyev
    Alexander Terentyev
    Alexander Terentyev
  • Vladimir Suprunovich
    Vladimir Suprunovich
    Vladimir Suprunovich
    Product development Technical lead
  • Anatoly Shishkin
    Anatoly Shishkin
    Anatoly Shishkin
    Product development Blockchain lead
  • Anton Krugovov
    Anton Krugovov
    Anton Krugovov
    Business development
  • Vladislav Voytsekhovich
    Vladislav Voytsekhovich
    Vladislav Voytsekhovich
    Business development
  • Eugenia Malneva
    Eugenia Malneva
    Eugenia Malneva
    Project administrator
  • Valeriy Pastushenko
    Valeriy Pastushenko
    Valeriy Pastushenko
    Head Of Infrastructure
  • Pavel Isaev
    Pavel Isaev
    Pavel Isaev
    Product Design
  • Alexander Skvira
    Alexander Skvira
    Alexander Skvira
    UI and UX Frontend development
  • Siarhey Khalipau
    Siarhey Khalipau
    Siarhey Khalipau
    Server-side Development


  • 1
    Q1-Q2 2017
    Decision to create project Trimpo.
    Launch of Trimpo’s basic platform.
    Marketplaces eBay - integration of with Trimpo website.
    First investments received.
    Launch of subsystem Importer.
  • 2
    Q3-Q4 2017
    Marketplaces: eBay - integration with all eBay websites.
    Marketplaces: Amazon - integration with
    Marketplaces: Yandex - integration with
    Social networking websites: integration with VK.
    Exporter system - export of products’ listings into platforms formats (Google Merchant, XML for Yandex, Excel).
    Integration with CMS.

  • 3
    2018, Q1-Q2
    Trimpo Token Pre-Sale.
    Integration with Etsy Marketplace.
    Integration with Country Marketplaces on Amazon.
    CRM system for Trimpo users.
  • 4
    2018, Q3-Q4
    Registering as legal entity in USA.
    Trimpo Token Sale.
    Trimpo Blockchain Billing.
    Integration with AliExpress Marketplace.
    Integration with social networkinging website - Facebook.
    Integration with messengers - shops in Telegram’s channels.
  • 5
    2019, Q1-Q2
    Trimpo Marketplace beta.
    Platform for Suppliers beta.
    Integration with Marketplaces: Flipkart, Global.Rakuten, Walmart and others.
    Integration with messengers - WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.
  • 6
    2019, Q3-Q4
    Trimpo Marketplace.
    Platform for Suppliers.

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