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Treon (TXO) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Treon is a token based mobile dashboard and wallet solution for utility bill payments, especially designed for the billions of customers using public utilities to settle their bills using blockchain smart contract technology. Treon is a new form of private, instant, verified and reliable transaction. Easy and convenient, Treon is totally transparent and trustworthy, a one-stop- shop for utilities bill payments through just the one dashboard. Real-time, trackable and cost reductive, Treon makes paying your bills effortless and seamless, from virtually anywhere.  Treon is a platform on the Ethereum blockchain built to enable consumers around the world to manage and pay their monthly utility bills for usage on telecom, electricity, gas, and water networks. The mobile phone as a mainstream digital, always-on tool is one of the cornerstones of Treon’s business model and mass adoption strategy for the billions of consumers.

Why Treon

Treon is a robust, modular, Ethereum blockchain-based, decentralised utility payment gateway and processing wallet app that any consumer can use from around the world to pay their utility bills. Treon aspires to become the tool and token of choice in a completely decentralised and inexpensive way. For unbanked customers, there are assured benefits of using TXO ICO tokens. Obviously, there is a learning curve for the customers to learn to access TXO as a settlement tool so in the interim we are offering and will continue to offer other payment tools. Treon’s core purpose is to provide all sorts of payment methods that exist today for the customers around the world to try to ease their day to day pain as we foresee that cryptocurrencies will be part of the regular day to day transactions soon.

Treon is building a new form of services with its digital payment tool in a sector that had little customer-centric innovations for years. The blockchain technology is offering vast opportunities for utilities to grow cost efficiencies and profitability while offering consumers greater control over their usage with financial freedom. Treon utility wallet application is designed to help consumers to leverage the potential of an e-wallet medium to precisely organise and manage the utility payments while preventing the pitfalls of traditional bill payment services. Mobile wallet applications have already become a ubiquitous and indispensable home tool as it brings enormous benefits and convenience for people around the world at their ease. At Treon, we are sincerely committed to the vision of simplifying utility payments and collections and translating the opportunities offered by the blockchain into actual consumer delight through an efficient and comprehensive payment gateway and ecosystem. We will offer consumers lower transaction fees while using TXO tokens, digital payment options, security and fraud protection, and the ability to spend their TXO tokens and other cryptocurrencies with their utility providers.

Treon is on its way to bring an incredible number of users into the crypto space by connecting billions of utility customers to the blockchain and crypto space. Our vision is to reach a time soon where customers around the world use Treon tokens as their preferred utility money that rewards them for simply paying their bills. A time when utility companies accept Treon tokens from customers because it is faster, more secure, and less costly to operate and use.

Treon Business Model

Treon business model is based on multiple revenue streams coming in from distribution margins, transaction fees and platform usage fees by different utility services. At the same time, they represent significant savings to the utility provider and form a healthy margin for Treon. This will enable Treon to give back rewards to consumers against using TXO tokens to make the adoption and usage of Treon appealing. Additionally, such savings will be the catalyst for utility companies to adopt moving their contracts to blockchain to ease contracts management and payment. Through the consolidation of the above margins and fees Treon Business model is well built to address a global growing market and be a true partner to utility providers enabling unmatched value to both consumers and providers.  The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Distribution Commission

The distributor’s commission is a considerable margin, provided by mobile networks as they continue to offer a commercial margin for distributors to sell their services. Treon will help to reduce that cost and will keep a fraction in return. This will bring needed efficiencies and enhancements to the whole ecosystem of utilities. For faster go to market implementation, Treon will roll out agreements with Top- up providers to be able to launch its services in a an efficient and speedy fashion. The current high commission will be reduced as Treon will reach out to utilities eventually to negotiate a direct agreement on a lower cost for the operators.

Token Sale

By offering utilities access to buy Treon tokens for their cross company settlements and to provide their consumers the access to buy Treon directly as a mean to settle their bills and recharge their accounts. This is part of the whole onboarding program we will work on with utility companies to bring incremental revenues for them while reducing their operational cost. Token Release Model will be based on Proof of Stake algorithm for issuance. Licensed utility companies and their ecosystem partners will have the right to be issued TXOs. Release rights to utilities will be based on an aggregate score composed of 5 criteria. We internally refer to this score by Treon UtilityScore (TUS) because it measures how much Treon is integrated in the company’s business and systems. The higher TUS score the company has the higher the number of TXOs it will be issued. TUS criteria are:

  • TXO volume exchanged by Utility’s customers: 50%
  • Compliance Score for completed KYC, AML/CFT, FM activities: 30%
  • Utility’s size (network, volume, market share, etc.): 10%
  • Having an integration already with Treon: 5%
  • Activities done by utility to promote Treon adoption: 5%


  • Hesham El Metainy
    Hesham El Metainy
    Hesham El Metainy
    Founder, Strategy
    Hesham is an accomplished executive with 25 years of experience in global Information & Communication Technology (ICT) companies. He reshaped major corporate strategies and led the design and implementation of commercial operations across MEA region and succeeded in overachieving revenue targets. He was the main catalyst behind the fast growth of international companies like Cisco Systems, Logica, Orascom, and Zain Group in Africa and the Middle East. Hesham was part of the core team that created and launched the first digital customer-centred mobile operator in emerging markets. He is a seed investor and advisor to a number of technology ventures.

  • Khaled Khorshid
    Khaled Khorshid
    Khaled Khorshid
    Founder, Technology
    Khaled started his 25-year career with leading consulting firms, namely Accenture and EDS where he led technology projects for disrupting old and creating new business models. His most recent was a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing delivery, billing, and payment systems of solar-powered micro electricity grids in Africa and Asia. Khaled held high profile executive roles within large energy and telecom utilities in North America, Africa and Asia. His last of such roles was heading the 5th largest mobile telecom operator in Africa. He is a digital transformation specialist, advisor to few startups and a crypto entrepreneur.

  • Mohamed T. Kesseba
    Mohamed T. Kesseba
    Mohamed T. Kesseba
    Head of Marketing
    A Marketing and Strategy executive with 20 years of experience both B2B and B2C models who achieved an established record of influencing multi-million dollars in revenue, building new businesses from vision and strategy through execution. He held senior international positions at leading fortune 500 companies and is knowledgeable of major global markets across four continents. A Chartered Marketer, CIM UK, has an MBA from ESLSCA Business School France. Mohamed holds a Joint Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Business by Columbia Business School and MIT an SVP sitting on the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards IAMS™ Board at IIMP™, a full member of CIM UK and SCIP US.

  • Binal Patel
    Binal Patel
    Binal Patel
    Head of Technology
    Binal is a veteran IT Strategist with a strong techno-functional background. He holds 13 years of experience in the technology industry, including blockchain projects development. Binal has been active in crypto space since 2015 and has a comprehensive experience of decentralized technologies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin etc. He has a vast experience in building smart contracts on Solidity platform. Binal is one of the key team members of the augmented intelligence platform (

  • Hoda El Kara
    Hoda El Kara
    Hoda El Kara
    Head of Corporate Communications
    A communication professional with a wide experience in PR, marketing, event management, multilingual content development and syndication. Worked in the Communication ecosystem for the past 12 years and delivered quality and consultancy services for high echelon clients in various practices such as technology, FMCG, leisure, fashion, luxury brands, real estate, government and global business advisories across Dubai and the Middle East. A veteran in event management, she co-founded an event management company and forged remarkable collaborative relationships in the private, public and NGO sectors. Hoda earned a Master degree in Translation from Saint Joseph University in Beirut-Lebanon.

  • Miranda Rector
    Miranda Rector
    Miranda Rector
    Head of Product
    With a background in Psychology and Design, Miranda Rector brings to her Head of Product role at Treon, her vast experience in managing software and application products from early conception stage, all the way through to development and successful delivery into markets. Specializing in Product Strategy and Systems Design in the Educational, Retail, E-Commerce and Fin-Tech Industries, Miranda has worked at multiple technology start-ups in the region, acquiring expertise on best product practices and bringing to life world-class software and applications.

  • Harshil Sanghavi
    Harshil Sanghavi
    Harshil Sanghavi
    Blockchain Architect
    Harshil is a highly professional and trusted ICO advisor, blockchain enthusiast and crypto investor with over a decade of experience in IT industry. He owns in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in processing campaigns. At present, he is an advisor at seven blockchain based startup companies. He provides a complete roadmap to develop a feasible and practical business model that benefits all the stakeholders, promoters, investors and customers. Harshilis Skilled in Bitcoin, Ethereum, BlockchainICO, Crypto Exchange, Crypto Mining Pools and Mining Farms.


  • 1
    Q1 2017
    Start of Ideation and planning.
  • 2
    Q4 2017
    Technical architecture and prototype build.
  • 3
    Q1 2018
    ICO planning & preparations.
  • 4
    Q4 2018
    Enlist Tokens on Crypto exchanges.
  • 5
    Q1 2019
    Onboarding Telecom Providers.
  • 6
    Q4 2019
    Agreements with Telecom top-up distributors.
  • 7
    Q1 2020
    Agreements with payment gateways.
  • 8
    Q4 2020
    Onboarding Electricity companies.
  • 9
    Q1 2021
    Smart Contracts for Natural gas companies.
  • 10
    Q4 2021
    Onboarding of water Utility companies.
  • 11
    Q1 2022
    Telecom reseller Agreement rollout.
  • 12
    Q4 2022
    Close all utility providers reseller agreement.

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