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Tradingene (Tradingene/ TNG) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Tradingene will make algorithmic trading accessible, transparent and equitable. Tradingene provides investors access to high-quality trading algorithms and provides algorithm creators with access to investors at fair prices. Tradingene expects to popularize trading algorithms as an investment product. Tradingene has already created a platform for evaluating and testing algorithms and a database of algortihms and creators. There are over 1,200 different cryptocurrencies in the world today. In 2017, many cryptocurrencies dramatically appreciated and aggregate capitalization of «digital money» exceeded $200 billion by October 2017. The capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC), the most liquid cryptocurrency, exceeds $100 billion and surpassed that of largescale financial holdings such as Goldman Sachs ($92.9 billion) and Morgan Stanley ($89.1 billion)2. The market has many alternatives to Bitcoin (“BTC”), many providing opportunities for returns no less interesting or promising than BTC.

Origin of the project

We are traders. Many members of our team have been trading for years, experiencing ups and downs, euphoria and disappointment. We have adhered to different strategies and methods, but to one dream: to abandon manual trading in favor of algorithmic trading. In the pursuit of our dream we encountered one fundamental problem – retail investors do not have affordable access to investible trading algorithms. That’s why in 2015 we decided to develop our own product – the Tradingene platform.

Business Model

The platform provides algorithm creators with an opportunity to develop and test their strategies using an AI-based, user-friendly interface. Once developed and tested, approved algorithms will be put up for an auction where investors choose the most appropriate algorithm (or portfolio of algorithms) based on their riskreturn profile. All investor trades are generated by algorithms and made on investors’ brokerage or exchange accounts. Investors will pay a success fee to the algorithm creator and platform if positive returns are generated.

Tradingene will generate income in success fees from profitable algorithms, from auction participation fees, and from subscription charges for advanced modeling packages provided to creators. We will also sell analysis and market reviews to investors. The business model fits into the current trend of economic Uberisation. The marketplace of trading algorithms will connect key market participants in algorithmic trading – algorithm creators and investors – eliminating processes and intermediaries that do not add value to the product.

Token. Economic Model

The platform token TNG is used as follows:

  1. Payment of fees for platform services;
  2. Assignment of VIP status (VIP status is assigned to an ICO investor if he or she invests and holds tokens equivalent to $30k; VIP status provides access to various platform services for free or at a significant discount).

All platform service prices are set in fiat currency. Any charges are calculated based on current token exchange rate. The total number of tokens is limited. Fluctuations in the token’s value will not affect platform users as service charges will be linked to current crypto/fiat currency-to-token exchange rates. Tradingene will permit payments to creators’ success fees in crypto or fiat currencies. Tradingene reserves the right to sell only part of the token issue during ICO and to retain the share for later sale. Tradingene reserves the right to buy some tokens out of the market using ICO returns. Platform service charges shall be paid in tokens only. Given the limited emission of tokens, token appreciation will depend on the size of the marketplace and the returns of algorithms. Tradingene is focused on increasing the number and effectiveness of algorithms on the marketplace. In addition, token supply will be further limited by big ICO investors’ desire to retain their VIP-status.

Advantages for Investors

Investors will have the opportunity to choose and invest in trading algorithms which best match their risk-return profile. Before being put up for an auction, algorithms are evaluated by our AI-based platform with out-of-sample testing which considerably reduces the risk of curve-fitting. Transactions take place exclusively on investors’ brokerage or exchange accounts, providing security and reliability for all trades. Potential misunderstandings between investors and algorithm creators are minimized by the system’s transparency: all financial agreements, investment amounts and fees are fixed on the blockchain and protected from alteration, fraud, and deletion. The platform already contains a substantial number of trading strategies for different financial instruments (including cryptocurrency). The system evaluates and rates each strategy. All ratings are calculated using a formula disclosed to Tradingene users.

Tradingene plans to offer additional features to make the investment process even easier and more profitable. These features will include regularly distributed analyses of financial markets and specific financial instruments. Machine learning and Neutral Networks are used to substantially improve the platform’s flexibility, allowing for constant improvements in decision-making and adaptation to changing market circumstances.

Algorithmic trading on financial markets

Our platform is not a platform for trading or passive investment. It is designed to provide returns by providing a different form of access to financial markets. Given the many significant advantages of algorithmic trading over manual trading, we believe trading algorithms will provide an effective, balanced tool for investing, creating investment strategies and generating long-term returns on financial markets. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Daniel L. Wolfe
    Daniel L. Wolfe
    Daniel L. Wolfe
    CEO and Co-founder
  • Roman Burtsev
    Roman Burtsev
    Roman Burtsev
    Business Development & Co-founder
  • Sergey Kuzmin
    Sergey Kuzmin
    Sergey Kuzmin
    COO & Co-founder
  • Ruslan Mikhailov
    Ruslan Mikhailov
    Ruslan Mikhailov
    Head of Market Research & Trading
  • Oleg Bashmurov
    Oleg Bashmurov
    Oleg Bashmurov
  • Ilona Ovsepyan
    Ilona Ovsepyan
    Ilona Ovsepyan
  • Yulia Utrobina
    Yulia Utrobina
    Yulia Utrobina
    Project Manager
  • Dmitry Chirkin
    Dmitry Chirkin
    Dmitry Chirkin
    Project Lawyer
  • Andrey Pyatko
    Andrey Pyatko
    Andrey Pyatko
    Lead Programmer
  • Artem Sinyakov
    Artem Sinyakov
    Artem Sinyakov
    Python Developer
  • Nikita Delnikov
    Nikita Delnikov
    Nikita Delnikov
    С++ Developer
  • Saveliy Hirshhorn
    Saveliy Hirshhorn
    Saveliy Hirshhorn
    Head of Traders Support


  • 1
    2015 Project start-up
    Q2 Product conception. System architecture development.
    Q3 Test enviroment launch of algorithm creators. Development of the first algorithms.
    Q4 Connection to stock exchanges. Development of trading platform and the system's core elements

  • 2
    2016 Development of user interface for algorithm creators
    Q1 Closed Beta-test among the initial algorithm creators. Algorithm programming in Lua language.
    Q3 Application of Machine Learning strategies and development of user interface for algorithm creators.
  • 3
    2017 Public Product
    Q1 Tradingene public product launch for algorithm creators.
    Q2 Launch of online educational course for algorithm creators.
    Q3 Broadening of financial instruments for algorithm creation. Draft documentation for users.
    Q4 Development of user interface prototype for investors
  • 4
    2018 ICO. Investors interface development.
    Q1 ICO preparation
    Q2 ICO. Introduction of algorithm development in Python, Improvement of beta test environment. Connection to cryptocurrency exchanges. Marketplace and mobile application development.
    Q3 Launch of mobile applications and Telegram bots for investors. Launch of analytic products, forecasts, alerts bots.
    Q4 Launch of Algorithm Auctions with auction results and smart contracts entered onto blockchain.
  • 5
    2019 Trading of cryptocurrencies exchanges begins.
    Q1 Connection to stock markets and futures exchanges.
    Q2 Integration with brokerage platforms.
    Q3 Cooperation with other blockchain services for algorithmic processing and algorithm storage.
    Q4 Expansion of opportunities for algorithm purchase and platform-based fund of algoritms creation.
  • 6
    2020+ Geographical expansion of trade platforms, growth of user base, and broadening of assets tradable by algorithm.

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