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ThinkCoin (TCO) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The ThinkMarkets group – including TradeInterceptor, ThinkPrime, ThinkAfiliates and ThinkInvest has  pooled its knowledge and resources to create the TradeConnect project. Together, they combine decades of global experience in financial products, excellent customer service and a large pool of tens of thousands of users around the world.

TradeConnect has several advanced features that make it stand out from other network such as complex scoring models for Liquidity Enhancement called Digital Personas, a unique AI engine for predictive modeling of your trades, a trade matching engine that removes commissions and creates a connect fee that allows the trader to take part in a rebate pool based on volume. TradeConnect is being developed by the ThinkMarkets Group, an established multi-asset brokerage with a decade of experience and knowledge within the financial sector. ThinkCoin and TradeConnect will leverage the vast pool of intellectual property, technology and financial resources of ThinkMarkets to significantly accelerate the development and use of ThinkCoin as the premier cryptocurrency for trading of any financial asset in the world.


As part of the ThinkMarkets Group, we will start with what we know: derivative contracts in the CFD, Forex (FX), commodities, equities and cryptotrading markets. ThinkMarkets already provides these products to thousands of customers around the world as a regulated broker. Our knowledge and experience mean we are well-placed to expand and extend the TradeConnect network, and to ultimately offer trading in other financial products to all participants. The markets that TradeConnect will initially target are significant in size. With tens of billions in traded volume a day, there is a significant opportunity for an insurgent disruptor.

The TradeConnect network

TradeConnect removes reliance on brokers and other intermediaries and enables direct trading between two or more participants. Your money stays in your control, with funds for trades committed to the blockchain pending execution and settlement of the trading contract. Settlement and payment can be near-immediate, with no delays and no fees for transferring funds. TCO tokens are classified as utility tokens. Participants in the TradeConnect Network that wish to trade and use all its features will need to hold ThinkCoin tokens. These are the units of trade in our token new economy. By transferring fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies into TCO, traders can trade in the various markets offered on the network. The value of the trade is held securely in an Ethereum smart contract and is settled and released directly back to the participants wallet automatically upon determination of the trade.

TradeConnect Token Economy

TradeConnect has a token economy that is market-neutral and, unlike other exchanges and principal market making brokers, is primarily based on transactional volume vs “risk taking”. The structure of the network will allow a diverse token economy based not just on commissions, but a variety of market-neutral models based on the growth in volume versus the market risk in the network. TradeConnect has decided to remove commissions altogether and will implement a Connect Fee paid in TCO that will fund the ongoing development and maintenance of the network as well as incentivize traders to participate in the TradeConnect economy.

ThinkCoin (TCO) – an asset-backed token

TCO will be an asset-backed ICO token. We will hold the equivalent value in fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, AUD, JPY and other G10 currencies for the available TCO we store in our network. This will stabilize the price of TCO, provide liquidity for makers and takers, and allow market participants who wish to exit TCO into fiat a single venue to trade and exchange their currency. We are able to achieve this through our vast banking network that gives us the ability to hold client funds in a fully segregated manner. We have a decade of experience in handling client money, and TradeConnect operates on a market-neutral revenue model without taking risk. Counterparties and market participants must change their fiat into TCO: they can do this on the TradeConnect network, which will initially provide us the ability to maintain price and liquidity in the token. All cryptoassets will be secured by partnering with BitGo, which has a robust institutional custody offering with advanced security and treasury controls. BitGo has a powerful API that will allow us to develop various internal controls for signing and auditing of transactions. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.

Off-chain transactions

To overcome these challenges, we propose creating and initially storing trading contracts off-chain on the TradeConnect network to settle the majority of the price-making and liquidity-matching transactions near-instantly. Once these transactions are settled off-chain, the profit and loss are aggregated as one bulk transaction onto the ethereum blockchain and then netted out.

Before trading begins, the participants will be required to lock an amount into an ethereum trading contract. The parties can then only trade their account balance. A Market Maker creates off-chain trades to offer to other participants and signs it with their private key. The trade would then be propagated off-chain to potential counterparties. Counterparties who decide to accept the offer to trade would sign the off-chain contract with their private keys, and the contract to trade is generated.


  • Nauman Anees
    Nauman Anees
    Nauman Anees
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
  • Faizan Anees
    Faizan Anees
    Faizan Anees
    Director & Co-Founder
  • Rodolfo Festa Bianchet
    Rodolfo Festa Bianchet
    Rodolfo Festa Bianchet
    CEO & Co-Founder of TradeInterceptor
  • Michael Herron
    Michael Herron
    Michael Herron
    Strategic Advisor
  • Harshad Kale
    Harshad Kale
    Harshad Kale
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Adil Siddiqui
    Adil Siddiqui
    Adil Siddiqui
    Director of Operations
  • Keith Goldson
    Keith Goldson
    Keith Goldson
    Marketing Advisor
  • Alla Polyanskaya
    Alla Polyanskaya
    Alla Polyanskaya
    Audit & Compliance Manager
  • Naeem Aslam
    Naeem Aslam
    Naeem Aslam
    Chief Market Analyst, ThinkMarkets
  • Mark Gosha
    Mark Gosha
    Mark Gosha
    Senior Project Manager
  • Jai Bifulco
    Jai Bifulco
    Jai Bifulco
    Marketing Director, ThinkMarkets
  • Mahmood Allahham
    Mahmood Allahham
    Mahmood Allahham
    Director of Sales, MENA


  • 1
    April 2018
    ICO closes and TradeConnect Alpha released.
  • 2
    May 2018
    ThinkCoin Token (TCO) listed on crypto exchanges for trading.
  • 3
    July 2018
    TradeConnect network goes live in Beta for select clients.
  • 4
    August 2018
    TradeConnect enabled for trading on cryptocurrencies.
  • 5
    October 2018
    TradeConnect network trading begins in FX and CFD Products.
  • 6
    November 2018
    ThinkMarkets joins TradeConnect network and begins integration of its retail users.
  • 7
    December 2018
    Estimated approval of TradeConnect US Exchange License.
  • 8
    January 2019
    TradeConnect begins offering trading in equities, commodities, futures and other exchange products.
  • 9
    March 2019
    TradeConnect allows trading in physical equities for investors in Japan, Europe and Australia.
  • 10
    July 2019
    TradeConnect IPO.

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