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The 4th Pillar (FOUR) ICO Review – ICO Token News


4th Pillar is a human resources (HR) and finance connecting HUB for individuals and organizations built with over 22 years of experience. Based on the Ethereum blockchain and teleportation service, the platform utilizes smart contracts, wallets and IPFS protocol to solve day-to-day problems experienced by individuals and their employers. Our solutions drastically reduce the use of paper as well as help reduce the carbon and ecological footprint.  The 4th Pillar is embarking on a mission to improve and revolutionize the current recruiting system and employment process by saving precious resources, cutting unnecessary costs, solving day-to-day inefficiencies and overall empowering individuals, employers and organizations with a vast array of digital solutions!

The Blockchain

Blockchain provides a decentralized and secure shared digital ledger, which gives participating parties a way of validating information related to a transaction. In doing so, it speeds up the process and cuts out intermediaries and costs. Blockchain is made out of a trail of validated facts. These facts can be anything from money to information.

As part of this digital system of record keeping, each transaction and its details are validated and then recorded across a network of computers. Everyone who has access to the distributed ledger receives this information and the parties agree on the accuracy before the block is replicated, shared and synchronized among the entities. A blockchain is virtually impossible to tamper with since each block of information references the block before it. In an age when trust is both elusive and held at a high premium, blockchain presents a way to confirm, validate and authenticate both values and events. Smart contracts are basically a code or rules written into a digital program, which determine what happens when digital assets come in or when certain conditions are met.

What makes us Unique

What makes us unique is the way our product is conceptualized, developed and integrated into the business. Our product the 4th Pillar platform is blockchain-based and combines several solutions that solve many of well-known HR pains. Three of four founders are HR experts, working in the human resources industry for several years as executives and leaders. Their experiences and understanding of the HR field are the base for our platform supported solutions. To go even further. The 4th Pillar platform has great possibilities for the future as it has the potential to expand and target the wider market due to the fact that it will offer multi-field solutions. The important difference that separates us from the rest is the fact that our platform is not just an idea. We have already developed a working BETA for the first function – Multi wallet value transfer. Our platform will combine functions that (in this form) are not offered by anyone on the market today. We have funded the development and ICO process ourselves. Because we are used to transparent business and finance, we have a clear forecast budgeting for the next 4 years.


The FOUR token has been created as a utility token from the very beginning. With an embedded token teleportation service and multiple transfer option, the FOUR token serves as an atomic unit and main technical component of the 4th Pillar ecosystem. The FOUR token provides access to one’s professional identity and verification-related services. It overall serves as the main value and “gas” in a decentralized, token-based ecosystem. It also represents a unit of the network. The bigger the network grows, the more utility in the token. Designed and embedded in the blockchain infrastructure, it can serve as a very important part of the blockchain and be a valuable addition to the blockchain ecosystem. The number of tokens is fixed, thus, there cannot be any inflation effect. As the adoption of the 4th Pillar network and FOUR token transaction volume within the network grow, the demand for the FOUR token increases. The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Public Sale Details

We strongly believe that the project should raise only what’s needed to accomplish our goal. Therefore, this is a capped TGE (i.e. token generation event) with a SOFT CAP of €2 million (i.e. if the SOFT CAP is reached, the complete plan will be executed on the SE European market) and a maximum cap of €12 million (i.e. if the HARD CAP is reached, the complete plan will be executed on the European market). The development of this project is fully funded and supported by the founders, while publicly contributed capital will be budgeted and spent for project scaling and global business integration. Every contributor is welcome to participate in any phase of the public sale. The contributors must pass the KYC based on current market standards and in accordance with applicable laws to participate in the WHITELISTING process. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

Four Token Collecting Fee

The 4th Pillar allows its users to transact with native FOUR tokens without ever holding Ethereum or even knowing about it. The FOUR token is designed in a way that allows the users to send FOUR tokens and pay the transaction costs – known as the gas fee, in native FOUR token as well. This provides Ethereum accounts the ability to transfer ERC20 tokens without having to pay Ethereum network transaction fees in ETH.  The 4th Pillar vault will receive 152,000,000 FOUR tokens (38% of the total supply) in the process of TGE. The vault will be a vital component of the 4th Pillar ecosystem and essential for system operations. One factor we must account for is the possibility that not all organizations/companies are crypto savvy. Therefore, we are providing the option to convert the FOUR tokens into FIAT (namely EUROs). The vault will simplify and enable operational execution of the system by selling FOUR tokens into fiat currencies directly to the companies and 4th Pillar clients.


    Co-founder, CEO
    Tali started his entrepreneur career in the year 1998, specializing in various fields from investment, human resources, online marketing etc. For the past 7 years he has been CEO of Naton HR. Tali has just finished his doctorate specializing in online brand development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Overwhelmed with blockchain technology, the idea behind the 4th Pillar came to light.

    Co-founder, COO
    Dusan has over 25 years of experience in various businesses as a CFO, CEO and HR recruiter. He has successfully created, helped, consulted and led many start-ups as well as corporations. For the past 20 years, he has been the co-founder and CEO of Naton HR and WS – one of the largest HR agencies in Europe. As COO he is responsible for the daily project management and international implementation of the 4th Pillar platform.

    Co-founder, CFO
    Roman started his professional career in 1995 as a finance manager at a capital fund and later continued as general manager in GlaxoSmithKline. Since then, he has been working as CFO in Naton HR and has been a management board member of Naton HR – Work Service. In the 4th Pillar project he holds a role of the Chief Financial Officer – CFO – and he is responsible for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and other financial matters regarding the project.

    Dep. CEO
    Aleš Žižmund’s, MBA main experience is in banking, IT and insurance sectors. He worked as an executive director, board advisor and team leader in different domestic and international environments- project-oriented and corporate. His economic background is economics business finance with Masters in business administration which he graduated as one of the top students in his generation. With his vast experiences, he will take over the position of the 4th Pillar Dep. CEO.

    Co-founder, CMO
    Jaka began his professional career in marketing 25 years ago. During that time, he was responsible for out-of-the-box solutions for many international corporations active in the Adriatic region. His passion has brought him to the crossroads where he can confront his marketing skills with blockchain business development. In the 4th Pillar project he holds a role of the Chief Marketing Officer and he is responsible for the marketing strategy, managing the marketing activities and business development of the project.

    Denis is a web developer with more than 10 years of experience and a computer science degree. He is highly proficient in PHP, JS, MySQL. His focus remains set on quality and secure, fast final products. In the 4th Pillar project he holds a role of the Chief Information and Technology Officer and he is responsible for the 4th Pillar Platform creation & development. Denis manages the IT & Blockchain Team.

    Smart contract development
    Boris has a Masters degree in Computer Science and has spent most of his career building software for business applications, which gives him unique experience when it comes to development of Smart Contracts. In the 4th Pillar project he is the main blockchain developer and he is responsbile for creating the smart contracts for FOUR token, token teleportation and 4th Pillar crowdsale.

    Smart contract development
    Polona has graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics then enrolled in postgraduate program in Information and Communication Technologies, specialised in Artificial Intelligence. She has experience in building software in different program languages including Solidity. In the 4th Pillar project she is a blockchain developer and she is responsbile for co-creating the smartcontracts for FOUR token, token teleportation service and the 4th Pillar crowdsale.


  • 1
    Q2 2017
    THE 4TH PILLAR concept
  • 2
    Q3 2017
    Legal, tax & Legislation
  • 3
    Q4 2017
    ICO & BETA preparation
  • 4
    Q1 2018
    BETA development: - PHP Laravel DAPP platform - FOUR token & Smart contracts - Wallet for individuals and organisations
  • 5
    THE 4TH PILLAR BETA release:
    - Wallets for individuals and organisations
    - Unique multiple wallet value transfer option
    - Admin system for organisation
    - FOUR token economy with gas fee possibility
  • 6
    Q2 2018
    TGE & Public sale
  • 7
    Q3 2018
    FOUR token exchange listings
  • 8
    Q3 2018
    - Platform testing
    - Development of blockchain and ipfs based postal service for sensitive registered document distribution
  • 9
    Q4 2018
    - Start of B-to-B sales (SE Europe)
    - Launch of blockchain&ipfs based postal service for sensitive registered document distribution
  • 10
    Q1 2019
    Mobile wallet app launch (ANDROID APP)
  • 11
    Q2 2019
    THE 4TH PILLAR organisation financial audit 2018
  • 12
    Q3 2019
    - Mobile wallet app launch (IOS APP)
    - Development of digital employee professional identity database with automated evaluation system
  • 13
    Q4 2019
    Development of digital employee professional identity database with automated evaluation system
  • 14
    Q1 2020
    Development of SYNCHRO module for organisations
  • 15
    Q2 2020
    THE 4TH PILLAR organisation financial audit 2019
  • 16
    Q3 2020
    Organisational SYNCHRO module launch
  • 17
    Q1 2021
    Digital employee professional identity database with automated evaluation system launch
  • 18
    Q2 2021
    THE 4TH PILLAR organization financial audit 2020

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