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StasyQ (SQOIN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The market for erotic content is growing in unbelievable ways. According to statistics, the adult industry’s yearly revenue is worth a whopping USD97 billion, which makes the sector quite promising. Plus, new sites aiming to deliver top-notch erotic content are regularly joining the market. Many leading pornographic media outlets have shaped a lot of industry trends such as free content versus paid content or monthly payment versus payment per second.

However, even the entry of so many players and the sector’s fully powered evolution haven’t changed many things related to data security, high fees, payment security, unfair income distribution, etc. So there has to be a platform that not only delivers the best adult content but also tackles these problems.

That’s where StasyQ is planning to hit the mark. Using blockchain, this ecosystem plans to streamline the entire erotic-content market. The platform’s uniqueness has caught our eye, so we’ve reviewed the project and its ICO sale. After going through this review, you’ll clearly know whether it’s one of the best ICOs to invest in.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and see what we’d found while reviewing this project.

StasyQ analysis

StasyQ is built on blockchain, and that’s what makes the whole difference. The blockchain disrupts a number of business verticals; so, while keeping the power of the blockchain in mind, the core development team built this platform to revolutionize the business of adult entertainment. Put simply, this is the world’s first-ever decentralized platform offering the highest quality erotic content. Best of all, the platform has been live since 2015—so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the product will successfully make it to the real world. There are multiple ICO companies which launches airdrop token.


The platform is designed to filter out professional and amateur models quite carefully. Plus, this portal frequently publishes a lot of hi-res photographs and videos for user consumption. And since it’s backed by blockchain, this adult-entertainment content provider makes sure that the author style remains exclusive and the creators are justly paid. (From our point of view, if a project is fully committed to transparency, we’ll give it high ICO ratingsand that’s exactly what we’re doing with this project.)

According to some estimates, the portal’s official website has nearly 1 million visitors every month. The team behind StasyQ is on a mission to make blockchain “sexy.” Put simply, this platform is striving really hard to offer original content through blockchain—that’s how the team plans to take the user experience to a whole new level. Now that we’ve covered all the basics of the platform, let’s find out how it works.

How does the StasyQ  platform work?

In short, StasyQ is a one-of-a-kind platform, packed with the best erotic content. The company behind this platform uses some of the best screening processes that are used to pick the hottest dancers and models worldwide. Furthermore, the platform uses the clearest pictures and hi-quality video feeds to give the style-exclusive authors the proper exposure they deserve. The website is doing quite well because it’s receiving a steady stream of investors every month.

In addition, the VR content present on the platform is rising in fame, worldwide. Not many companies in adult entertainment are investing in VR because of the tech challenges, but StasyQ is doing things a bit differently. On this site, the users can access the capacity to capture video at 180 degrees. The site even allows the uploading of 4K-resolution video. With VR, the viewer also gets the ability to pick their favorite angle anytime while the video is running.

Because of its ability to support VR–enabled content and as it’s based on blockchain (similar to other ICOs such as  SocialcxnUbiatarPlayMeetnGreetme), this project gets the thumbs up from us. Overall, the excellent features of the platform will let its native crypto tokens become listed on a number of exchanges in the future. So, all the token-holders should regularly check the project’s website to know when the team plans to list the tokens.

Community management initiatives

StasyQ’s quite big on the idea of maintaining a robust community—that’s evident from its different social channels. At press time, this portal has 267,000 followers on Instagram; that’s closely followed by its 74,859 followers on Facebook; and, finally, it has 7,528 followers on Twitter. Also, the platform regularly posts content on well-established channels such as Medium; and it has its own Telegram group.

Plus, the project has also got visibility in video channels such as YouTube. It has received positive reviews on this video-sharing website. Plus, like every other ICO out there, this project has an account on—and it’s quite active on the platform.

As a result, we can say that the core marketing team working on the platform has successfully unlocked the potential of nearly every social channel. From these facts and figures, it’s evident that the team behind this portal is putting 100% effort into ICO community management initiatives.

With the project analysis part out of the way, let’s focus on the different topics that make this project innovative in every sense of the word.

StasyQ innovation

According to every leading ICO marketing guide, if a project isn’t innovative, it won’t be sustained for long. Innovation has remained the main driving force behind every top-performing ICO project, and that’s certainly the case with StasyQ. The team working on this adult-entertainment portal will use innovation to stay ahead of the game.  Similarly ICO stats give a good overview to get a knowledge about how to invest in ICOs

So, now, let’s go through all the factors that make this project fresh.

A robust functionality in the making

As we’ve already mentioned, StasyQ’s website has been successfully running since 2015. Now, that definitely means that this is a successful business that enjoys outstanding viewership. What’s more, the resource is responsible for hosting up to 200 professionally filmed, unique videos with models.

When the development team observed a growing interest in its already-established web resources, it decided to improve the platform’s attractiveness. The team decided to provide its users with a whole new set of functionalities—these functionalities will be added to the network once the ICO sale is finished.

Staysyq figures

However, before discussing the new features, let’s know about the platform’s existing functionalities.

The platform’s exciting functionalities

  • Voting: On this network, the users vote for the next shooting location; they can even vote for the shooting style and for the model who should be featured in the next video.
  • Interviewing: Here, the audiences can interview the models.
  • Blogging: On this portal, the users can read the blogs to know about upcoming films or about the action that goes on behind the making of a specific scene.
  • VR: The users can view the content using VR devices.

Post–ICO functionalities

  • The models will get their personal accounts where they’ll be allowed to upload their videos or photos taken through a smartphone cam or a regular one.
  • The producers will get their own account where they’ll be allowed to post videos.
  • The user will be allowed to live-chat with different models, and they’ll receive crypto coins for that.
  • The platform’s native token will soon become integrated as a robust payment medium with other projects that have similar content.
  • There’ll be new white-label solutions introduced to create native StasyQ in a single click; by doing that, any user can unlock the full potential of the platform. 

The edge over its competitors

Every crypto project is designed to disrupt something—to introduce convenience for everyone. StasyQ, too, is built to have the edge over its competitors; it does that bringing a whole new level of ease for every one of its participants.

So, let’s get to know more about the benefits that this platform has to offer.

For users:

  • Users will experience complete autonomy as far as transactions, usage, and data are concerned.
  • They don’t have to face the risk of having their accounts blocked.
  • There’ll be no additional billing service fees provided.
  • Every single transaction will be made using cryptocoins. 

For content providers, models, and producers:

  • All of them will have the ability to monetize their content via the platform.
  • They’ll receive the payments in cryptocoins.
  • The best part—they’ll earn close to 90% of the revenue.
  • The fairness of payment distribution is guaranteed through a programmed smart contract.
  • They won’t be required to pay any billing service fee.
  • What’s more—they’ll never have their accounts blocked.
  • The platform will help them bring down their marketing expenses.
  • The blockchain-backed content monetization, which is done on the platform, will be foolproof.

Each of these factors makes the project truly new. In a way, with this project, a whole new level of transparency and security will be created for the adult-entertainment sector. So we are not exaggerating if we say that this platform will bring a crypto revolution for this sector.

StasyQ token details

The ICO countdown for StasyQ has already begun, and it’ll be over on June 5, 2018. (See details below.) The project’s native crypto token, will be needed by all users who want to view the stunning StasyQ content. Plus, this native crypto token is designed to be easily integrated into the personal sites of models, producers, and anyone who’s providing similar content.

Staysyq token

So the usability of this token is quite high, which is a great thing for all those risk-averse investors. Below, we’ve mentioned a couple more details that should be viewed by everyone who’s looking forward to investing in this project. You can also check out an ICO beginners guide to get more details on how the tokenized economy works.

StasyQ ICO info

  • Ticker: SQoin.
  • Price: 1 ETH coin = 14,500 SQoin tokens.
  • Total token supply: 350,000,000 SQoin tokens.
  • ICO sale: From April 6, 2018 (13:00 hours GMT), to June 5, 2018 (13:00 hours GMT).
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Hard cap: 20,000 ETH coins.
  • Country: Lithuania.
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC.
  • Unsold tokens: Burnt.

Token distribution

Every popular ICO planning guide says that the minted tokens should be strategically distributed—and this is partially responsible for making the project a success. If, however, the tokens are unevenly distributed, that’ll affect the way the project works. The team working on StasyQ knows a lot about how tokens should be distributed; that’s visible in the way the company has distributed its digital assets. Here’s how the project’s team has decided to distribute its tokens.

  • 70% of the tokens will be allocated during the public ICO sale.
  • For bounty and rewards, 5% of the tokens are separately kept.
  • The team members will take 25% of the distributed tokens.

Funds allocation

The distribution of token proceeds is as important as the distribution of the digital assets. The funds collected during the project’s ICO sale will be used to develop and implement the project’s blockchain tech (tokens such as XYOBunnyTokenFurtherNetwork). If the ICO manages to raise a lot of funds, then the project’s scale will also increase. Now, here’s how the project’s team has planned to allocate the raised funds.

  • The platform’s development will receive 20% of the raised funds.
  • The project’s legal department will receive 5% of the raised funds.
  • The operations department will get 15% of the raised funds.
  • Last, 60% of the raised funds will be used by the team to execute different marketing initiatives. 

Summarizing StasyQ       

After carefully analyzing the ICO project’s website and white paper, we believe that StasyQ has what it takes to make crypto waves in the world of adult entertainment. By bringing the blockchain into the ecosystem of erotic content, this project will redefine the way the adult industry works. Since it’s based on this new-age technology, the project will definitely introduce transparency, security, and efficiency into the porn industry. Plus, let’s not forget the user-experience part; the project will add a whole new layer of convenience for the users, and that’s how it’ll improve their experience. (The users include both content creators and consumers.) So, if you’re a performer in the erotica industry or if you just love the content StasyQ publishes, then buying these tokens makes sense. Take a look at their latest version of their site before the last investment decision.


  • Romanas Stelmokaitis
    Romanas Stelmokaitis
    Romanas Stelmokaitis
    CEO and CTO - Romanas is a software developer and corporate entrepreneur with extensive experience in insurance, banking, supply, logistics and the financial sectors. His journey in building IT infrastructures and developing software systems began more than 15 years ago. Romanas graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in informatics and mathematics and he started building his career in the IT industry.
  • Vadim Khodakov
    Vadim Khodakov
    Vadim Khodakov
    Digital Producer - Vadim is a digital agency founder. He has a strong understanding of and experience in the development of digital products (websites, web applications, mobile applications, technological start-ups).

    Development team management experience: project management, remote team management, project launch and support are everyday routines in the activities of Vadim.
  • Vitali Gisko
    Vitali Gisko
    Vitali Gisko
    Lead Product Designer - Vitali is a UX designer with 6 years of experience working for agencies and clients all around the globe. His work combines a background in graphic design with technological innovations and user-centred design thinking.
  • Aleksej Tišionok
    Aleksej Tišionok
    Aleksej Tišionok
    Designer - Alex is a digital designer with a passion for designing engaging and well-crafted websites and digital products. He is a believer in the power of human-centred design and people-based problem solving.
  • Alex Pankevich
    Alex Pankevich
    Alex Pankevich
    Digital Producer and Strategist - Alex is a digital market analyst, currently building up extensive experience with world-wide brands at Bitsens. His first experiences came from working at Wargaming managing the “digital production team“. His passion for semantics, analytical correlations and psychological user patterns built the foundations of a strongly UX-centred approach to product management.
  • Seva Savko
    Seva Savko
    Seva Savko
    Media Manager - Seva is an online marketer with a strong financial background. Empowered by proficient programming skills, his knowledge has assisted the establishment of a successful web development and online marketing agency. At the same time, Seva quickly found his way into e-commerce and launched several promising web stores.


  • 1
    - site was launched
    - First videos and positive feedback
  • 2
    - Over 80 hottest models
    - 0.8 million followers on social media
  • 3
    - First 3D VR shooting of models and positive feedback
    - Over 100 000 000 video views

  • 4
    - Idea of turning StasyQ into a world leader in аdult content on blockchain with a drastically new future for models, customers and creators
    - 1 million unique users per month
  • 5
    - Forming of the new core team for blockchain development
    - Creation of a Whitepaper
    - Creation of StasyQ financial model

  • 6
    - Landing page and whitepaper disclosed to the public
    - Ongoing StasyQ exclusive content creation
  • 7
    - Start of the Crowdsale
    - Negotiations with cryptocurrency exchanges
    - Attracting new models and studios

  • 8
    - Beta version of StasyLive platform
    - Integration of blockchain solutions into StasyQ website
    - Implementation of SQOIN on StasyQ website - getting rid of high fees and increasing transactions security
  • 9
    - Third-party video content integration. Studios and produces will be able to add content to the platform sections themselves
    - Introducing of SQOIN for third-party sites increasing token demand and popularity
    - Marketing, attracting of crypto and more audience to the platform, reaching 3-5 million users per month

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