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Squeezer (SQZR) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The blockchain is one of the most advanced technologies to become a core component of a company’s technology stack. The technology has two main strengths that are data immutability and multi-directional scalability, both vertically and horizontally managed by the blockchain in a seamless manner. For example, if you want to design a service that can read and write data to the blockchain as well as receive a number of requests over a short time frame. In this scenario, blockchain technology is adept at handling all the work without any issues, but the same thing cannot be done with other conventionally-designed data services. The next issues are encountered when you are trying to connect your service or application with blockchain and need to read and write on specific data. Right now, this work is done through a sophisticated mechanism where developers need to download a complete blockchain transaction log on to the machine or server storage. After that they need to break down every block, line by line, which requires a massive amount of expense and time.

To create an advanced blockchain application, we require professional developers who have a good understanding of this technology.  Currently, it is hard to design a blockchain application; therefore, Squeezer has come up with a solution of microservices technology for the blockchain. This service will help in fixing the scaling problem as well as adjusting the stack to fit within blockchain flexibility.

You can find numbers of ICO projects like Cell Blocks, Bunnytoken, Data Broker Dao, etc. that are using blockchain technology due to its advanced features and outstanding benefits.

Squeezer Intro

All about Squeezer

The Squeezer platform is designed to help developers so that they can easily develop an app without handling the entire complicated blockchain infrastructure. In other words, this ICO is developing a framework that will offer a user-friendly and convenient platform for the development and deployment of blockchain-based applications. This platform will work on a subscription model therefore it has designed its own utility token called the SQZR token.

At Squeezer, they are focused on designing a single, unified blockchain-connector that will enable the developer to get connected with various blockchains. They will also provide a sandbox for testing applications and make their rapid production deployments. All the Squeezer applications are supported by a microservices platform such as AWS lambda and Google Functions which means an auto-scalability feature will be enabled by default. This platform will allow developers to compile and deploy blockchain applications in various stages from GitHub, among other code repositories.

Prime features of Squeezer

These are the prime features of the project that makes it different from others:

1 – Zero administration

Now, you can easily deploy your code because Squeezer will eliminate the use of any lengthy set-up beforehand or anything to manage it afterwards.

2 – Auto-scaling

Allow your service providers to manage all the scaling challenges in an easy way. There is no need to set any alerts or write a script to scale up or down. It provides complete peace of mind at the time of high or low traffic.

3 – Pay-per-use

Function-as-a service (Faas) compute and managed services are charged according to its utilization instead of calculating on pre-provisioned capacity. All your resources can be used without paying a single cent for idle time.

4 – Development climate

Put the cloud provider environment on your local machine and speed up the entire development cycle by 10x. You don’t require any deployed code at each iteration.

5 – Token

SQZR is a core utility token utilized by the developers to develop and deploy the app on the Squeezer Platform.

6 – Blockchain

Squeezer is one of the first platforms that helps in merging the power of microservices with the immutability of blockchain technology.

Squeezer Features

What is the Squeezer framework?

Currently, this framework is being effectively used by large web and API projects which are scaled and expanded as microservices. But, when it comes to integrating them with blockchain technology, it required connectors that allow microservices to trigger a specific blockchain action.

It is not easy to design a robust connector that can easily process any amount of blockchain data or numbers of requests within a specific timeframe. This happens as a result of the size of the blockchain and numbers of different blocks it contains. However, it can be achieved by implementing right numbers and types of resources assigned to the job.

There is a simple interface utilized that helps in joining microservices to the blockchain as well as allowing software developers to conduct blockchain transactions. The developers can easily use this process without dealing with blockchain genesis code or create complex components.

How does Squeezer benefit different enterprises?

The company endeavors to ensure that its clients enjoy the complete benefits of cloud providers, blockchain technology, and the Squeezer framework with their professional consultancy services. They are providing an outstanding technology stack to their clients to streamline the integration of blockchain technology in their current enterprise system.

1 – ICO and token sale projects

Today, ICO projects such as Gamblica, Guardium, TrustedHealth, etc are trending in the market. Most of the companies launch their ICO events to raise funds for their project development and expansion. These types of projects generally required a swift development and stable implementation to keep up with the hype and massive amount of blockchain transactions. Squeezer can help them by providing quick a back-end solution by using APIs and blockchain transaction support. A large number of ICO companies launch airdrop which is a way for a new coin to fairly distribute it’s coin/token to the community.

Do you want to grab more information about ICO investment? Then read ICO marketing guide or ICO planning guide and reap good benefits from it.

2 – Exchanges

The cryptocurrency exchanges are also facing difficulties in managing large transaction volumes over short spans of time. Most of the largest exchanges are troubled with scalability issues and this is why they have to block new customer registrations from time to time. In this scenario, Squeezer can provide an efficient solution by providing relevant integration microservices in core transactional systems.

3 – Banks and financial institutions

Banks are also interested in this advanced blockchain technology. But, a survey has shown that most financial institutions are still working on the early stages of its adoption in which around three-quarters of them are either outlining a proof-of-concept, discussing the technology at a more preliminary stage, or formulating their blockchain strategy. Squeezer can help them by providing an efficient tool that can help to streamline their workflows and deliver relevant insights to banks so they can understand how transactions are processed via blockchain ecosystems.

What are microservices?

Microservices are a type of service-oriented architecture where software is developed with small loosely coupled segments instead of using one large monolith. With the help of segmenting different parts of the software, you can silo and decentralize the suite of software products that work independently. Additionally, they can also work in tandem when it is required.

Microservices architecture is an approach that focuses on creating software applications as a suite of small and independently deployable modular services where each service will run an exclusive process and communicate well with an efficient lightweight mechanism to serve a specific business goal.

There are some leading cloud companies who have already designed a platform where auto-scalable code pieces can be deployed. Some of the microservices platforms include AWS, Lambda, Azure functions and Google Functions.

Benefits of microservices

1 – Better organization

Microservice architecture will provide a more organized environment for development purposes. Everything is well placed, but the keywords are usually used as microservices which can get just as messy as a monolith.

2 – Enhance performance

Under the right circumstances, microservices can help you by providing performance benefit that completely depends on how they are organized. This happens because it is possible to isolate the hot services and scale them individually on the rest of the app.

3 – Easy to scale

These services are easy to use and highly scalable due to the presence of containerization technology such as Docker. Additionally, with this you can independently scale parts of your software product.

4 – Decoupled services

Microservices are decoupled which means these services can be independently modified and work individually in serving the purposes for different apps.

What problems is Squeezer resolving?

First, we are talking about major issues faced by developers while working with blockchain technology.

1 – Complexity

In new technologies, blockchain development is comparatively difficult and comes with lots of challenges. While working with a blockchain development project, developers need to download all the blocks on his machine’s local storage which will ultimately reduce the velocity of developers. This copying procedure within the production environment creates issues for developers because now they have to design both a stable environment and container to imitate the data of hundreds of gigabytes. This is a time-consuming task and also creates difficulty in maintaining constancy for post-production releases.

2 – Scalability

When thousands of new blockchain transactions are executing, they will generally crash the user’s backend system because they do not scale automatically like blockchain does. This problem can be resolved, but the possible solutions are time-consuming and expensive too.

3 – Connecting to the blockchain

Software developers who are new to blockchain technology need to familiarize themselves with the starting point of the code and need to develop parsers before developing blockchain apps. This will make the whole process complex and time-consuming.

Squeezer has come up with efficient solutions to resolve all of the above problems. It allow developers to create a one single unified blockchain connector through which developers can connect with any blockchain such as BTC, LTC or ETH as well as test their app with a sandbox.  With the Squeezer platform, developers can conduct the blockchain transactions without going through the genesis of the blockchain code or without creating any complex codes.

Squeezer Token

What is the SQZR token?

The SQZR token is a utility token utilized within the Squeezer framework as a means of payment for all transactions. Currently, the project is in its pre-ICO stage. If you are also searching for the best ICOs to invest in, then you can invest in top ICOs and purchase the token through different cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC or ETH or via credit card.

Token details

  • Ticker : SQZR.
  • Price : 1 SQZR = USD0.20.
  • Soft cap : 7,700,000 SQZR.
  • Hard cap                 : 154,000,000 SQZR.
  • Compatibility : Ethereum ERC20.
  • Token delivery date : 10 days after the token sale ends.

Pre-sale details

  • Pre-sale starts on : April 2, 2018.
  • Pre-sale ends on : April 16, 2018.
  • Tier bonus : 50%.
  • Target : 50,050,000 SQZR.

Token sale details

  • Token sale starts on : April 16, 2018.
  • Token sale ends on : May 31, 2018.
  • Tiers bonuses : 40%, 30%, 20%.
  • Target : 103,950,000 SQZR.

At the end of token sale, all the remaining tokens will be burned.

Token Distribution

  • Token sale : 40%
  • The Squeezer platform : 34%
  • Team : 20%
  • Advisors : 5%
  • Bounty : 1%

Token proceeds

  • Technical development : 45%
  • Non-technical staff : 30%
  • Marketing expenses : 10%
  • Infrastructure expenses : 8%
  • Other operating expenses : 7%


Squeezer is an efficient project because it is focusing on blockchain technology which is currently booming in the market. The Squeezer platform is especially designed for software developers to help them in developing blockchain-enabled apps in a convenient and easy way. It also offers a powerful framework that provides efficient blockchain software components to the leading enterprise organizations.

The ICO countdown is on! With the support of expert ICO community management, Squeezer has launched is pre-sale and is raising funds for the project development. If you are new to this industry and don’t have any idea on how to invest in ICOs but are still willing to invest to reap good benefits then you should look for ICO rating and influencer marketing ICOs guides that can give you the good status of the ICO list.

ICO’s are new way of crowdfunding operated and invested through crypto currencies. You can check ICO Beginners Guide  which  helps you to understand it in a better way.


  • Nick Chisiu
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    Nick Chisiu
    Tech Lead & CEO
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    Karl Eastwood
  • Flavius Fulea
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    Marketing Chief
  • Vlad Tarmure
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    Communications Chief
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    Blockchain Developer
  • Tia Chisiu
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    Support Manager
  • Odi Onyejekwe
    Odi Onyejekwe
    Odi Onyejekwe
    Business Developer


  • 1
    Create framework principles and add base functionality
  • 2
    Proof-of-Concept and plugins integration
  • 3
    Stable version and cloud providers
  • 4
    Token pre-sale crowdfunding stage
  • 5
    Public token sale
  • 6
    Hire additional developers to build the blockchain cloud connectors
  • 7
    Deliver the blockchain cloud components and connectors
  • 8
    Enable subscription purchases with the SQZR token. Start to build apps connected to the blockchain

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