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SPINDLE (SPD) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The circumstances surrounding virtual currencies both at home and abroad have changed drastically since SPINDLE formally announced WP 1.3 late in December 2017. First, our announcement of legal interpretation in Japan sparked controversies in Japanese society, and a month later the Japanese government intervened on various issues, including the disappearance of NEM at a major Japanese virtual exchange, Coincheck, and on other system-related issues at virtual currency exchanges. In WP1.3-1.1, SPINDLE suggests the tightening of regulations in Japan, where virtual currency transactions are most active. In WP2.0, we will describe our visions for and stance towards the emerging changes in the circumstances surrounding virtual currencies, while describing and supplementing the technical aspects of and visions for SPINDLE that were not disclosed in WP 1.3.

ZETA Initiative

ZETA is a series of implemented programs that realize the creation of autonomous human beings advocated by SPINDLE. We plan to develop ZETA by following the four steps below:

  • First Stage: Monitoring & Reporting Service
  • Second Stage: Unique Distributed Exchange
  • Third Stage: Distributed Credit Scoring System
  • Fourth Stage: Credit Autonomy

Released in the First Stage, ZETA-1 is a monitoring & reporting service platform that utilizes a Blockchain technique that is currently under development by BLACK STAR&CO., Inc. ZETA-1 offers premium services to virtual currency exchanges, crypto hedge funds, and virtual currency investors. All ZETA-1 users can use all of its functions free of charge. You can confirm fund profiles, past transactions, and reports for free. It is also easy to incorporate your asset management history into ZETA-1 and to visualize it. Some of these features will be offered initially, while others will be added progressively after the service is formally released.

In the Second Stage, we will release ZETA-2, a uniquely distributed exchange. This exchange plays a significant role in the ecosystem of virtual currencies, is obviously a centralized service. However, this centralizes service is potentially dangerous; it may cause massive loss, including the problems caused by Mt. Gox and the largest money theft ever in the history of mankind from Coincheck. These centralized systems should have been predictable and controllable, but in reality, they have brought about risk as a consequence of recursive modernization put forward by Ulrich Beck.

In the Third Stage, we will implement a dispersed credit scoring system based on the data accumulated from ZETA-1 and ZETA-2. Currently, there is a way for trust to be scored in centralized organizations. However, due to its inherent flaws, fairness is being lost, as represented by credit companies doing a distorted evaluation of personal paying capacities for their own convenience and Sesame Credit developed by Ant Financial Services Group, an affiliate of the Chinese Alibaba Group recording QR code payments, which may in turn be offered for state-enforced regulations at any time. These systems are centralized legacies that no longer guarantee the most important quality: fairness.

The Fourth Stage is a future vision that the first three Stages suggest. The credit scoring for individuals that will be established by ZETA-3 is no longer credit scoring, but autonomously controlled credit itself. The framework that will be developed from ZETA-3 is referred to as Credit Autonomy. Conventional credit scoring was based on financial statements where records of transactions and assets were formulated. ZETA-4 saves overwhelmingly accurate transaction information. Analysis/evaluation by AI will be added to the credit system. The system will further enable customized business prediction that goes beyond the law of large numbers, and ZETA will have dominance over, not superiority to, conventional credit systems. In this stage, explosive growth envisioned in ZETA-3 will stop, but this system will instead take root in society, becoming an irreplaceable infrastructure that is a pillar of the virtual currency economy. Further to that, by being different to the savings-based system to build trust like the one found in traditional financial systems, we can expect new forms of trust building from virtual currency economies.


SPD WALLET is technically different from ZETA and is initially offered as a seperate service. However they will be integrated within one year so that usability for virtual currency/SPD holders will be enhanced and the investment literacy of users will be considerably improved, including various portfolio functions, SNS linkage, and availability of information on virtual currencies and economic information.

SPINDLE Token Issue

Token name and ticker symbol : SPD

Used Blockchain : | Ethereum ERC20

Type of token : Utility

The issuer’s name : SPINDLE FRACTAL ZONE LTD

ICO Token distribution for Crowd Sale before listing  :  1,200,000,000 SPD

ICO Token distribution for Crowd Sale after listing : 2,500,000,000 SPD

Soft Cap of the Project : 60,000 ETH

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SPINDLE’s marketing plans are developed with the following preposition— SPINDLE is not a currency for limited people of certain positions, but enables general consumers around the world to be SPD holders and to engage in investment activities based on their judgment in the circumstances, so that it can help the financial industry become more democratic. As for other virtual currencies, how many consumers support, hold and use SPINDLE should be the key. ICO Marketing guide is very helpful for planning and executing strategy for investing in ICO.


  • Masamitsu Hirai
    Masamitsu Hirai
    Masamitsu Hirai
    President & CEO
  • Takashi Koga
    Takashi Koga
    Takashi Koga
    Executive Director
  • Masashi Sakuma
    Masashi Sakuma
    Masashi Sakuma
    Accounting Officer

  • Dariusz Chrzastowski
    Dariusz Chrzastowski
    Dariusz Chrzastowski
    Supreme Strategic Advisor
  • Gackt Oshiro
    Gackt Oshiro
    Gackt Oshiro
    Asia Strategic Advisor
  • Junichiro Kawato
    Junichiro Kawato
    Junichiro Kawato
    General Counsel
  • Seiji Yoshizaki
    Seiji Yoshizaki
    Seiji Yoshizaki
    Strategic Advisor
  • Cher Chen Lung
    Cher Chen Lung
    Cher Chen Lung
    Operation Officer / Global Alliance Advisor
  • Fumihiko Sano
    Fumihiko Sano
    Fumihiko Sano
    Context / Architectual Advisor
  • Takuro Mizobe
    Takuro Mizobe
    Takuro Mizobe
  • Masayoshi Hashimoto
    Masayoshi Hashimoto
    Masayoshi Hashimoto
    Creative Technologist/Technology Evangelist
  • Hemant Kumar Setya
    Hemant Kumar Setya
    Hemant Kumar Setya
    Technology Advisor


  • 1
    October 2017
    Start of Private Presales.
  • 2
    December 2017
    Publishing of website and White paper.
  • 3
    March 2018
    End of Private pre sales (Domestic).
  • 4
    April 2018
    Begin cloud sale for the global markets.
  • 5
    After May 2018
    Issuance of SPD Tokens and distribution to buyer wallets.
    Launch of the Beta version of the SPINDLE Service Application (SPA).
    Listing on the cryptocurrency exchange (ICO).

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