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Shivom (OMIX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Shivom Overview

There has been a blazing buzz lately, which includes Blockchain technology. What is it and why is it garnering popularity this speedily worldwide? The answer to these questions is actually one – Blockchain technology is disrupting the conventional markets of almost everything. It is taking every business onto its network and setting them free to operate and earn 100 times higher than what they used to in the conventional market.

Well, there’s more as we concern security, transaction fee, speed and security back up plans. Project Shivom is one of a kind, which aims at data securitization within its own system and let genomics take a new birth, in a new form.

Healthcare industry has undoubtedly improved, but there is yet some lacking and they are – ‘Capitalization of genomic data,’ ‘security breach risk,’ and ‘lower profits.’ Once blockchain is integrated, it will enable a genomic ecosystem, where all genomic companies, its consumers, marketers and third party dealers will have a digital marketplace and a single point of contact. The benefits of having this feature are although many, but the mains are users will have absolute control over their genomic data, moreover medicine companies can personalize their choices for medicine production/distributions, store genomic data analytics and develop health services applications and sell them later on. The best thing of all things is this, there is a high amount of incentives for making useful contributions to the Shivom Blockchain Platform. So, here it sums up, your ‘efforts’ have now price, not just the ‘products’ on offer.

The brains behind the entire innovation have always envisaged a revolutionary merging of the OMICS technologies with machine learning, Blockchain technologies and AI for worldwide scalability in the industry of healthcare. Followings are the main problems, Project Shivom is intending to resolve –

  1. The costly process of genome sequencing
  2. There is still no concept of owning your data; no integrity or sharing facility
  3. Eliminating the involvement of third party for making sale of genomic data. For instance – Sequencing Service Providers.
  4. There is lacking of confidentiality between doctors and patients
  5. There is no compensation evaluation for patients using about the utilization of their data by researchers and health institutions

What is Shivom offering in this very regard?

In order to garner what it has set for, which is making a universal database for DNA sequences, this project has been set to use blockchain technology and create a genuine and decentralized ecosystem. Holding to this very ideology, this project is set to secure the delicate and very much sensitive genomic data. Genomic data is on the other hand being produced with the same old and conventional database. For example, the healthcare industry is almost set to experience a series of benefits that come along with overcoming the difficulty of a secure system. They are such as –

  1. Seamless access and preserving on the genome data in a single place
  2. Improved and advanced management. Plus, there is a better control over who should and should not access the information
  3. It gets easy and known for healthcare researchers as now they will know where to find data for their research and how efficiently they can use them
  4. Doctors can actually evaluate the severity of any disease before they become critical
  5. It allows users to get value for their data contribution to the platform using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

How good is it to invest in this project?

With the market getting saturated with many such blockchain projects (like BitRewardsAuctusBunnytoken,  SealUplineDenCity), it is obvious to get confused or be way to skeptical just to make sure there’s no trap to swallow the hard-earned money. Well, the simplest and effective way to figure it out is by relying on a reputed Blockchain projects with ICO listing sites.


As per as Project Shivom is concerned, this project sounds to be of the next level. it is set to decentralize the genomic analytics, medicine researches and many more related to healthcare sector. More to these, the platform has been designed innovatively and predicted to have revisits if it succeeds at resolving what it has aimed for.

In a nutshell, this platform is for enabling people to sequence and place their genome onto the Blockchain safely and enjoy the ownership too. On implementing the same successfully, users become enabled to even sell their produced and stored data to researchers, healthcare industry at quite a higher price. Moreover, this platform itself has incentivization facility for making greater contribution to the blockchain. The consumer list also includes governments and universities.

On contributing your genome to the Shivom project, there will be complete ownership of yours on your data and whatever you do with it, profits is fetched directed to you only. Moreover, there will be no more sequencing service provider restricting you from re-accessing your data or make amendments accordingly. This is going to be perhaps the largest database in the history if healthcare industry, where anyone involving in the sector can access the platform and make transactions of genome data for their respective purposes. The creators of the project have also predicted this project to be a substantial development in the healthcare sector, specifically around medicine and more than 7,000 rare diseases can possible be treated.

How’s this platform going to work?

In case you are hoping to take an important part in the movement, first of all you have to make sure you can be an efficient contributor to the ‘Platform Content’ and then sign up. On signing up with the platform, you will get a kit via in your email box, which would be for uploading sequence of your own DNA. Unlike the conventional procedure, it is easier on Blockchain. All you have to do is collect your saliva and handing it over to the Project Shivom.

While handing over your genomic information to the platform, you can also get to learn about your own ancestry and understanding of your personal health and all these from a raw genetic data. Following this, you can as well choose to make donation of your genomic data for further research, either at free of cost or earn profit.

Shivom Ecosystem

If we talked about conventional procedure of genome sequencing, it’s quite expensive. Well, with the emergence of Shivom blockchain platform, the cost has come down exponentially lately, such as from $100m each genome to only a few hundred dollars. Well, the downfall of cost does not only stop here. According to experts from the field, it will come down more over time, or may be by 2020.

All these mean, people now can sequence millions and billions of genomes at an affordable price, encouraging a whole new world of profits and benefits from genomic transformation. Following are the benefits of Shivom –

The possible benefits of Shivom project are in fact quite large, both in terms of how it could help magnify genomic sequencing and also this platform’s special approach to the development.

Below are rather specialties of this platform, rather than particular benefits –

  • This figures out if a particular medicine will be effective to the patients or not
  • It helps in disease prevention in individuals, who are still healthy by identifying early risk intervention
  • More accurate diagnosing of diseases and then offering on-time and correct prognosis.
  • It helps selecting the correct dosage and type of medicines for patients and normal individuals.
  • This will certainly minimize the healthcare expense as it will automatically learn which subsets of the patient are potential to be treated by the medicines and not others.
  • This will allow pharmaceutical organizations to produce medicine more precisely in clinical trials.
  • Usually, maximizing clinical knowledge of genetic factors impacting diseases.

Thus, it would not at all be an irony to say that genomic sequencing will transform drugs in the close-future, with customized treatments on the basis of genomic data becoming the standard in the sector over time.

As we go on about Shivom’s special approach to developing a genomic database for of course storing genomic information, the possible benefits of this are –

  1. People donating their genetic information will own it and enjoy special rights when it comes to utilizing it on the real field.
  2. Donors will have golden opportunity to make money selling their genomic data to the healthcare institutes, medical research institutes and even governments. There is no more need of involving third party to sequence their genetic contributions and sell to the end consumers.
  3. In exchange, medicine companies will use the information to boost their clinical trials and medicine production.
  4. Patients will now be able to collect data on their ancestry, plus lifestyle genetics and personal health.

Importance of blockchain

By now, you might have started thinking, everything sounds great, however why has it been so important for Shivom to integrate Blockchain? Wasn’t it possible for them to do whatever they have decided to do like a usual company?

This is, well, going to be great piece of example though. You will get to know how blockchain is actually a useful technology. All the genomic information that you develop and contribute will be stored in a completely safe zone, plus when it comes to distributing the data, your data is never intervened by any imposter. Blockchain is the most innovative, advanced secured method for implementing what is discussed above since it guarantees trustless authentication via smart contracts.

This is supposed to ensure the whole ecosystem of genomic data ownership, patients’ rights and integrity of the whole business process. If you are now looking forward to sharing your genomic information too, forget about the sharing with any third party. That would be an absolute conventional approach, plus you can’t make as much bucks as you can if shared on Shivom blockchain. Assuming you have chosen Shivom for this, you will be offered with a private key, which means only you can have an access to your genomic data. Therefore, there is no intervention, so no potential hacking risk. Blockchain provides complete security.

Shivom ICO – Dates and Details

This very platform is supposed to operate with the help of their proprietary crypto-tokens, known as OMIX. Having proprietary crypto-tokens means they have their own currency, which has value even in the real financial market, well of course on exchanging. Most of the blockchain companies do develop their own currency since this is a decentralized process, fiat currency seems to be not working within the ecosystem.

Shivom token

Hence, here’s how it is going to work for the users. First, there is going to be an ICO event, during which potential Shivom members will buy OMIX tokens. Well, buying this token does not only qualify you to become a platform member, it also makes you an equal bearer of this company’s all future profits. You get to become an integral part of the company along with a regular donor to the content of the platform. Below are some specific perks and benefits, OMIX tokens offer you –

  • Owning genomic sequencing kits
  • You get to sponsor your sequencing projects
  • You get to access fitness/health applications that are developed and stored by third parties
  • You get to access a whole genomic database
  • Donors are paid as they participate in the research outcomes

Below is the key information of ongoing Shivom pre-sale ICO

  • Token: OMX
  • Price: 1 ETH = 7000 OMX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Soft cap: 15,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 75,000 ETH
  • Country: Isle of Man
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas: USA

Make a note in bold that the pre-sale is ending in next 4 days.


The best way to participate in an ICO is through a reputed ICO list. The benefits of relying on ICO listing sites is that they even give you insights of the particular ICOs stats, and more importantly, they are in an immense way an ICO beginner’s Guide. Assuming you not handy with the Initial Coin Offering, you will always wonder about how to invest in ICO and what is the potential rate of success. Well, there are certain ways to find yourself a suitable ICO, by choosing how big and effective the project sounds or is it offering airdrop? Airdrop is an ICO practice, where free tokens are distributed to the participants, but through a certain task. The best ICOs to invest in recent times are though many, but you better be skeptical to take a smart pick for yourself.


    Axel has over 20 years of Research and Development leadership experience in genomics, epigenetics, biomarker discovery, Bio-IT, aging & longevity. He is the Author of the ‘Blockchain & Healthcare Strategy Guide’, the standard compendium for the healthcare industry. Axel translates scientific discoveries into practical applications to help understand, diagnose & treat complex disorders, but also to promote cutting-edge technologies that could transform precision medicine and the way we age. Axel is also a Member of the Blockchain Research Institute in Toronto. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from the University of Cologne.
    With a background in investment banking and wealth management, Gourish is an accomplished business leader, angel investor and social entrepreneur with a focus on performance, growth, and innovation. He drove 30m$+ revenue in his last venture into a highly competitive marketplace and has founded three successful companies in the digital health space. Through Project Shivom, Gourish combines his deep interest in this sector alongside advocacy for blockchain and distributed ledger technology that can make a transformational difference both for business and for wider society.
    Sally combines a depth of experience as a Chief Technology Officer, Practising Professor of FinTech and Global Strategic Advisor, consulting on the application of disruptive technologies for both business and societal benefits. She is an award-winning thought leader in innovation, digital transformation and emergent technology, notably blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally is an accomplished author with regular contributions to leading business, technology, and academic publications. She is an international keynote speaker and respected online influencer across multiple social media channels and consistently rated in the top 10 for blockchain and social media influence worldwide.
    Henry is a global executive with extensive venture capital, cross-border advisory, corporate finance and entrepreneur experiences. As an investor, he focuses on FinTech / blockchain and frontier technology investments and ventures based on his collective VC experiences to date as a partner at DraperDragon Fund, DFJ Dragon Fund, and DragonVenture, Inc. Henry is also an advisor to multiple blockchain / ICOs and tech startups in Silicon Valley; and also continues to serve as a mentor for accelerators & incubators worldwide. Additionally, Henry oversees the Global Chamber® San Francisco, a member organization focused on cross-border trade and investment opportunities, and also routinely lectures at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Henry began his career at Price Waterhouse LLP as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Later, he focused on sell-side M&A and other corporate finance transactions within the IT and consumer & industrial product sectors before transitioning to direct investments. Henry holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA and an MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business in Durham, NC.
    Akash is a blockchain entrepreneur. He founded India’s first blockchain company, Auxesis Group during his undergraduate studies at IIT Bombay. Auxesis today is counted among The Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company in the World. Akash also founded Blockchain Lab, India and is on the advisory board of hot Blockchain startup Cashaa, a zero fee money remittance company . He also sits on an advisory board to Entrepreneurship Club of MISB Bocconi. Before founding Auxesis, Akash was the manager of The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay which is India’s largest entrepreneurship promoting club. As a manager, he led a team of 120 volunteers to organize global level entrepreneurship programs and summits. He was also a core group member of Innovation Cell, IIT Bombay where the team successfully proposed a new model for India’s first self-driving car.

    As an experienced Director in 2 early stage health tech companies, Natalie is skilled in operations, business development, investor relations, and R&D. She holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, with a research focus on ophthalmology, inflammatory diseases, diagnostics and personalized medicine. Natalie further combines a breadth of experience with 8+ years of teaching at the University of Toronto & Trent University in Canada and holding multiple board, management & consulting roles in the non-profit sector.
    A Blockchain Enthusiast, Technology Imagineer and a Technical Advisor of Smart Government transformation at Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services - United Arab Emirates. A hybrid Profile of being a medical Consultant and an IT Specialist with huge passion for Information Technology, Cryptography, Post Quantum Cryptography and Blockchain Technology.Worked for several international agencies in United Nations and, NGOs and Government Agencies. Designing and implementing Smart Medical projects integrating Predictive AI and learning Algorithms, Big Data Analysis, IoT and most recently DLT Technology.
    A hustler who loves to challenge boundaries, an independent learner who is always excited about new technological developments happening around the world. Agam co-founded a funded startup in an IOT space. Agam wants to make a meaningful difference to the society through technology and help in the upliftment of the poor. With a certificate course in Entrepreneurship from Stanford, Agam has extensive experience in developing and implementing communication strategies across organizations.
    Charles has a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Alabama. He has been in technology for 20 years. One of the veterans from the internet boom era in the late 1990's. He has been in 4 startup companies, including the first high-speed Internet broadband cable modem company, Excite@Home, now Comcast network in the US. He has also worked in technology for financial companies like UBS Hong Kong, UBS Tokyo, JPMorgan Hong Kong, JPMorgan Tokyo, JPMorgan US and Citibank Tokyo. Charles has always had an interest in blockchain technology and experimented with bitcoin mining in 2011.
    With over 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing and SEO Industry, Ajit has handled various E-Commerce Sales and Product-based clients, including Fortune 500 companies. He is a resourceful and ambitious person who seeks challenges and growth by empowering organizations through SEO and Digital Marketing to drive results.


  • 1
    December, 2016
    Conceptualization healthcare ecosystem initiated.
  • 2
    August, 2017
    Seed round of $250k finished.
  • 3
    October, 2017
    Start of global roadshow.
  • 4
    March, 2018
    Whitepaper released.
  • 5
    April, 2018
    OmiX token sale starts.
  • 6
    Q1-Q2 2018
    Shivom foundation established. Foundation director and first steering committee members on board.
  • 7
    Q1, 2018
    Partnership major crypto vc.
  • 8
    April, 2018
    Partnership medical center. Collaboration with first of many large clinical centers.Project gaia started. Sequencing project in rural India commenced. Platform alpha release.
  • 9
    Q2, 2018
    Partnership major data analytics firm. Co -development to connect Shivom platform with stat-of-the art data analytics pipeline. Pharma partner on board. Collaboration with Top 25 pharmaceutical company.
  • 10
    Q2-Q3, 2018
    Web marketplace open.
  • 11
    Q3-Q4, 2018
    Formation R&D unit. Official start of global not-forprofit pharmaceutical spin-of. Worldwide rollout of Shivom platform. Shivom services are available on a global scale on all continents.
  • 12
    Q4, 2018
    First rare- disease subset. Set of large group of people sequenced with rare disease. First genomics service unit opens. First genomics counseling service unit opens.
  • 13
    Q4 2018 - Q1 2019
    Multi-omics integration. A.I. platform. Implementation of artificial intelligence, deep learning platform.

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