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Red Lanterns (REDL) ICO Review – ICO Token News

In this modern era we use the internet for searching every piece of information or data. However, you need to put in extra effort to filter the mass of information and find what you exactly looking for especially on those topics which remain more sensitive in society. Sex and sexual education is one such topic.

This is why Red Lanterns or RL has decided to develop an online service that educates people on sex and eliminates the gap of sexual education. With the help of RL, users can connect with sex experts and experts can also find their clients. Users can set their personal preferences on the app to find an expert or content according to their request, geo-location and mental characteristics.

All about Red Lantern

Red Lanterns (RL) is an online service designed with the aim of helping people by providing them with sexual education. Getting quality information about sex and sexual relationships is difficult to find even on the internet. People are still facing problems in finding answers to their specific sexual issues or on ways to improve their relationships. The available information is not appropriate to answer all the questions and people are not sure about the reliability of the answers they have received.


Red Lantern offers a free mobile application where they can find reliable sexual experts who can help them in resolving all their issues by providing sex education. The app is available on Google Play and the App store so that anyone can download it from anywhere around the world.

During the development of the RL service, the team has faced numbers of difficulties related to raising the level of sex education such as:

  • Problems in finding qualified experts.
  • A low level of privacy while using existing online service.
  • A lack of clear provision for rules of services.
  • Lack of guarantee, transparency in mutual settlements.
  • High Commission

They have therefore decided to use advanced blockchain technology similar to Celsius, BunnyToken, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS, for the development of RL services and introduce REDL crypto token to provide an easy and secure payment method. To implement this idea, Red Lanterns bring its product to an ICO token to attract the investors, application users, and experts for the development of the project.

The RL project team believes that sexual literacy needs to be addressed according to a person’s individual approach and effective solution which can be provided only by experienced experts. The experts have extensive years of experience in the field of sexology and psychology of relationships through which they can help individuals by educating them in the right way. By designing RL services, the company wants to educate every person in the world with expert opinions and advice.  in addition, they are also developing a platform to help the Community of Experts and those people who really need qualified coaching answers related to sexual literacy.

What is the RL mobile application?

The Red Lanterns team has already launched its RL mobile application to resolve the problem of sexual literacy. The users can easily register and anonymously join this community as a user or an expert. The ecosystem is divided into different participants:


The users can easily install the RL application on their mobile. After registering, they can indicate their personal preferences on the app. The app will help them to find experts or content according to their requests and parameters as well as geographical location.



A person who installed RL application as an expert in the field of sexual literacy needs to indicate his specialization, professional skills, geographical location and willingness to provide consulting services. The experts are allowed to decide their cost of consultations and become available to users who are searching for services. Experts can also publish paid or free content in the form of articles.

The RL mobile application plays a vital in providing sexual education to the world by developing a trust-based relationship among the community members. To establish direct interaction between experts and users, RL service implements traditional functions of modern messengers like chatting and video calls.

Red Lantern services

RL platform is designed to support and develop the community. The participants can interact with this platform by using mobile application.

What problems is Red Lanterns resolving?

The main aim of developing RL services is to eliminate the different causes of sexual illiteracy that include:

  • Lack of opportunity to get basic sex education and skills.
  • Lack of sex literacy among authors of educational content available on the internet and in the media.
  • Problem in seeking knowledgeable experts with skills and abilities to provide expert sex education.
  • Silence and social control on topics of sexual development.
  • Distortion of sex education topics by internet and media content.

The RL project gives priority to resolving these complex issues of society that result from a low level of sex education in the world. Their focus is on eliminating two major problems of the society that include a low level of quality in human life and unstable families.


ICO Details

  • Start date : February 14, 2018
  • End date : April 15, 2018
  • Tokens amount : 12,750,000 REDL
  • Token : REDL, ERC20 standard
  • Soft cap : USD1500,000
  • Hard cap : USD10,000,000
  • Accepted currencies : BTC, DASH, ETC, ZEC, EUR, LTC
  • Token Price : 1REDL=USD1


  • Nikolay Zirchyk,


Red Lantern is providing an educational platform where individuals can easily receive answers to their sex-related questions. The RL ecosystem allows users to gain knowledge directly from the experts. Now, the company has launched its ICO (similar to ArmPack, THEKEY,  TrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2Live) for the development of its product and expanding the numbers of participants in the application as well as the project team. The community members can directly participate in the ICO and give their contribution in project development.

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  • Nikolay Zirchyk
    Nikolay Zirchyk
    Nikolay Zirchyk
  • Dirk Hooper
    Dirk Hooper
    Dirk Hooper
  • Angelica Gabrell
    Angelica Gabrell
    Angelica Gabrell
  • Stan Tratsevsky
    Stan Tratsevsky
    Stan Tratsevsky
  • Artem Afian
    Artem Afian
    Artem Afian
  • Ksenya Praym
    Ksenya Praym
    Ksenya Praym


  • 1
    Concept development

    Market and branch insights research . Making a decision on the project launching. Business strategy development
  • 2
    Product development

    Private investments. Start of development of the platform for Red Lanterns mobile app
  • 3
    Product tests

    Mobile app Red Lanterns beta-version launching. Engaging of the first community members
  • 4
    Attraction of investments from Fintech Foundation fund. Mobile app Red Lanterns beta-version 2.1 launching
  • 5
    White Paper development. Smart-contract creation. Attraction of projects consultants, legal services. Marketing. Mobile app Red Lanterns beta-version 2.2 launching
  • 6

    Going to ICO
    Pre-sale, ICO
  • 7
    Integration of Ethereum blockchain and REDL tokens in RL platform and mobile app
  • 8
    Integration with crypto-exchanges
  • 9
    Launching the web version of the application. Marketplace launching for sale of users’ educational content

  • 10
    Implementation of augmented reality to increase the level of confidentiality and service attractiveness (interactive elements
  • 11
    Chat-bot platform launching, creation of personal assistances, start artificial intelligence training
  • 12
    Launching of artificial intelligence platform

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