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PORNX (PORNX) ICO Review – ICO Token News


We are the PORNX Project team, adore what we do and sincerely believe in the success of our project. Our team consists of experienced financiers, developers of blockchain-protocols, SMM professionals, traders because of what we like competing and impetuous people. That’s why we have developed an innovative blockchain platform for online payment of cryptocurrency porn content all over the world. Currently, payment by cryptocurrency has a poor implementation. The first reason for poor implementation is the recording of each transaction in the blockchain system and the long time the transactions are confirmed by the miners. Another reason is the weak network bandwidth is complex and on the kernel level. There are only a few pieces of payment solutions online payment cryptocurrency simple purchases on the Internet, even at the project level. With regard to paying for pornographic content, there is no worthy solution in the world at all.


The PORNX Project platform is a payment platform that provides users of pornographic resources with an online payment tool for any paid services that work through a decentralized blockchain technology and a smart contract.

Features of tools:

  1. Currency for payment on porn sites – The currency will be called PORNX – this is a registered trademark. The rights belong to our company X-Wall LTD.
  2. Mobile app for purchases via QR code – The mobile application will be compatible with Google Market and the Apple Store. The application is designed with the ability to store 15 popular currencies, later this figure will be more than 100 currencies.
  3. Payment system X-Q Pay – for payment using cryptocurrency on porn sites. The payment system will automatically be implemented on the site as a plug-in. The plugin will have a QR code for payment using cryptocurrency. The QR code will have the compatibility of all popular wallets, including our own X-Wall Wallet application.

Why use Pornx for Payment

PORNX is a cryptocurrency that is designed to pay for pornographic content for adults, as well as other payments within the framework of pornography. PORNX is a porn token around which an entire ecosystem is built, and it ensures its success. No other platform can now boast of such flexibility and freedom of choice. At the moment there is no single currency to pay for pornographic content that would be accepted all over the world. This is due to the limited legislative systems of different countries and the complexity of legal registration.

Modern technology PORNX allows you to forget about these problems and makes it possible to pay for purchases not only for residents of one country but for the population of the whole Earth, regardless of where it is located and under what jurisdiction it lives, what citizenship it and other bureaucracy.

Porn industry needs cryptocurrency

Porn industry needs cryptocurrency – as additional profit. Porn will help the cryptocurrency – develop. There are 380 million users are interested in the porn industry in a day. This is the statistics of 6 search engines around the world. Porn content means paying for subscriptions for viewing. As a way of payment, these are popular digital currencies applied here. If ordinary users are not acquainted with the sphere of the blockchain, their level of interest in it will rise and they will invest the minimum amount in development, the whole sphere of the blockchain will win and increase the capitalization. Including the cost of popular coins. This is understandable. Why is the porn industry supposed to need the cryptocurrency as a payment tool?  We have 36 million users of cryptocurrency and a market volume of 700 billion US dollars. If you divide the market volume by the total number of users, then each user has slightly more than 20’000 US dollars.

Crowd Investing

Your investors first invest their investments in the project. In the future, when the project is implemented, the token begins to use your coins within the project. If they are interested, they will tell their friends. It will gain more user demand by advertising a porn token among friends. The token will start to rise in price. Plus in crowd investing – those investors are your users. They give feedback on the quality of the work. Identify errors and bugs in the process of the project. They make proposals for the development of the project. Offer new directions. This is direct contact with investors for developers, which makes it possible to understand the needs of users. It is an opportunity for investors, to see project managers, and to look at the project being invested without the “dark curtain” of any Start-up project.


1 PORNX token will be equal up 0.4 to 1.5 USD – at the time of sale on PreSale and Token Sale. In future, the rate will only grow. We plan to multiply the time of the project’s launch in production by 50 times, as according to the examples of similar projects this is the shortest period. You can pay 1 coin in total for the weekly subscription. 340 000 000 tokens will not be superfluous and will scatter over all resources y will circulate between sites and users. The market has a high liquidity. A large number of people are interested in cryptocurrency, invests in ICO. People want to become investors and make money on their investments. They want to take participation in the interesting projects and do want to invest in more popular ones. We do believe that porno-token will certainly be very interesting and popular. In the ICO process, all PORNX were distributed by the market. Investors who invested money want to be rewarded for investing in the project at an early stage. This reward will be due to interest in the project and purchasing power in the secondary market after the project is released to the stock exchanges. In the process of working on the project – PORNX tokens will be traded on the market, in the format of standard exchange trading. When the project is launched, all tokens will be linked into a single chain in the Lightning Network payment system. With the development of the project and the replication of the PORNX project, the demand among ordinary users will increase and attract additional money to the cryptocurrency. This will spur the growth of the PORNX project and, in general, the cryptocurrency.  To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Martin Benson
    Martin Benson
    Martin Benson
    CEO, CTO, Co-Founder
  • Damian Lerner
    Damian Lerner
    Damian Lerner
    COO, CFO, Co-Founder
  • Katrin Markhel
    Katrin Markhel
    Katrin Markhel
  • Chulwoo Hong
    Chulwoo Hong
    Chulwoo Hong
    Blockchain Developer
  • Colleen Rees
    Colleen Rees
    Colleen Rees
    Core Developer
  • Edward Salisburry
    Edward Salisburry
    Edward Salisburry
    Product Manager
  • David Goldfein
    David Goldfein
    David Goldfein
  • Jisun Lee
    Jisun Lee
    Jisun Lee


  • 1
    April—May, 2018
    Release X-Wall Wallet mobile app on Google Market and Apple Store
  • 2
    May—June, 2018
    Active trading PORNX tokens to 3 digital exchange platform.
  • 3
    June, 2018
    Continuation of technical innovation actions for the development nodes running on mainnet of the X-Q payment system, in the Lightning Network.
  • 4
    July — August, 2018
    Development of the technical part of the payment system based on the Lightning network. Realised of a protocol based on off-chain solutions.
  • 5
    September, 2018
    Development of the technical part of the payment system based on the Lightning network. Realised of a protocol based on off-chain solutions.

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