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Pigzbe (WLO) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Our goal is to help children and their families learn the principles of 21st-century finance through cryptocurrency savings and hands-on play.   Financial literacy will be an important 21st-century skill, and finding ways to introduce earning, saving and managing money principles at a young age will help children begin to develop these necessary skills.  Pigzbe is a part physical and part digital piggy-wallet for children aged 6 and up,  powered by Wollo, your child’s first cryptocurrency.

Think of Pigzbe as a friendly,  tangible financial assistant that will teach children the principles of modern money in  an exciting and safe system that harnesses children’s natural drive to learn through self-correcting, practical experimentation.   Wollo is Pigzbe’s native token, and when used with the Pigzbe digital wallet and a physical device, provides an effective, age-appropriate learning experience for children, while enabling families to come together as microfinancing networks.

What is Pigzbe? 

Pigzbe is a decentralised application that allows people to create their own enclosed, autonomous financial networks and to exchange money within them.   Decentralisation means that no central authority is needed for operation. Anybody can participate and the degree of decentralisation increases as the number of  independent participants grows.  The complexity of linking existing banking systems causes delays and inefficiencies which increase costs to a level that limits practical minimum transaction sizes.

By employing distributed ledger technology, we circumvent the current convoluted,  centralised global payment infrastructure, creating efficient and trustless networks.  The back-end code that powers the DApp runs autonomously on the decentralised network, rather than on centralised networks such as cloud hosting. The DApp builds on the core technology through Smart Contracts and User Interfaces in order to provide some utility.


The solution is Pigzbe, a connected physical and digital piggy-wallet, supported by  Wollo, a decentralised cryptocurrency for families and children aged 6 and up.   Enabled by Wollo, the Pigzbe experience (Token + App + Hardware) is designed to replace physical money normally stored in a traditional piggy-bank with a digital alternative that caters to modern globalised families while maintaining all of the important kinesthetic benefits of learning through hands-on play.

We’re reinventing the piggy-bank by transforming it into a piggy-wallet. Think of  Pigzbe as a tool to support parents in teaching children the principles of earning,  saving and managing money in an exciting and non-threatening way, while providing them with an entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Wollo Utility Token (WLO) 

Wollo is the Pigzbe network’s native token, and it enables the saving and playing experience within our application. A  specific community can be built around Wollo, connecting children with family and loved ones.   Wollo ownership fosters and reinforces a higher level of affinity with the Pigzbe application and significantly increases the strength of network effects, promoting  user growth and loyalty.  Generating our own token ensures Pigzbe users are the ones in charge.

Following acceptance from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Wollo is  planned to distribute part of its decision-making process in the project amongst the community of users. Holding Wollo would then entitle users to suggest and vote on proposals for the project development roadmap, helping make decisions on which new features to implement or discard.  Supplying our own token also allows for the development of strong network schemes  that promote dissemination and sale of Pigzbe devices, the proliferation of family networks, and the use of Wollo.

Trading Wollo  

A secondary market will allow users to buy and sell tokens without having to go through credit cards or other banking institutions. Wollo tokens will be tradable on the  SDEX decentralised exchange. SDEX is a distributed exchange, built on distributed ledger technology, providing transparency and safety not possible with privately controlled centralised exchanges.  It will be possible to exchange Wollo with an ever-growing list of currencies through  SDEX.

Digital currencies, including BTC and ETH, are supported along with fiat currencies such as JPY and EUR. An increasingly wide range of digital and fiat currencies will be supported as the network expands.   Pigzbe will pursue and fund listings for Wollo on established, reputable exchanges across the world. This will serve the dual purpose of increasing liquidity and raising the profile of Wollo ICO tokens.

The App 

The Pigzbe app is built using modern open-source technologies. All code is developed in public view in our GitHub repository and, as such, is open to public audit and contributions.   The use of the React Native framework for iOS and Android apps and Electron for  MacOS and Windows versions means there will be one core codebase across all platforms, helping to ensure both the security and consistency of the experience.  Releases will be certified and published through the relevant app stores for each platform, ensuring integrity and easy access to updates.

The front-end of the Pigzbe app comprises the Pigzbe hardware wallet and mobile and desktop apps through which users can perform all actions. The app provides a  view of the state of the family’s network and tools to mutate that state via transactions and smart contracts.

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  • Filippo Yacob
    Filippo Yacob
    Filippo Yacob
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Forbes 30 Under 30 2017 Alumni, co founder of Primo Toys and creator of Red Dot Award Winning and Montessori approved Cubetto, a coding toy sold in 100+ countries.

  • Adam Amos
    Adam Amos
    Adam Amos
    Founder & Chief Operating Officer
    10+ years across operations, design, strategy and innovation. Adam has led teams at Native Design and Method Inc, working for companies such as Bowers & Wilkins, The Economist and VEON.

  • Jon Marshall
    Jon Marshall
    Jon Marshall
    Founder & Chief Experience Officer
    Designer who has worked on some of the world's most innovative connected products like the Kano Computer, the Kano Pixel Kit, and the SAM Labs IOT system. Jon is also a partner at Pentagram Design.

  • Cat Le-Huy
    Cat Le-Huy
    Cat Le-Huy
    Chief Technology Officer
    Experienced technology executive. Previously Head of Technology at Finalogic, Tribe & Sapient, and as an engineer at ABN Amro and Betfair.

  • Hugo Shelley
    Hugo Shelley
    Hugo Shelley
    Founder & Head of Hardware Engineering
    Experienced engineer. Previously developer of hardware and firmware for some of the world’s most exciting projects, including those for NASA, Google and Primo.

  • John Galpin
    John Galpin
    John Galpin
    Founder & Head of Marketing
    Brand & digital strategist with 20+ years of enabling growth for scale-up businesses. John is also co-founder of award-winning agency Structure.
  • Matt Irvine Brown
    Matt Irvine Brown
    Matt Irvine Brown
    Interaction Design Lead
    Interaction designer, game developer and prototyper. Previously Matt spent 4 years at Apple in the experimental human interface design department.

  • Ian McGregor
    Ian McGregor
    Ian McGregor
    Head of Software Development
    A full stack developer with over 20 years experience leading development teams on high-profile projects for Google, Nike and Pokemon Go.
  • Daniel Diggle
    Daniel Diggle
    Daniel Diggle
    Digital Product Design Lead
    A multi-disciplinary creative covering design, animation and game development. Has worked with Google, Adidas, Chanel and more, crafting digital products.

  • Rhea Conway
    Rhea Conway
    Rhea Conway
    Head of Media & Communications
    An experienced marketing professional Rhea has worked for scale-up businesses in Xavier Niel's and Accel Partners portfolios and global businesses including Dell EMC and Fidessa.
  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams
    Richard Williams
    Founder and Head Commercial Strategy
    Digital Banking Strategy and Innovation specialist with 10+ years experience supporting blue-chip businesses and start-ups including Visa, Barclaycard, RBS and PayPal.
  • Phillip Nunn
    Phillip Nunn
    Phillip Nunn
    Commercial Advisor
    Founder and CEO of The Blackmore Group, a multi-asset investment house. Phillip is also a well-known, online influencer in the blockchain and crypto space has advised multiple successful ICOs.


  • 1
    Concept development
    Q3 - Q4 2017
    Problem and solution for a 21st century piggy bank signed off.
  • 2
    Pigzbe Ltd registration
    January 2018
    Team assembled. Development operations officially begin in London.
  • 3
    Design & development
    February - March 2018
    First prototypes produced in the United Kingdom to validate design.
  • 4
    Pigzbe SA registered
    April 2018
    Swiss company registered in Chiasso, Ticino as commercial HQ.
  • 5
    Website and whitepaper released
    April 2018
    Wollo token whitepaper and website released to public
  • 6
    DFM completion
    April - May 2018
    BOM lockdown and supply chain set-up process begins.
  • 7
    Manufacturing ramp up
    June - December 2018
    Ramp up to mass manufacturing through EVT and DVT runs.
  • 8
    Game development
    July - December 2018
    Continuous game development/testing released iteratively
  • 9
    Pigzbe beta app released
    August 2018
    Pigzbe mobile application and game released to the public.
  • 10
    Public token sale
    September 2018
    Wollo public launch, crowd-sale and token distribution.
  • 11
    Exchange listing
    October 2018
    Wollo token made tradable through key exchanges globally.

  • 12
    Device certification
    Jan – March 2019
    Device tested & certified ahead of distribution to launch regions.
  • 13
    ICO units delivery
    April - June 2019
    All ICO purchases and pre-sale units are shipped to the public.
  • 14
    Retail launch (UK, JP)
    Q3 - Q4 2019
    Official product launch through selected retailers for first season.
  • 15
    Global expansion (US, KR)
    Operation scale-up and localisation to additional regions

  • 16
    New products & features
    New products and services added to Pigzbe ecosystem

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