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PEP Network (PEP) ICO Review – ICO Token News


PEP Network brings a new standard to this industry, transforms the existing business model to be more powerful, transparent and enables fast scalability across different markets. By combining of our innovation with power of Blockchain, AI and Distributed Rendering, PEP Network will bring the Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Farmers together to revolutionize the Personalized Content Economy.

PEP Network offers visually rich, emotionally engaging and runtime personalizable content which pushes the industry forward to a new form of expressive content. With PEP Network, communications inside WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, SnapChat etc. can get more personalized, creative and fun. Designed for 3D experiences, PEP Network will bring new meaning to interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. For businesses and brands where emotional engagement matters the most, PEP Network content as Digital Ads, Branded Content & Mascots will drive high engagement and conversions in their marketing campaigns.

Market Overview

From tattoo trends to personalized photo filters are indulgences for people for self expression and customization. Platforms have emerged in messaging and social media that intelligently integrates emoji, stickers, and GIFs to enrich conversations. These content are seen as monetization models for messaging and social media platforms. Line Apps $240M sale from stickers and SnapChat and Bitmoji acquisition for $100M established the market potential for this kind of content. Leading brands also pour in their money for Branded stickers to be used inside social media. According to this article stickers are worth $10Billion and if we include all top messaging and social media giants, we believe this market is worth more than $10 Billion Dollars. Today most popular content are emojis, stickers, avatars, filters and lenses. Users spend to buy these virtual assets for their daily digital life.

There will be 6 Billion users by 2020 using Messaging, Keyboards, Camera apps where expressiveness is a key user need and its expected to be $250 billion dollars. With invent of Camera as a tool for expressiveness, AR will revolutionize the self expression content going beyond AR Lenses. The global AR market will be worth more than $165 billion by 2024. Roughly 15% of revenue from Social Media & In App purchases. As chatbots are figuring out their adoption model for business and users, the problems of engagement and personality remained to un solved Chatbot market size is estimated to grow to $3 billion by 2021. As digital ad marketing ROI is slowing down, there is a need for new way to convey the brand value and message. Banner Ads market size is $30 billion and content based marketing has shown some promises for better conversion.

PEP Network Ecosystem

The first decentralized ecosystem for personalized expressive content trading on distributed rendering network. A community friendly and trustless personalized content exchange among participants achieved by blockchain technology, which allows

  1. Content ownership and copyright to creators
  2. Runtime personalization of content by consumers
  3. Facilitates custom apps to integrate and access content marketplace for developers
  4. Distributed rendering capability utilizing idle CPUs and GPUs for Render Farmers thereby ensuring fair allocation of remuneration for all participants.

The purpose of PEP Network ecosystem is to facilitate participants to create, copyright, manage and distribute personalized self expressive content. Participants use the services/ tools provided by this ecosystem to express themselves and also to create personalized content. To do so, they need to subscribe to use services and the payment for the same would using PEP ICO token.

Copyright Protection

The Ecosystem should ensure that the content creator copyrights are respected. For this purpose all content transaction details including copyrights for content would be recorded on blockchain as its immutable. As part of copyright assurance to the creator, each content uploaded would be assigned a unique identifier (UID) based on crc and hash value. Along with the unique identifier, content creator details would also be recorded on the blockchain. A smart contract would be executed to submit the details on the blockchain. The ecosystem ensures that the content belonging to its author/creator would not be transacted by any other person and that copyright infringement is blocked. All payment transactions that happen on the unique identifier is guaranteed to be propagated to the appropriate author of the content. During any transaction of content exchange or content upload, the ecosystem verifies the copyrights to prevent misuse of content. For each transaction, verification happens in which the seller is checked against the UID to ensure that improper sale does not happen.

PEP Token

PEP Network introduces a self sustaining and lucrative economic model to trade customizable content. A new cryptocurrency “PEP Tokens” at the core of this distributed digital economy is designed to drive the value exchange across the ecosystem. PEP tokens are new way to earn and spend based on personalizable and self expressive content. PEP tokens can be earned and spent by all the participants of ecosystem. PEP tokens hold value across all the digital services within the ecosystem thus enhancing the economic possibilities for a real-world value. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Udayakumar Kadirvel
    Udayakumar Kadirvel
    Udayakumar Kadirvel
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Siddhartha Vinnakote
    Siddhartha Vinnakote
    Siddhartha Vinnakote
    CTO & Co-Founder
  • Sujith kumar C R
    Sujith kumar C R
    Sujith kumar C R
    Chief Strategist & Co-Founder
  • Subrhmanyam A S
    Subrhmanyam A S
    Subrhmanyam A S
    CPO & Co-Founder
  • Rakesh Nanda
    Rakesh Nanda
    Rakesh Nanda
    Creative Director
  • Govind Malehithlu
    Govind Malehithlu
    Govind Malehithlu
    COO & CBDO
  • Palanikumar Thangapandian
    Palanikumar Thangapandian
    Palanikumar Thangapandian
    Cloud Expert & Blockchain Beginner
  • Sanjeeth Boloor
    Sanjeeth Boloor
    Sanjeeth Boloor
    Head of Marketing


  • 1
    Founded Mobigraph Inc (jul 2015). Launched Qugo (Jun 2016).
  • 2
    Launched Xpresso (Jan). Chrome Plugins, Telegram Bot (Jun). 1 AR Partner Signed,400k Users (Nov).
  • 3
    ICO Token Presale(Apr). ICO Token Sale end, Wallet Integration
    Xpresso, API to developers - 500k Users (Jun). 1 keyboard partner, Content Studio, 2m users (Sep).
  • 4
    2 Messaging, Keyboard Apps, Bot-Studio, 16M users (Jan). Render Farming, ad-studio, 25M users (Jun). Photo-Avatar,50M Users (Sep).
  • 5
    Content Re-sell, Render Farming Mobile, 100M Users (Jan).

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