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Payperblock (PAYB) ICO Review – ICO Token News



PAYPERBLOCK is a blockchain-based freelancer platform, which is owned and operated by Payperblock Ltd and is used to connect professionals and jobs. The primary customer pool for the company includes freelancers who are blockchain experts and organizations. The freelancer-base for the Payperblock includes blockchain experts who are skilled and active across different field of business and a variety of industries such as contract developers, software engineer, website developers, 3D mockup artists, writers, digital marketing personnel and remote assistants. The business will start from Finland and will later expand to other countries as the business model allows expansion to global business market. The company headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland, as the city is rich in terms of talent and resources for the technology industry.

Turning The Freelancing Platform Into A Distributed Network

From our careful review of the freelancing industry, we found that many of the issues that both clients and freelancers face are due to the centralized authority aspect of the freelancing platform. Being a centralized organization limits the potential of a freelancing network as all decisions come down to the choices of a single individual or a small team which may or may not compare to the choices made by the majority of freelancers.

At PAYPERBLOCK, the structure of the marketplace operations is intentionally kept as autonomously distributed. The system approach for PAYPERBLOCK is designed to operate in a way that is practical, futuristic and self-regulatory. Instead of opting for a single authority group in the company structure, the decision and policy-making powers within the freelancing platform will remain with a large group of token holders. In this approach, fairness in decisions and dispute resolution systems is increased significantly for the users of the freelancing platform.

Freelancing Is The Future Of The Convenient Employment

The freelancing industry has grown out of the niche market segment in the employment industry to become one of the most contributing employment segment. At present, freelancers account for more than one-third of the total workforce in the United States. As for the European Union region, the freelancing statistic is at 16.1% and constantly growing. The growing trend of freelancing indicates that both business organizations and creative employees are using freelancing as their preferred way of getting work done. For business organizations, freelancing allows finding the right talent to get their work done cost-efficiently and in a reliable manner and at the most reasonable price.

For freelancers, the freelancing industry provides an effective way of getting paid for their task in a flexible and self-controlled manner. One of the most advantageous factors that help the freelancing industry become bigger is its improved infrastructure. It instantly provides global access to countless talented freelancers who are available to take on work quickly. Businesses do not need to go through a lengthy process of recruitment for their tasks, hire freelancers for short or long term, or check references and past reviews of the freelancers.

Company Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

The business model of Payperblock is based on the Ethereum blockchain for communication and transfer of all transactions. In addition to the blockchain method of operations, the whole organizational structure is intentionally kept distributed to ensure that both clients and freelancers get fair treatment. The unique and superior business model of Payperblock is very robust and is very likely to gain attention and trust of both clients and freelancers due to its USPs that are unmatched in the whole freelancing industry. These USPs include:

  1. Lowest fees in the industry: for all our clients on Payperblock, there is a provision of 1% fee if they are using PayB coins for payment. Even if clients use Bitcoin currency, fees will go up only to 2%, which is significantly lower than with any rival company.
  2. Decentralized authority: the company policies are not decided by a single authority team, but instead, all policy decisions are taken in a voting process among all the token holders of the organization, which is a large and diverse group of people.
  3. Guaranteed payment: Payperblock adopts a vigorous process to ensure that freelancers never have to worry about getting paid. For every project, the agreed-upon amount is instantly frozen on the Ethereum account of the client and is released to the freelancer upon completion of the project. If there is any dispute, the resolution is performed by a diverse group of ICO token holders who review the case and provide a fair resolution.
  4. Enhanced and fair dispute resolution process: both the clients and freelancers working on Payperblock have access to a distributed dispute resolution process. The resolution may refer to a dispute on the quality of the work performed by a freelancer, a dispute on payment, or the issue of an unreasonable or unjustifiable negative review for a project.
  5. Dispute elimination method: We will implement a method that will considerably diminish the occurrence of disputes altogether. We will set up a robust management system that both parties can monitor for a solid workflow that will lead to a successful project.

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  • Adeolu Osho
    Adeolu Osho
    Adeolu Osho
    Experienced Blockchain Expert with a demonstrated history of working in diverse business industries. Over eight years work experience in entrepreneurship.
  • Jani Kaipainen
    Jani Kaipainen
    Jani Kaipainen
    Operations Manager
    An open-minded person with exceptionally good understanding of technology, business development, strategy, gamification and team leadership. Blockchain enthusiast.
  • Jaakko Asikainen
    Jaakko Asikainen
    Jaakko Asikainen
    Development Lead
    Very experienced leading complex software development projects for corporations like Microsoft and Nokia. Recent years he has been leading VR and gaming projects.
  • Mukti Paudel
    Mukti Paudel
    Mukti Paudel
    FrontEnd / BackEnd
    Highly skilled Front End Developer with solid coding skills.
  • Juha Leskinen
    Juha Leskinen
    Juha Leskinen
    Experienced Full Stack JavaScript developer.
  • Ilkka Koiste
    Ilkka Koiste
    Ilkka Koiste
    Server / Web
    Experienced Full Stack JavaScript developer.
  • Susana Marquinez
    Susana Marquinez
    Susana Marquinez
    Creative 2D/3D artist and video producer. Over 6 years working experience on design in marketing and recreation. Audiovisual communication graduate and enthusiast of digital marketing.
  • Salla Rahja
    Salla Rahja
    Salla Rahja
    Lead Designer
    Over ten years of global experience in marketing and visual communication at Polar Electro. Now Salla is in charge of Payperblocks webdesign, user experience and marketing communication.
  • Samuel Kuosmanen
    Samuel Kuosmanen
    Samuel Kuosmanen
    Team Lead
    Long experience of business management and development. Very familiar with cultural diversity and freelancing business. Fascinated by the opportunities of blockchain. Also involved with mining business.
  • Forhadul Islam
    Forhadul Islam
    Forhadul Islam
    Full Stack Developer
    A humble programmer with a curious mind who loves to code. Currently focused on Blockchain technology.
  • Tobore Itoje
    Tobore Itoje
    Tobore Itoje
    Marketing Manager
    Experienced Business Developer and Marketing Professional with a business driven attitude. Over two years of cryptocurrency trading experience.
  • Jan-Markus Mört
    Jan-Markus Mört
    Jan-Markus Mört
    UI/UX Designer, FrontEnd
    Has been working as web designer/developer since puberty hit. Nowadays also involved with several projects as UI/UX designer and advisor.


  • 1
    November 2017
    MVP platform. The team went further to design the architecture of the platform based on the need at hand, in solving urgent challenges in the freelance industry The team went further to design the architecture of the platform based on the need at hand, in solving urgent challenges in the freelance industry.
  • 2
    August 2018
    Our presale is opened to our accredited investors only.
  • 3
    September 2018

    The ICO is opened to the public with an individual cap of 1,000,000 tokens.
  • 4
    September 2018
    Listing on Exchange.
    SEP 18Major exchanges would be negotiated with at this point and we shall be listed when all process is completed.
  • 5
    November 2018
    Alpha Version.The pre-release early version will represent part of our dedicated testing process, it will give users a feeling of how the platform would eventually look like, with few functionalities.
  • 6
    December 2018
    Beta Version.
    DEC 18At this stage, we should be able to have the full functioning version of the platform with essential features that will help the operation on the platform be more friendly, convenient and easy to use.Marketing Campaign.

    Our marketing team will intensify their campaign across Europe and Asia, in order to achieve our set goals for the year
  • 7
    February 2019
    Token Swap to PAYB.

    All PayB token holders are able to swap their ERC20 PayB tokens to PayB coins on our own blockchain.PayB Blockchain.

    Public PayB decentralize blockchain technology will be published for peer to peer contracts.

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