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OSA Decentralized (OSA) ICO Review – ICO Token News


OSA Decentralized (OSA DC) is the world’s first decentralized AI-driven marketplace providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers. OSA is a successful existing business established in 2015. We provide services for world leading consumer product retail and manufacturers, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, JTI, Mars, L’Oreal, Metro Cash & Carry, and many others. After two years of development in close partnership with ECR organization that unites more than 70 leading manufacturers and retailers, we developed proof of concept in 2016, and as of 2017 deployed OSA Hybrid Platform (OSA HP) – Big Data platform powered by AI that manages products optimal shelf availability in retail stores in real time. Optimal shelf availability is the biggest problem in global consumer retail, costing manufacturers and retailers 400 billion dollars in lost sales per year. It is caused by business processes’ inefficiencies along the supply chain and in the retail stores. OSA HP integrates with the big data systems of the participating retail chains and then combines optical recognition and machine learning technologies to issue alerts to the in-store staff each time our algorithms discover there might be a problem with optimal shelf availability of the products being distributed by our clients. OSA DC will encourage consumers to generate and share valuable consumer data that will guide manufacturers and retailers to produce better products and improve business processes to deliver better services. Consumers will be rewarded by OSA Coins for generated data and will have wide range of possibilities to use OSA Coins, including purchase of consumer products. The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Data Providers

Some key determinants of supply chain and product demand disruptors include weather, deviant prices, promotions, popular events nearby, etc. For instance, summer months come with a spike in water and beer consumption, and product promotions can influence consumers to buy product X over product Y. OSA Hybrid Platform (OSA HP) already pools consumer data from around 100 open data sources to forecast these purchasing factors. OSA DC will similarly get the data from multiple open sources or from partners, depending on the individual objective (be they a retailer, a manufacturer, or a research firm). In this vein, we invite data providers to become an OSA DC partner and monetize their data in a decentralized, fair manner.

Our Current Traction and Achievements

Within only two months of launching the OSA Hybrid Platform, we signed $2.5 million worth of service agreements. The OSA Hybrid Platform is currently integrated with almost 2,500 shops and is on track to expand to 28,000 retail stores in Russia alone by the end of 2019, and we have also started collaborating with 7 of the 15 largest retailers in Russia. Eleven consumer goods manufacturers already use the OSA Hybrid Platform, and their combined market share of the retail industry is roughly 30%. These clients aside, there are 26 more in the contract finalization stage. Leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers such as Coca-Cola, PesiCo, Mars, DANONE, SunInBev, L’Oreal, JTI, METRO, Efes, Magnit and many others have started using OSA HP. We are finalizing negotiations with Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever, Diageo, Mondelez, P&G, and others.

Setting Up and Agreeing to the Pilot Project KPIs

After the client’s technical team and we agree on data sources, routes and access credentials, it is time for the pilot test. The ultimate purpose of the pilot is demonstration of our system and its key features to the decision makers on the client’s side and enabling organizational knowledge formation by the client’s execution team. Before they fully launch our platform, we want to make sure that they familiarize themselves with the platform’s management and business execution tools. The client can get a system for monitoring on-shelf availability or he may also want to evaluate the pilot’s ROI. In this case we add to the KPIs the instruments for assessing business effectiveness. Our usual method for assessing ROI is comparing the pilot and the reference group of retail stores.

Blockchain and Tokenization of Our Services

Data integrity persists as the primary concern of any big data ecosystem in retail. This concern spans the integrity of data inside the ecosystem itself (infrastructure, servers, data storage) and the integrity of the data sources that feed information into the ecosystem. In 2016, we started researching blockchain technology for its potential role in solving data integrity problems within OSA’s own network. The end result of this research, the OSA Decentralized Platform, is a completely re-engineered version of the OSA Hybrid Platform. It incorporates various iterations of blockchain technology (e.g., distributed ledger technology, smart contracts), and we engineered its tokenomics to ensure that it generates added value for each stakeholder and that value creators are properly compensated for their contributions to the network. OSA’s modus operandi is to predict, locate, and react to the myriad events that occur throughout various stages of the supply chain process. Each event – and our enhanced understanding of such an event – contributes to improved optimal product availability. In this section, we introduce OSA coin, the native crypto currency of OSA’s private blockchain. On top of this blockchain, we also introduce OSE tokens, a series of tokens for each business event that will occur within OSA’s ecosystem. Each OSE ICO token represents a business KPI for a specific use case in an individual store, such as the number of juice boxes that should always be available on-shelf in the beverages section of a specific store. The KPI measures the price of the smart contract to gage a function’s worth relative to other network functions.  Check ICO stats for more information.


March 20 – May 21, 2018 – Private Presale, Whitelist registration opened

May 21 – June 21, 2018 – Public Presale

July 21 – August 21, 2018 – Public OSA Token Sale

30 days after the token sale ends – Tokens distributed to contributors


  • Maximilian Kobernik
    Maximilian Kobernik
    Maximilian Kobernik
    Asia Business Development Lead
    Maximilian is an experienced professional in both the venture capital and blockchain industries, as well as an ardent enthusiast of Fintech and crypto. Maximilian has worked as a fund manager for CryptoBazar, helping dozens of companies to raise funds by navigating them through the ICO process and getting them listed on international exchanges. Prior to joining CryptoBazar, Maximilian gained vast experience in international business, marketing, PR and auditing. This experience earned him a position as the Head of Russian region operations at Roberto&Co. Today, Maximilian is the Head of Investor Relations and an advisor at Play2Live, a decentralized startup that is gearing up to shake the foundations of the eSports and gaming industry. Play2Live has already attracted over $18mlnUSD prior to its public ICO,hitting a $30mlnUSD hard cap during its public sale.
  • Nikolay Lysenko
    Nikolay Lysenko
    Nikolay Lysenko
    Chief Data Scientist
    Nikolay is an applied problems solver with a versatile background that covers pure science, software development, machine learning, and business understanding. Currently, he is focuced on FMCG retail, metals & mining, and the oil & gas industries. Nikolay has worked at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Webgames, OSA Hybrid Platform, and Yandex Data Factory, and he gained substantial experience in solving unprecedented problems while working for these companies. As a research fellow, Nikolay (co-)authored the following articles: * Kolesnikov, A., Lysenko, N. (2016). Remarks on mass transportation minimizing expectation of a minimum of affine functions. Theory of Stochastic Processes, 21(37), 22-28. * Lysenko, N. (2017). Maximization of functionals depending on the terminal value and the running maximum of a martingale: a mass transport approach. Theory of Stochastic Processes, 22(38), 30-40. In his spare time, Nikolay develops the ReadingBricks project (, a Flask application with convenient access to structured materials on machine learning. The project will likely evolve into a system that automatically compiles personalized tutorials tailored to users needs. Nikolay have earned BSc degree in Mathematics and MSc degree in Applied Economics.
  • Yuriy Dukhnich
    Yuriy Dukhnich
    Yuriy Dukhnich
    Product Creation Lead
    Yuriy's career is marked by paradigm shifts from traditional products to a digital services, marketing research to industrial forcasting, local business models to global market start-ups, as well as creating new experiences and market designs. His professional domains include FMCG/retail, marketing/sales, and education/training. The sum of his experince includes 15 years in qualitative and quantitative market research, 10 years in creating product concepts (differentiation and positioning), 6 years in IT product management, 6 years in business analysis for retail, FMCG, and education, and 6 years in UX conceptual design.
  • Valentin Ovechkin
    Valentin Ovechkin
    Valentin Ovechkin
    Value Creation Lead
    By his own estimation, Valentin is a captain of the FMCG industry with over 10 years in retail experience as the head of business improvement at X5 Retail Group. In this position, he had a special focus on promotional strategies, assortment management, pricing, and supply chain. His other experince includes a few years with a systems integration company that specialized in transportation, warehouse, and workforce management systems for Russian retail companies. Since 2015, Valentin has managed product development for the OSA Hybrid Platform. He has university degrees in engineering and economics.
  • Maximilian Musselius
    Maximilian Musselius
    Maximilian Musselius
    Strategy and Vision Lead
    An executive Director of ECR Russia and Co-chairman of ECR Europe, Maximilian is credited with the creation of the most successful ECR unit in the world. As part of ECR, developed and implemented EDI technology for the entire industry, launched master data catalogue initiative, and organizes 6 conferences annually and 7 separate working groups quarterly. Maximilian is the author of numerous research and analytical articles in the field of FMCG manufacturing and retail, including ECR Bluebook, EDI Bluebook, Scorecard Bluebook by ECR Russia, Global ECR and ECR-Rus Master Data Bluebook, and Global Scorecard. Prior to ECR, he held various marketing positions in International consultancies. Maximilian is a Moscow State University graduate with degrees in law and economics and speaks 6 languages.
  • Alex Isaiev
    Alex Isaiev
    Alex Isaiev
    Co-founder, Business Development Lead
    Alex Isaiev Co-founder, Business Development Lead With over 17 years of experience in 57 countries, Alex is a FMCG retail and duty free industries veteran who has served in just about any role in the industries (sales, key account management, trade marketing, marketing and supply chain). Alex spent 14 years with Japan Tobacco International in marketing and trade marketing roles, with a focused responsible for CEE and Central Asia markets and promoting shopper loyalty and category management. In 2014, Alex founded Mania Business Simulations, one of the world’s top business simulation training providers that offers its services in 16 countries. From 1990-2002 Alex created and grew businesses in various industries: food production and distribution, automotive spare parts distribution, catering services, patent registration services, video production. Alex has university degrees in economy, sociology and marketing.
  • Esther Katz
    Esther Katz
    Esther Katz
    VP Communications
    Esther is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in integrated marketing. Joined blockchain industry 3 years ago, and currently manages marketing and PR at, highest publically funded AI startup, that raised 50M USD in a token sale. Esther and her marketing team drive the company's communications strategy, community management, PR, and digital communications.


  • 1
    Team formation

    Product сoncept developed

    Product concept test (MVP)

    Beta version introduced
  • 2
    New machine learning protocol tested

    Product updated, OSA technical architecture introduced

    Internal proof of сoncept approved

    Machine learning models updated
  • 3

    Image recognition proof of concept tested

    Machine learning models upgraded

    New UI/UX solution introduced

    New big data architecture development begins
  • 4

    New big data architecture introduced
    Master data catalogue tests

    Machine learning model enhancement

    Blockchain & smart contracts development (stage 1)
    Blockchain testing

    Image recognition model development for 1000 products
    Master data catalogue development
  • 5

    AR & ML functionality augmentation

    OSA Hybrid Platform upgrade

    OSA Decentralized platform development and implementation

    Product traceability development
    New functionalities for machine learning processes (automated promos, assortment, pricing, recommendations)

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