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Online (OIO) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Our ultimate goal is to reinvent the World Wide Web experience by placing people’s privacy as our top priority, thus offering a more secure, non-trackable, without malware and ad free Internet. Government agencies and big Internet companies that shall remain unnamed thrive on tracking your every move! Only together we can put a STOP to this! Nowadays websites are full of ads that try to sell you something they think you need by creating an unfriendly and irritating browsing experience. Also, lots of them have hidden malware, scammy ads or mining scripts. platform aims at making a groundbreaking change of the Internet, by revolutionizing the browsing experience and making it faster, non-trackable, without malware and ad free. Platform

A malicious software is an application that was created for a particular bad purpose. Most existing applications are created for normal purposes while some applications have hidden features which are not doing what is expected, but in fact their purpose is to find, steal or destroy files, track any data or just annoy the user. This started a long time ago: the first computer virus was called Elk Cloner and was first found on a Mac in 1982.

Over 10 years ago a new kind of malware appeared and it was called Adware. It was distributed through security holes in Windows XP and Internet Explorer. Adware can also use security holes in Java and Flash player or even in JavaScript. But why do developers create adware? The main reason is monetization, of course. Any Adware capable of embedding paid advertisements brings its owners huge income. Starting from pop-up ads, embedded browser toolbars, search hijacking, etc.

Smart Contracts & Workflows Components

Three Types of Coins

  1. Online Ethereum token (OIO). OIO Tokens are the key element in the ecosystem. The web operators will be required to stake OIO Tokens in order to use our technology and mine ICE tokens. (through Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Online algorithms).
  2. ICE Ethereum token (ICE). The purpose of the ICE coin is to be used for micropayments and daily use.
  3. Trust token (TST). Exists only within the private Blockchain. It is used for stimulating users to rank websites and for ranking gamification.

Online Token (OIO)

The Online tokens (OIO) are generated once and sold at the Token Generation Event. Out of the maximum number of tokens generated, 15% of the OIO will be reserved for 1 year by the company and will not be available for sale during that time. After the Token Generation Event the OIO tokens will be available on various exchanges.

The purpose of the OIO tokens is to bootstrap the development of platform. The OIO tokens will also function as a proof of stake and generate ICE Tokens, 20% of all generated ICE Tokens will be distributed to OIO token holders who keep their tokens on a special wallet. The website operators that implement the solution will have to possess OIO tokens to be able to receive ICE tokens based on the time spent by their visitors on their webpages. The OIO ICO tokens required to manage the websites, will be kept on an Ethereum smart contract.

ICE Token (ICE)

A fixed number of ICE tokens will be generated every week and will be distributed as follows:

  • 20% to OIO token holders;
  • 20% founder rewards for future developments of solution and marketing and partnership purposes;
  • 60% to website operators

After the OIO Token Generation Event and after some time since the first production of ICE tokens, they will be available on various exchanges. ICE tokens are mined based on the time spent by end users on websites attached to the ecosystem.

Token Generation Event Overview is offering to the potential clients of its platform the right to pre-purchase its own OIO tokens through a Token Generation Event that is projected to start on June 15th, 2018. OIO tokens will be distributed in direct correspondence with the amounts paid by the potential clients during the Token Generation Event.

The design and implementation of the Token Generation Event has been prepared in accordance with industry’s best practices. Hence, the potential contributors benefit from the enhanced levels of security and are also reassured that the distribution of tokens will be performed according to the smart contract conditions used by The funds received during the pre-sale and the public Token Generation Event for the OIO tokens will remain unused until the distribution of OIO tokens to token holders.

To know more about other Token generation events check the ICO events link.


  • Alexandru Iulian Florea
    Alexandru Iulian Florea
    Alexandru Iulian Florea
    CEO & Founder

    He is the founder and CEO of Microleaves. Under his management, Microleaves has grown to the World Largest Proxy Network with over 30 million IPs and around 20k customers including Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Alexandru Eftimie
    Alexandru Eftimie
    Alexandru Eftimie
    Chief Technology Officer

    Alex accumulated over 10 years in Software Development with vast experience in over 20 programming languages like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP and so on.

  • Sebastian Dracopol
    Sebastian Dracopol
    Sebastian Dracopol
    Development Manager

    Over 15 years of experience in Software Development industry, in companies like Electronic Arts, Forbes, Upwork, Vodafone, Sebastian is our Project Management agile wizard.

  • Rostyslav Bortman
    Rostyslav Bortman
    Rostyslav Bortman
    Ethereum Developer

    Senior Developer with wide experience in working with smart contract functionality.

    Rostyslav Bortman, LinkedIn profile
  • Roman Korzh
    Roman Korzh
    Roman Korzh
    Business Development Consultant

    Senior level results-driven leader with exceptional knowledge in establishing long-term cooperation relationship and generating revenue.
  • Andrew Mikhailov
    Andrew Mikhailov
    Andrew Mikhailov
    Data Scientist

    Specialization: architect, project manager, scientific research, blockchain, data science. Stack: C#, JavaScript, GoLang, multimedia transmission, CRM, signal processing, IoT, R, UNIX.
  • Liliya Girinova
    Liliya Girinova
    Liliya Girinova
    Business Analyst

    Business analyst, interaction and proactive work with clients, describing business logic of tasks, requirements gathering, collecting artifacts and writing documentation under the project, Drawing-up and control of project risks.
  • Anatoliy Gordienko
    Anatoliy Gordienko
    Anatoliy Gordienko
    Javascript Department Lead

    Technical lead and architect. Full stack developer - Typescript, JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, NoSQL, CSS, IAAS/PAAS, serverless.
  • Vadym Dolzhenko
    Vadym Dolzhenko
    Vadym Dolzhenko
    Node.js Developer

    Full stack developer - JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Alexandru Dobrin
    Alexandru Dobrin
    Alexandru Dobrin
    Art Director

    Talented Art Director who enjoys working in a wide variety of design-related areas and photography.
  • Alexandru Danete
    Alexandru Danete
    Alexandru Danete
    Customer Support Lead

    Wide experience as a customer lead, able to solve delicate problems and always seeking to make clients happy.
  • Nathan Christian
    Nathan Christian
    Nathan Christian

    Ranked as #5 blockchain advisor on icobench, he is part of a dynamic team building applications on Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains, writing Smart Contracts and launching ERC20 tokens. Over 35 startups in portfolio. 1.2m Twitter followers.


  • 1
    The idea first appeared in June
    June to December: Initial research Phase
    December: Validated the potential of the idea
  • 2
    1st Quarter

    Studying blockchain in terms of platform integration perspective
    Risk analysis, associated with blockchain
    Starts the development for the TGE Website & Platform

    2nd phase of research completed

    Whitepaper published
    Development finished for the test network and base contracts code
    Development finished for user API
    Development starts for data aggregation and financial dispatcher
    Smart contract development starts
    UI design finished
    Private TGE sales starts
    TGE platform beta version
  • 3
    2nd Quarter

    TGE platform published accepting user registrations
    Malware protection development starts
    User validation development starts
    Online time tracking development finished

    Chrome and Firefox browser extensions development starts
    Web dashboard for OIO token owners development starts
    ICE token distribution algorithm implemented

    TGE starts
    Malware protection beta
    User validation beta
    Private cloud beta, guardian script beta
    Wallet development starts

  • 4
    3rd Quarter

    Chrome and Firefox browser extensions beta
    ICE token smart contract published
    Web dashboard for OIO token owners release
    Private cloud release
    Guardian script release

    Beta version of web dashboard for OIO and ICE token owners release
    Chrome and Firefox Browser extensions release

    Wallet beta release
  • 5
    4th Quarter

    Web dashboard for OIO and ICE token owners release

    Mobile applications development starts
  • 6
    1st Quarter

    Marketplace architecture
    API SDK for custom integrations architecture

    Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions architecture

    API SDK for custom integrations release
    Wallet additional security features
  • 7
    2nd Quarter

    Marketplace beta release

    Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions beta release
  • 8
    3rd Quarter

    Marketplace release
  • 9
    4th Quarter

    Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions release

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