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OnePlusOne (CHK) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Blockchain technology, the technology that serves as the basis for Bitcoins, was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and then improved upon by Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin in 2015. This technology and its derivatives (tokenization, smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations) opened up a great number of unique opportunities for humanity. The One+1 team has taken on the task of transforming such spheres of public life as charity and social responsibility of citizens and business with the help of modern technology.

We believe ultimately the One+1 project will ensure the equitable distribution of mankind and society’s collective production results and attract significant financing into the projects on which our future primarily hinges: social and charitable projects. Every year, 1.5 billion people take part in some kind of charitable activity, donating more than $700 billion. Our goal is to use Chek’s good deeds token to involve as many people working with charities into the crypto economy, while utilizing all the advantages that Blockchain offers to maximize the effectiveness of the charity infrastructure, achieving unprecedented good from these efforts.

Why should charity integrate into the Blockchain community?

  1. Solving the lack of trust that people have in charitable organizations, Blockchain ensures transparent accounting on the part of charitable organizations, thereby protecting donors from scammers and increasing confidence in charities working on Blockchain.
  2. It is an instrument for recognizing the importance of donors. Most often, donors remain anonymous and receive nothing for their donations. We plan to issue ICO tokens in exchange for donations that, together with the good deeds rating, will serve as public recognition of the importance of the donor and as a motivational tool.
  3. Receiving significant financing. The creation of an independent good deeds currency and increasing its exchanges rate essentially creates a new fundraising instrument for the industry, allowing the charity sector to gain significant financial resources and run large-scale social and charitable projects.
  4. Reducing costs associated with funding raising and payment processing that creates unnecessary and burdensome overhead.
  5. Donations may be accepted in any cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

DAO is an organization on Blockchain that operates based on rules executed by smart contracts. All the processes in DAO are strictly encoded, and such an organization does not have traditional owners or a Board of Directors, but it does have token (Chek) holders, who have the right to vote on any proposal.  To know about ICOs, you can ICO beginners guide.

One+1 DAO App

An app that allows Chek holders to manage DAO and solve key issues in the One+1 ecosystem and to distribute money received by the Foundation for the Development of Social Initiatives in the Blockchain ecosystem.

One+1 Payment Service

A specialized payment service whose distinguishing feature is the 0% commission for donations, with the expenses being covered by the issuance of Cheks and by revenues from payments processed for commercial organizations. Commercial and non-commercial organizations use the Payment API to connect to the payment service provider.

One⁺¹ Marketplace

The One+1 Marketplace (and similar services connected to the loyalty program via the Loyalty API) is a key infrastructure element of the global charitable loyalty program. The Marketplace is an online space for the sale of items in favor of charitable organizations which, together with businesses integrated into the loyalty program, is an infrastructure element ensuring goods turnover and demand for Cheks at the initial development stage. Private individuals, retailers, and celebrities are One+1 sellers. Buyers are ordinary people or charitable organizations. Revenues from sales are transferred to charitable organizations. All transactions are recorded in Blockchain. The site accepts Cheks and/or Good Deeds Reward Points as payment.

One⁺¹ Marketplace is Symfony-based proprietary software.

The service-oriented Symfony framework offers the best flexibility in its class. It has well-developed built-in capabilities for query and data caching, which allows the architecture to be scaled at significant loads. A specialized version of the Yandex.Money payment service API, is used to reserve money on a bank cards and subsequently transfer money to the selected charity.

The One⁺¹ Marketplace is intended to perform the following business functions:

  1. Register donors and buyers.
  2. Register charitable organizations and their programs.
  3. List charitable products in the platform electronic catalog.
  4. Reserve funds on the customer’s bank card at the time of the deal.
  5. Notify users about the progress of transaction.
  6. Notify charitable organizations about donations in their favor.
  7. Create rules for distributing funds from donations or purchases through the platform.
  8. Send data on donations to a One⁺¹ network node to be registered on the Blockchain network.
  9. Transmit data on the use of reward points to a One⁺¹ network node to be registered in the Blockchain network.

Getone Blockchain Network

Getone is a public Ethereum-based Blockchain network with controlled access to data placement. Its nodes are charities and socially responsible organizations. DAO permission is required to become a network node and record data into the network.

Loyalty Processing

The Node.JS stack is used for loyalty processing. The reward points flow is additionally backed up in the system of smart contracts integrated with the Public Charity Ledger. Points can be used only after all the changes have been registered in the smart contracts system. Loyalty points are transformed into Chek tokens and back on the initiative of the wallet holder in accordance with the rules set by DAO.


  • Mikhail Paley
    Mikhail Paley
    Mikhail Paley
    (CEO) - Mikhail has more than 11 years of experience in the financial sector in key Russian banks as the head of the product development and strategy departments.

    He has initiated several social projects.

    He was involved in consulting services and also has experience in starting businesses from scratch.
  • Yuri Platonov
    Yuri Platonov
    Yuri Platonov
    (HEAD OF OPERATIONS) - Yuri has 10 years of experience in managing the development of products and business processes in banks and insurance companies (top 10).

    He has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Economics.
  • Artem Garashko
    Artem Garashko
    Artem Garashko
    (CTO) - Artem has 15 years of experience in developing software products.

    For eight years, he was engaged in managing the development of a large-scale FX platform in the banking sector in North America (USA and Canada).

    He has experience in launching IT business from scratch.
  • Yuri Garashko
    Yuri Garashko
    Yuri Garashko
    (SOFTWARE ARCHITECT) - Yuri has 30 years of experience in managing software development.

    He is the CEO of the Russian software developer «Metarex»
  • Alexander Garashko
    Alexander Garashko
    Alexander Garashko
    (HEAD OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT) - Alex has 14 years of experience in developing software products:
    - development of web applications with complex business logic;
    - SEO (he developed his own off-the-shelf product for promotion on the internet);
    - development of social networks and highly loaded systems;
    - development of mobile applications;
    - smart contracts, and Blockchain technologies.

    He is a prize winner of regional programming olympiads.
  • Renat Zagidullin
    Renat Zagidullin
    Renat Zagidullin
    (LOYALTY PROGRAM MANAGER) - 14 years of experience in developing loyalty programs from creating product concepts, technological and legal schemes to project management. All of today's coalition loyalty programs of Russia (Svyaznoy Club, Corn (Euroset), Thanks from Sberbank, TNK-Carbon and others) are working on the material base developed by Renat.

    Loyalty program «Polza» (Benefits) developed and launched by Renat's team at Home Credit Bank in 2015 became the best bonus program among the Top 50 banks according to Frank Research Group.
  • Andrey Vishnyakov
    Andrey Vishnyakov
    Andrey Vishnyakov
    (HEAD OF MARKETING) - Andrey specializes in marketing and has experience in the development and management of projects and businesses in various fields, including commercial and social projects.

    He has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and sales.

    He is the owner of the Commodity and Raw Materials Corporation.
  • Daria Bogachkina
    Daria Bogachkina
    Daria Bogachkina
    (HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS) - Daria is an expert in advertising, marketing research, PR, and event and brand management.

    She is the founder and owner of the information project about professions titled "Tactics and Practices".
  • Dmitry Belkin
    Dmitry Belkin
    Dmitry Belkin
    (ART DIRECTOR) - Dmitry has six years of experience in the field of UX/UI. He has experience in UX analytics and development of solutions for VTB24, MTS Hybrid TV, and CROC.

    Dmitry has three years of studying in Graphic Design BA (HONS) in BHSAD. He was a nominee of Red Apple's "Young Creators" in 2015.
  • Pavel Kazantsev
    Pavel Kazantsev
    Pavel Kazantsev
    (SENIOR ATTORNEY) - Pavel has 16 years of experience in jurisprudence, including leadership positions.

    He also has 12 years of teaching experience at a state university.

    Pavel is the author of more than 20 academic papers and publications.

    He was the recipient of a government grant.
  • Vadim Alekseev
    Vadim Alekseev
    Vadim Alekseev
    (FRONT-END DEVELOPER) - Vadim is a front-end developer with more than 10 years of experience and has more than three years of experience in teaching the front-end development (

    He is a web evangelist and and an owner of a front-end development firm with 500+ completed projects.

    He is a certified SCRUM master.
  • Irina Zakharova
    Irina Zakharova
    Irina Zakharova
    (CHIEF ACCOUNTANT) - Irina has 23 years of experience in the accounting field, including 20 years as a chief accountant.

    She is experienced in building a system of bookkeeping, managerial, and tax accounting in IT firms from scratch.


  • 1
    July 2017
    Creation of One⁺¹ Marketplace
  • 2
    October 2017
    All donations are registered in Blockchain
  • 3
    December 2017
    Fighting Leukemia Foundation: the first foundation in the world to begin publishing its financials on the Blockchain
  • 4
    December 2017
    Creation of Charity Blockchain Association
  • 5
    March 2018
    Add 5 foundations to CBA and 30 businesses that will be accept loyalty reward points
  • 6
    April 2018
    Launch of the loyalty program on One⁺¹ Marketplace
  • 7
    May 2018
  • 8
    May 2018
    20 foundations and 50 businesses
  • 9
    June 2018
    CBA Governance
  • 10
    July 2018
    Loyalty API
  • 11
    July 2018
    Loyalty Engagement Services Core & API
  • 12
    July 2018
    50 foundations and 100 businesses
  • 13
    August 2018
    Getone Blockchain
  • 14
    August 2018
    Rollout Own or White-labeled Marketplaces for CIS/Asia/US and other regions
  • 15
    September 2018
    Clients for Loyalty Engagement (Chatbots, mobile, sms, and email)
  • 16
    September 2018
    Loyalty Processing
  • 17
    October 2018
    POS Integration
  • 18
    October 2018
    Global Charity Database and Charity API
  • 19
    October 2018
    Good Deeds Rating
  • 20
    November 2018
    News and Info Portal
  • 21
    January 2019
    - 5+ countries
    - 300+ foundations
    - 1000+ businesses
  • 22
    February 2019
    Payment API

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