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NextPakk (Pakka) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Every day, people connect with others through the process of buying and selling goods; online shopping and awaiting parcel deliveries are common activities for most people. Pakka our blockchain platform offers an integrated marketplace built on the sharing economy, where users, local businesses and shoppers, share the rewards and the responsibility. Blockchain and a sharing economy, were combined to create NextPakk and the Pakka cryptocurrency. Together, they create a minimal-infrastructure ecosystem designed to eradicate missed deliveries and stolen packages through transforming last-mile logistics. The Pakka blockchain is built on the Stellar fork, providing scalability and higher throughputs than other, competing, major platforms, while the Pakka ICO token serves as digital currency with which anyone can obtain delivery services. Enabling even the most inexperienced users to leverage their own assets (personal vehicle, extra space, or spare time), in addition to exchanging Pakka tokens for other forms of crypto-currencies, Pakka is accepted as a form of payment for receipt of packages. Additionally, it provides escrow coverage as collateral for last-mile deliveries in a trustless system while effectively and securely tracking packages and their chain of custody.

Through this efficient, transparent system, NextPakk is revolutionizing the logistics industry by providing a solution to the inconvenience currently found in last-mile logistics. With data privacy and consumer-scheduled deliveries, unpredictability in the last-mile is erased: prescription abandonment is reduced; worries about missed deliveries, stolen packages, and time away from work are eliminated; data privacy is secured since our blockchain technology removes the necessity for names and addresses on packages (not currently available from any other logistics company); and we’re designed to scale globally, down to the tracking of produce shipments across third-world countries. . Meanwhile, retailers can leverage our ecosystem to reduce revenue loss incurred by stolen packages, major carriers are less stressed with the demands of re-deliveries and/or localized pickups, local stores benefit from the use of extra space, drivers earn extra cash and consumers have convenience, choice and control over when their packages are delivered.


At NextPakk, we’re “reinventing the logistics of life” and transforming last-mile logistics through a sharing economy built on blockchain. The beauty of this system is it’s frictionless, efficient, and transparent. Operating around a decentralized sharing-economy cryptocurrency, Pakka, tokens will be used to exchange value on the platform while effectively and securely tracking packages and their chain of custody. Pakka blockchain will be the platform of choice for logistics business and related services in the last-mile. We support local businesses through PDP (Package Delivery Point) partnerships: businesses accept packages, shielding them from porch pirates and inclement weather. From there, customers receive an alert, telling them their packages have arrived locally and they’re set to schedule delivery at their convenience – when they’re home.

NextPakk DApps Use Cases

NextPakk DApps can be applied to any shipping solution at any scale. For import/exports to shipping cars across cities to shipping industrial goods among distribution channels etc. However we are committed to use this solution to fix the Last Mile logistics problem area by driving the business through partnerships across small businesses across the country to hold our Package Delivery Points (PDPs) and building a fleet of share economy drivers across the country to bring down the issues that all the eCommerce and local businesses face in getting their goods in the buyer’s hands, the moment that matters. In areas where there are lot of losses in the shipment, Pakka blockchain will be a saviour for both manufacturers and shippers as the shipment is fully guaranteed by the underlying collateral in Pakka tokens.


Pakka is a blockchain platform for last-mile logistics services, with an escrow functionality. Operating with a fungible token approach, our Pakka is used for tracking packages and the chain of custody effectively, as well as supplying a token for exchanging value on the platform. The same Pakka tokens can be used to obtain NextPakk and its partner services anywhere in the world, buying physical products and services from all Pakka-enabled merchants. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

We are allotting 50% of the tokens to fuel platform adoption and rest of the 50% will be up for sale in three phases. Total circulation of Pakka tokens will be 1 illion and as part of the private pre-sale, we are selling 80 million Pakka tokens. We believe that in providing people additional opportunities to earn Pakka tokens through platform engagement will incentivize client participation, retention, and enthusiasm. This also ensures more liquidity within the engine, which keeps spreads low and generates higher overall volumes. Our intention is to reward participation through Pakka tokens, and for the scope of rewarded activities to grow and change as the platform develops. The initial one million customers will each receive upto twenty-five Pakka tokens each for registering with us. We believe these tokens will fuel NextPakk services adoption and Pakka platform growth and maturity. Upto twenty-five Pakka tokens will be rewarded to each referring customer until we reach a customer base of one million users.


  • Lowell Fortune
    Lowell Fortune
    Lowell Fortune
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Sergey Tolkachev
    Sergey Tolkachev
    Sergey Tolkachev
    Chief Algorithms Officer
  • Dileep Kumar Reddy Kamujula
    Dileep Kumar Reddy Kamujula
    Dileep Kumar Reddy Kamujula
    Technical Advisor
  • P.B. Stanton Esq.
    P.B. Stanton Esq.
    P.B. Stanton Esq.
    Chief Legal Officer
  • Chad Kielty
    Chad Kielty
    Chad Kielty
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ryan Donelon
    Ryan Donelon
    Ryan Donelon
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Deb Olson
    Deb Olson
    Deb Olson
    Corporate Communications Officer


  • 1
    Q1 2016
    Seed planted for NextPakk
  • 2
    Q3 2016
    V1 of NextPakk as a physical solution
  • 3
    Q1 2017
    Collected feedback from users on V1 and revisited the solution
  • 4
    Q2 2017
    V2 of NextPakk solution based on shared ecosystem MVP Conducted over 700 customer interviews
  • 5
    Q3 2017
    Ran a pilot program involving 10+ apartment complexes
  • 6
    Q4 2017
    Started work on building the platform based on blockchain
  • 7
    Q1 2018
    Web app launch
  • 8
    Q2 2018
    Private Tokensale
  • 9
    Q3 2018
    ICO and token distribution
  • 10
    Q4 2018
    Market reach in 3 US major cities
  • 11
    Q2 2019
    Pakka Dapps launch UK/AU/DE markets
  • 12
    Q4 2019
    Expansion into 10 US major cities
    R&D using AI in Logistics
  • 13
    Q4 2020
    Expansion into sub-Saharan countries
  • 14
    Q4 2021
    Continued worldwide integration with the globas supply chain

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