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NeumCoin (NEC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

NeumCoin Explainer Video


NeumCoin is an Ethereum blockchain-based token for digital payments of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

NeumCoin (NEC) Analysis

What is NeumCoin all about?

It is an encrypted, innovative, and exceptional cryptocurrency that ensures ultra-fast confirmation with the industry’s lowest fees. This cryptocurrency comes with a user-friendly digital payment platform, which is developed for simplicity and the convenience for the business and cryptocurrency trader.


Benefits of NeumCoin

  1. Fast transactions and low fees

Transactions carried out with NeumCoin will be transparent with the lowest fees. This cryptocurrency will systematically minimize costs and the time spent, associated with other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

  1. Tax fee

This cryptocurrency is decentralized with no controlling authority. This makes all the transactions carried out with this cryptocurrency, tax-free.

  1. Secured crypto asset deposits

All crypto assets will be deposited in an offline multi-vault that will require five out of eight geo-distributed hardware security modules in order to open it.

  1. Equipped with high-performance hardware resource

It is equipped with a proprietary order matching the hardware. The hardware resource has the ability to systematically process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency.

  1. Full distributed and readily-available

By using cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology, the whole system of this project is developed to be fully distributed and readily available.

  1. Easy-to-use platform

Experienced cryptocurrency traders, as well as newbie traders, will be able to easily use this straightforward, simple, and user-friendly platform.

  1. This cryptocurrency comes with a smart card

The smart card that comes with this cryptocurrency is known as Neumcard. It eliminates the need to carry credit cards and cash by allowing digital payments at stores and shops. In addition, this smart card can be used on automated teller machines (ATM).

What problem is NeumCoin solving?

Currently, users have to pay a huge transaction fee then they have to wait for long period of time to complete the cryptocurrency transaction. Due to its high-performance hardware resource, the transactions carried out using this cryptocurrency will be speedy as well as cost-effective.

Why is NeumCoin a good project?

The uniqueness of these tokens is that it is demand-based. The transaction from the digital cryptocurrency wallet and the Neumcard will create an increased demand for the NEC tokens as a significant part of the funds from these transactions will go towards its purchase on the open market.  It will efficiently ensure constant liquidity of tokens.

Benefits of holding NEC tokens

The NEC token holders will be rewarded with the 20% of the profit earned through the merchant commission.  In addition, the most active users on this platform will be rewarded via a monthly loyalty fund. Due to limited supply and distribution, these tokens will be universally accepted and possibly more valuable than other ICO tokens such as Havven, TokenLend, BitCoen, Perkscoin, Dragon.

How is NeumCoin better than other cryptocurrencies?

It makes use of high-performance hardware resources which can process a large number of cryptocurrency transactions in a few milliseconds. For other ICOs you can refer ICO stats to know more. All the transactions carried out using this cryptocurrency are speedy and cost-effective. When users complete transactions on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrencies, they have to pay a huge fee and wait for a longer period of time in order to complete the transactions.

Token price and token sale

NEC token is an Ethereum-based token that will empower the digital payments for fiat currency as well as cryptocurrencies. The total supply of tokens created by this platform will be 50,000,000 and no new tokens will be created. ETH will be accepted for the purchase of NEC tokens just like other ICO tokens such as WePower, DenCity, Cryptoneum, BunnyToken, Tradove .

  • During the token sale, 40,000,000 tokens will be released for sale.
  • All the unsold tokens will be destroyed.
  • Price of 1 NEC token will be USD0.273 during the token sale.
  • Pre-ICO sale will start from January 22, 2018 and will end on March 4, 2018.
  • Main ICO sale will start from March 1, 2018 and will end on May 1, 2018.
  • Soft cap for the ICO sale will be 1000 ETH.
  • Hard cap for the token sale will be 28,000 ETH.
  • Investors need to purchase a minimum of 50 tokens in order to participate in the ICO


The core members associated with this project consists of

  • Benjamin Campbell, Operations manager.
  • Finely Franklin, Senior UX, UI Designer/Developer.


There is only a limited quantity of NEC tokens to be circulated, unsold tokens will be destroyed and there is fixed limit to the number of tokens that can be purchased by a single member. The initial coin offering of NeumCoin gives cryptocurrency investors an excellent opportunity to invest and cash in on the financial boom of the cryptocurrency.

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