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MYDFS (MYDFS) ICO Review – ICO Token News

MyDFS is a team of industry professionals with vast expertise in the fields of fantasy sports and large-audience applications. Our primary focus is to make MyDFS as transparent and worry-free fantasy sports platform as possible. It will tackle existing industry challenges and overcome them using modern technology and contemporary business approaches. We’ve streamlined every underlying process to make our platform work quickly and transparently. Users can play their games, invest their winnings, and withdraw them quickly without facing insider gaming, bots, or other unfair practices that spoil the pirit of the game.

Overcoming industry challenges

Our primary focus is to make MyDFS as transparent and worry-free fantasy sports platform as possible. It will tackle existing industry challenges and overcome them using modern technology and contemporary business approaches.

Truly safe gaming around the world

Most of these arise from the uncertain nature of the game (whether it’s a game of skill or a game of luck), and a high standard of legality for games that involve fiat money. We tackle both issues at once by introducing cryptocurrency tokens to be used throughout the platform, fully replacing fiat money. These tokens can be purchased during our pre-ICO and ICO rounds, or exchanged using other currencies (crypto or fiat) on online exchanges. We therefore exclude fiat money — and all the issues associated with it — from the platform. This makes the platform safe and enjoyable for almost every country in the world. For questionable jurisdictions, we’ve planned a budget to get all the documents and licenses to operate fully legal — and going to obtain all needed license and documents during the year. Blockchain and smart contract technology also does away with worries of insider gaming, bots, and other cases of unfair play by letting users (and regulators) check the system’s game data and transactions at any moment.

A streamlined user experience

This lets us understand the current bottlenecks and problems in the UI, and lets us find ways to address them with a simplified, to-the-point user interface that suits any kind of gamer. For beginners, we offer gradual user onboarding that lets gamers master the game at their own pace. At the same time, hardcore gamers and fantasy sports pros would benefit from a streamlined, uncluttered interface and functional filters. We’ve done everything to make the user experience as clean and straightforward as possible.

Fast user verification

Instead of going through complicated verification procedures, users can be authorized just by using the email and  cryptocurrency wallet they automatically receive upon signup. We don’t have any limitations on countries, territories, or nationalities. Everyone can play on and use the platform.

Benefits of using the blockchain

There are multiple ways our solution benefits from using the blockchain:

Decentralized and transparent gaming process

We store statistics and important data about every game in the blockchain. It’s easy for all players involved to check not only the validity of a game and its results, but by checking the smart contract that calculates the game results, to also validate how every point was scored.

Fast, streamlined financial transactions

Transaction integrity is also guaranteed by using the blockchain, as every player has access to a full, anonymized transaction history. In case of any problems, it’s easy to find the source and fix the problem. It’s also convenient for investors. They get to monitor performance of the players they’ve invested in in realtime, get their winnings, and so on.

Fantasy brokerage platform

Investors can easily monitor all the data on the players they want to invest in, and choose from the best performers.

Safe and fast

Tokens let people get value in and out of the system way faster, and with far fewer complications. Smart contract records all terms and conditions in explicit detail, therefore making all transaction history fully visible and accessible to all relevant parties.

Token circulation

MyDFS tokens will be listed on a number of the most popular exchanges, which should help new platform users buy tokens. We’re going to do the best we can to attract more sport fans to grow the audience, along with the value of the tokens for users. To know more about ICOs, you can check ICO list and ICO stats and get a better idea for choosing best ICOs to invest.

Token contract

The token contract manages user balances and keeps a history of all token transactions. The token contract lets you:

  • Transfer tokens to/from any wallet on the system
  • Get the balance of any wallet on the system
  • Approve cross-balance transfers for brokerage

The token contract generates and receives events related to token transfers.

Player statistics contract

The player statistics contract keeps user statistics data, makes it available to other parts of the system.

The player statistics contract lets you:

  • Approve and make changes to user statistics
  • Change existing statistics
  • Set and change the user brokerage fee (a fee taken by that user to play using a broker’s tokens)
  • Get statistics about a user’s game count, win and loss percentage, tokens lost and won

We also accept currencies other than ETH, but in those cases, transactions are manually processed and still require the buyer to have an ETH wallet. To know how to invest in ICOs, you can prefer ICO beginners guide. When this happens, we first turn the amount we received as other cryptocurrencies into ETH, and then deposit the requisite number of tokens into the buyer’s ETH wallet.

ICO contract

The ICO contract lets users buy tokens during any sale period: Pre-ICO and ICO.

The ICO contract lets you:

  •  Get the balance of Ethereum deposited by any of the buyers
  •  Check if the soft cap and hard cap has been reached (and stop selling tokens after the hard cap)
  •  Issue bonuses dependent on purchase amount
  •   Withdraw Ethereum after the sale is over, if the soft or hard cap has been reached
  • Transfer tokens to buyers, including bonus tokens

We also accept currencies other than ETH, but in those cases, transactions are manually processed and still require the buyer to have an ETH wallet. When this happens, we first turn the amount we received as other cryptocurrency into ETH, and then deposit the requisite number of tokens into the buyer’s ETH wallet.


  • Viktor Mangazeev
    Viktor Mangazeev
    Viktor Mangazeev
    (CEO) - In 2016, Viktor founded a daily mobile fantasy sports platform called uTrener and a white-label app for KHL, Eastern Europe’s biggest hockey league. He also worked as CIO for a number of large companies, including IQoneholdings (boasting more than $400 million in revenue), Desert, etc.
  • Sergey Sheypak
    Sergey Sheypak
    Sergey Sheypak
    (Chief Technical Officer) - With more than 10 years experience in programming, big data, and large enterprise projects, Sergey is formerly a senior Java developer and a big data leader at telecom giant Megafon. He’s a certified Hadoop and Teradata developer.
  • Anastasia Shvetsova
    Anastasia Shvetsova
    Anastasia Shvetsova
    (Anastasia Shvetsova) - Anastasia is one of the most trusted communication professionals in the tech industry. She has worked with Facebook, PayPal, Houzz and others. Her PR agency leads the way for the best teams active in blockchain and cryptocurrency pursuits, including SingularityNET, Blackmoon Financial Group, and Jibrel Network.
  • Kseniya Ryazantseva
    Kseniya Ryazantseva
    Kseniya Ryazantseva
    (Chief Marketing Officer) - Kseniya has a vast experience in the industry, and was in charge of international mobile marketing in Mail.Ru Group, Appness and Mobio. She speaks fluent Chinese, and worked with Tencent, Baidu, NetEase, Alibaba Group and other huge Chinese publishers.
  • Alex Kireev
    Alex Kireev
    Alex Kireev
    (Lead Backend Developer) - Alex is a lead backend developer with over 10 years of experience with full-stack web app development and all facets of the software development life cycle. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in computer engineering from VSTU.
  • Polina Polosukhina
    Polina Polosukhina
    Polina Polosukhina
    (Community Manager) - Despite her young age, Polina has strong community management and networking skills. Before joining MyDFS team, she served as a Project Manager at Huawei Moscow. She graduated from HSE, had an internship in Shanghai International Studies University. Polina fluently speaks English and Chinese.
  • Denis Polyakov
    Denis Polyakov
    Denis Polyakov
    Denis is an Android developer with more than five years of experience. He has a strong knowledge of Android UI design principles and best practices. He’s developed multiple Android apps for fantasy sports, banking, food delivery, and more.
  • Vlad Zotov
    Vlad Zotov
    Vlad Zotov
    (Android Developer) - Has 4+ years experience working on mobile apps for startups and established companies. Experienced in complex UI applications. Has strong knowledge of Google guidelines and Material Design.
  • Kirill Pyulzyu
    Kirill Pyulzyu
    Kirill Pyulzyu
    (iOS Developer) - Has 6+ years experience of making apps for iOS, including real-time data synchronization, complex UI, RESTful API integration, Social integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), CoreData DB management, GPS location processing and many more.
  • Andrey Lola
    Andrey Lola
    Andrey Lola
    (Senior Web Developer) - Experienced web developer with more than 5 years of experience in web development, requirements analysis, system design, development, deployment, code review, website scaling.
  • Vadim Lebedev
    Vadim Lebedev
    Vadim Lebedev
    (Head of DevOps) - Vadim is one of the most highly-skilled Devops Engineers in the industry. With more than 10 years experience in planning, deploying and maintaining distributed software solutions, Vadim now leads and manages MyDFS DevOps team. His knowledge of industry security standards and understanding of data privacy concerns helped us to create the 1st safe and easy-to-use fantasy sports platform.

  • Anastasia Golikova
    Anastasia Golikova
    Anastasia Golikova
    (Project Manager) - Anastasia has strong technical background and knows how to lead app development process. She is experienced in team management, agile, understands infrastructure components and has a unique mix of technical know-how and communication skills. This makes her great project manager to lead MyDFS development.


  • 1
    JAN 16, 2016
    uTrener DFS launched in Russia
    We've lauched the first russian daily fantasy sports app for iOS, Android and web
  • 2
    FEB 20, 2016
    Kontinental Hockey League app launched
    A white-label application for the #1 hockey league in Europe was launched and featured by Apple in AppStore
  • 3
    NOV 7, 2017
    uTrener app got a UK Gambling license
    Now we've got a gambling license to start our business in UK
  • 4
    NOV 20, 2017
    MyDFS development started
    We've decided to start an ICO to sell MyDFS tokens that are used in Fantasy Sports
  • 5
    APR 16, 2018
    Pre-ICO starts
    We’ll only sell tokens to a limited number of investors
  • 6
    MAR 25, 2018
    MyDFS basic gaming functionality is ready
    User app is ready for testing by members of the whitelist and investors
  • 7
    MAR 12, 2018
    New features are added to MyDFS app
    New features are launched in beta-version
  • 8
    DEC 29, 2017
    MyDFS investor functionality is ready
    Investor app is up for security audit and alpha testing
  • 9
    APR 17, 2018
    MyDFS investor wallet is publicly accessible
    People in whitelist and early investors can start making orders and using the investors app
  • 10
    MAY 6, 2018
    Pre-ICO sale finishes
    Pre-ICO sale is finished when cap of $3,000,000 is reached
  • 11
    MAY 21, 2018
    ICO starts
    ICO opens and tokens are available to buy for everyone
  • 12
    JUN 12, 2018
    ICO finishes
    ICO is fully finished, unsold tokens are burned
  • 13
    JUN 13, 2018
    Intensive public marketing & PR campaign starts
    We unroll a big marketing campaign to get as much users as possible on board before the biggest soccer event of 2018 starts
  • 14
    JUN 13, 2018
    The app is fully ready the for largest soccer event
    Sports data is fully integrated, additional functionality and branding are available to users
  • 15
    JUN 12, 2018
    MyDFS app is fully ready
    App is fully playable and available in AppStore and Google Play

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