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Multiversum (eMTV) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Multiversum Identity and Mission

The pioneer of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, together with all its various clones and forks based on Proof of Work algorithm for transaction validation, are considered first-generation blockchains. The second generation, with Ethereum leading the charge of smart-contracts-enabled blockchains, is instead more heterogeneous, allowing easy tokenization of assets. Both architectures have extremely low energy efficiency and medium-low block validation speed and transactions per block. Solving the scalability, speed, and energy consumption issues is the goal of third-generation blockchain solutions, using different approaches and techniques like Proof of Stake validation algorithm, off-chain routing, graph-chains, and complete or partial centralization. The fourth generation is going far beyond this, achieving faster and more scalable solutions and trying, at the same time, to become competitive from a business perspective; simple chains of data are not flexible enough to fulfill corporate environment needs, in which complex data structures need to be organized in tables (as in relational databases).

At the same time, those structures need to be validated and made immutable with blockchain-based techniques, increasing traceability and security. In other words, fourth generation blockchain brings this technology to a complete primary production application, and expand current business-oriented offer in terms of data storage, application decentralization, auditing, security, reliability. Multiversum offers complex data organization instead of data sequencing, chain splitting and rejoining to allow for greater scalability and parallelism, and the concept of Proof of Integrity validation (i.e. cryptographic proof of server code) instead of existing Proof of Work or Proof of Stake solutions. Furthermore, Multiversum will feature ERC20/ERC23 integration, allowing coins and ICO tokens from other solutions to be hosted on our chain and vice-versa, with notary services as an external confirmation method. Meanwhile, together with these innovations, we are certainly going to make use of several good solutions that our colleagues already implemented over time.

Current Blockchain State of the Art

The lead characters of Blockchain phenomenon share a common feature: remarkable safety and reliability. At the same time, we pay for this in terms of huge processing power, unacceptable pollution, high transaction costs and slowness which can hardly represent current technological progress standards, and give a reasonable technical answer to modern financial and commercial use cases. This slowness is caused by the lack of horizontal scalability1, i.e. the increase of computation capacity obtained by merely adding processors instead of replacing them with faster versions. Another cause of this slowness is inherent to its current blockchain safety mechanism, designed to prevent anyone from taking over the majority of the clusters by making it very expensive to achieve in terms of calculation power and/or cost (Proof of Work2 and Proof of Stake3). Furthermore, current blockchains are simple concatenations of single data entities state changes; reconstructing the actual states of these entities implies a whole chain scan, which causes an even greater system slowdown and resources usage. This simplification makes blockchains inadequate for scientific and industrial purposes, as requirements in terms of data structures can become extremely complex. Moreover, security measures stop at data level as they don’t ensure user safety, making it impossible to recover lost or stolen coins and tokens even if they are located on the chain, or to block malicious accounts.

Multiversum and blockchain global adoption

Multiversum technology pushes traditional blockchain beyond its current limits, by enhancing the data layer through self-verifying and distributed structures of organized data entities, related one to another by symbolic links. This technology set the foundations for a decentralized and distributed system of coherent self-verifying transactions: Multiversum blockchain. Multiversum allows, instead of the existing blockchain simple data model, the creation of a Relational Crypto Database (an advanced and organized data storage solution) which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data grouped in graphs of complex data structures related one another. Relations are now first class citizens of the blockchain and are assured by cryptographic methods. The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Smart Contracts

Multiversum believes in the importance of proposing improved Smart Contracts20 to the public, but at the time of writing, unless there is an adjustment in research scopes, has not decided to explore this possibility. Therefore, we are looking to include in Multiversum technology the Open Source solution that fits our needs at best, to be implemented as reference according with its licensing model.

Marketing Strategy

Operating in the ever-changing IT market, will update our strategy, communication techniques and company mission accordingly, focusing on creating value for stakeholders and ensuring the appropriate balance between short and long-term management logic.  One of the main tools will be Social Media Marketing: campaigns conducted on social networks to increase brand awareness, identify potential consumers, generate contacts and build meaningful relationships with customers. Our Social Media Strategists will carry out several actions that are part of a single strategic plan, starting with the management and monitoring of channels using dedicated tools and community development, focusing on contents and interaction and tactics efficiency assessment based on obtained results.  To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Andrea Taini
    Andrea Taini
    Andrea Taini
    Founder, Technology
  • Michele Roscelli
    Michele Roscelli
    Michele Roscelli
    Co-founder, Infrastructure & Integration
  • Matteo Monti
    Matteo Monti
    Matteo Monti
    Co-founder, Social Media & Marketing
  • Matteo Peterlini
    Matteo Peterlini
    Matteo Peterlini
    Co-founder, Art Director
  • Etienne Tomaselli
    Etienne Tomaselli
    Etienne Tomaselli
    Frontend & Mobile Developer
  • Andrea Di Michele
    Andrea Di Michele
    Andrea Di Michele
    Backend Developer
  • Enea Felicetti
    Enea Felicetti
    Enea Felicetti
    Web Developer


  • 1
    March 2018
  • 2
    April, 2018
  • 3
    June, 2018
    Start of Extended Team Development
  • 4
    +3 Months
    DBMS on chain abstraction, drivers, libraries, integrations.
  • 5
    +3 Months
    Check and Update System
  • 6
    +3 Months
    Proof of Integrity (or other Anti-50%+1 Hijack System) along with biometric data app on Android, Web, IOS
  • 7
    +3 Months
    External "Ethereum-like" apps system, multicoin and exchange support

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