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Mosaic (MZX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Some cryptoasset stakeholders struggle to demystify the entire sector of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, decentralized applications, and network utility tokens. As a result of this confusion, the stakeholders cannot make informed decisions. This is due to a massive void of information and research on crypto assets. At the same time, relying on unscalable, centralized research isn’t recommended because it’s often plagued by inherent conflicts of interests and other biases.

That’s where Mosaic steps in—a well-built information ecosystem designed to streamline decision-making related to crypto assets. 

Mosaic ICO analysis

The crypto-asset class is new, and it’s missing an unbiased research database—something that’s both accountable and transparent. Since there’s no robust database of information on crypto assets, the investors make decisions on the basis of hype instead of hard facts. However, with Mosaic, this investment behavior will change for the better. Mosaic is bringing a decentralized database of market intelligence. This ecosystem will successfully distribute market data and research intel using a completely user-friendly interface.

The entire ecosystem is powered by a specially designed market intelligence protocol. Only well-informed and carefully hand-picked Mosaic analysts post research content—market updates, reports, articles, and discussions—related to crypto assets. The users then read the information and rate the analysts. The holding company behind this network is Mosaic Research Limited; the company will further develop the network’s underlying technology along with its network of contributors.

The contributors will be either full-time or part-time and will be employed by the holding company; however, the analysts can even be employed by other companies. To improve the quality of the content available on the platform, the company has set some incentives that’ll be tied to the native cryptocurrency—the Mosaic token (MZX). This ICO token is designed to reward the quality and quantity of the contributions made on the network. In order to access premium content, the users will have to subscribe to the network.

All in all, the network works perfectly well to sustain the value of its native token and rise as a reliable platform for delivering crypto-related insights.

Mosaic innovation 

This ecosystem is fueled by innovation—something that’s common among different leading ICO projects such as Fabric, OnePay, Lympo, Shping, Joinwell.

Here are some of the highlights that make Mosaic unique: 

A complete platform offering crypto-related intel: The platform has its own researchers and analysts who’ll study a variety of crypto-related areas such as technology, product, user traction, market competition, token economics, trading, valuations, and risks. The intelligence report will finally let the investors access a data-driven analysis, rigorous insights, know how to invest in ICOs and other valuation frameworks that are hard to find elsewhere. With the recommendations done by this platform, the end users will find it simpler to decide which crypto assets are worth holding or selling.

A well-oiled Mosaic economic engine: This ecosystem’s economic engine is smooth and lubricated by buying or spending Mosaic tokens. The token holders access premium research and they use the tokens in the voting mechanism to prioritize all the research topics that should be covered first by the analysts. In addition, the tokens will be used by the users for rating posts and research analysts. The Mosaic staking system prevents misinformation. Furthermore, the contributors will be compensated on the basis of voting and rating systems and on their predictions’ accuracy. 

Mosaic token sale 

The Mosaic token holders will receive different benefits similar to other tokens such as Fabric, OnePay, Lympo, Shping, Joinwell that’ll be proportional to the number of tokens held. The main benefit is that the token holders will use the tokens for voting on the crypto themes that should be covered on the platform. 

ICO details

  • Ticker : MZX
  • Project protocol : ERC20-compatible tokens
  • Accepted currency : ETH
  • Start date : Feb 15, 2018
  • End date : May 15, 2018
  • Released tokens : 1,000,000,000 MZX tokens
  • Whitelist/KYC : Both 

Summarizing Mosaic

In short, this crypto project sounds good on paper. What’s more encouraging is that the team includes cryptocurrency researchers, analysts, and software developers—so the foundation is solid. As the platform will deliver value to both investors and analysts, it may receive a lot of attention in the future.

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