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Montis (MONT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

We can see that drastic changes in the climate have reflected some serious negative impacts on the traditional farming methods. In December 2017, we have already seen the adverse effects of crop deterioration in agriculture which starts prior than expected time. The issue of food production leads to the biggest problem of lack of fresh food production in Northern European countries and the UK.  The reason behind this damage was unexpected cold weather and rainfall in some of the sunny region of Spain. Apart from it, during 2017 we have experienced early frost in the wine growing region of France that causes decrease growth in grape harvest and leads negative impact on wine production.  These are two biggest crop failures issues occurred on the stage when we are just near to the end of solar cycle 24.

This climate conditions will become worse and ultimately culminate in the year 2030 when the reversal will take place in solar cycle 26. However, this condition will come to the normal stage of production around in the year of 2050. But at this period of time, it will become very hard to produce food through traditional agriculture method in some of the areas.  The grain crop such as soybean, corn, wheat and others which are utilized for feeding the farm animal will also be affected due to the climatic issues of extra wet, cold, weather comes with severe irregularities such as drought and superstorms.

In order to resolve this food production problem caused due to a climatic condition, Montis project has come up with some efficient solution. With this project, a company wants to maintain an efficient source of vegetables, healthy organic fruits and herbs at the time of adverse growing conditions. The team has designed a complete solution that can help to overcome the upcoming issues of food shortages. They have a team of professionals who are continuously working on this project to improve the concept and provide its clear vision to the public. Similarly, like other ICOs like DocTailor, Safinus, Property Coin, Montis has also come up with its ICO to raise fund for its project and issues the ERC20 supported token for it “MONT”.

Montis Intro

All About Montis Project

The Montis project develops greenhouse-based, hydroponic micro farms all around the word. The company is focusing on providing sustainable source of fresh and organic food production during the time of severe weather events cause due to climate change. They are mainly focusing on promoting the healthy usage of land and resources such as solar energy and water reclamation to run their projects.

With this project, company wants to provide efficient solution for food shortage issues by implementing outstanding indoor vertical farming methods in those areas which are unaffected with the adverse effects of food growing conditions.  Currently, Equatorial regions are not affected with earthquake or volcanic activities. This is a reason why Montis Project considered these locations as perfect choice where advanced farming technology can be implement to deliver organic and fresh food articles to the customers.

Feature of the project

  1. The project will provide completely organic and non-GMO food products which contain high-value of nutritional value.
  2. It uses a vertical farming method where less water and land are utilized as compared to traditional farming methods.
  3. The shipping and distribution method of the product will be done through a web-based interface
  4. The project will provide a user-friendly Graphic interface to purchase its products
  5. It offers easy ordering system with shipping

What is the Business Model of Montis?

The Montis Project represents a company that occurs as decentralized blockchain entity of its own.  The company is associated with its partner Aragon and designed a new type of business model that enables the individuals to work from anywhere in the world. The project is characterized by its globally structured team members who are located across the world but get connected with each other through nodes. This is a flexible team which is allowed to collaborate and integrate with each other with the help of smart technology and interrelationship through an internal communication network. All the team members can put their efforts by their giving time or through using the resources they have or with their expertise in own individual field.  It is a highly flexible network and fluid allow for the addition of resources in the team such as experts, technicians, etc. as per the requirement. This type of team structure is highly beneficial for saving the cost of a project.

The idea of cryptocurrency based crowdsale is a perfect option to raise finance for the development of this project. In this way, MONT token can be utilized as a perfect mean for exchanging value across the world without relying on traditional banking transaction. The project launches its token sale through the ICO platform called as Proof Suite. If you are also interested to invest in ICO events but don’t have enough knowledge of it then you should read ICO marketing guide or ICO planning guide that help you to understand it in a better way.

Brief idea about Montis Project Zone

The project has selected its zone in an Equatorial warm region which is extending from north 15° latitude to south15° latitude. The project modules will be constructed in different locations of this region. We can’t deny the fact that climate change has brought crop failure problem in 2015 due to the weather deviation that caused unusual crop-damaging issues in those areas where normal agriculture production was formerly possible. The weather anomalies include abnormal wet conditions, early frost and decrease in harvesting seasons. According to the company, this trend will continue until 2030 because deteriorating growing conditions increase in all regions of northern and southern hemispheres. The project wants to locate its Montis Modules in the Equatorial region to maintain the potential for food production.  To achieve this goal, Montis Micro farms are being planned in various countries that come within this zone.  All the modules will be worked independently but connected with the Montis team.

The project is targeting to have five modules in place at the end of 2020. The company is running its project with the goal of promoting vegetarian diet over meat-based products that consume a huge amount of grains. All the vegetables and fruits obtained from the Montis Micro farms will be enriched with high nutrient level because they are organically grown and free from gluten and Soy.

Sustainable Food

What is Montis Module?

The project Module is supported with hydroponic greenhouse Micorfarm that comprised of 40,000 m² (10 Acres) in the total land area. Every module is provided with sufficient space for 12 greenhouses, water storage and a solar array for LED growing system benefits. Apart from it, each location will also have a technical staff housing unit with the laboratory.  Additionally, it is estimated that water consumed by these modules will be less than the water utilized previously in traditional farming because of the implementation of advanced technology of hydroponic growing and vertical farming methods.  The standard module of the project is designed to be placed in different countries by using small areas of land without any need for arable soil conditions.

Concept of Montis Greenhouse

The Montis Micorfarm utilized a standard greenhouse which is a modular prefabricated enclosure created on the Dutch model. Each unit covers 600 m² (6,600 Square feet) and works on advanced hydroponic growing techniques and equipment’s. Apart from it, every greenhouse will be equipped with the facility of germination laboratory, water recirculation apparatus and hydroponic growing racks.  Moreover, they will be also connected with a solar array and electrical storage equipment to provide 24 hours LED lighting system in the area. The special water recapture system is used with Aquaponic pond contain live fish for recycling the water utilized by the greenhouse. Every greenhouse will have an ability to produce organic vegetables and fruits up to 60 different varieties. Additionally, they also have a good capacity for preparation and packaging the vegetables and fruits for shipping.

The complete process of planting, growing tray preparation, etc. will be automatically done and vertically stacked. To ensure complete safety and security, all the greenhouses will be monitored by the experienced technical staff. The special automated sensory systems are utilized with central computer console in the Laboratory building for monitoring purpose.  The project will make sure that every greenhouse will provide non-pesticide and organic fruits and vegetable enriched with a high level of nutrition.

If you are really impressed with this project concept and want to promote it then participate in its ICO and give your contribution to the growth of this project. In case you have any confusion then you can check ICO ratings and influencer marketing ICOs pages to grab authentic and relevant information about the running ICOs.

What Problems Montis Project Is Resolving?

Currently, we can see that food supply services from grower to the store shelf are easy and very quick in major countries through a “Just-in-time” delivery system. The delivery of food items is mainly done through trucks to rear the doors of a store where all the products are immediately going for the purchase. But, the problem arises with this system at the of climate calamities. For example, during Hurricane, stores were going totally empty in few hours with no option of resupply of products due to the outcome of the storm. In such situation of crop losses, a consumer will face the problem of nonexistent of the delivery or sporadic or great delays. This will create a bad condition in urban populations where fresh staples and other products are highly demanded.

Therefore, it becomes important to find a new alternate solution that can replace the deteriorating food supply. The conditions needed for growing through traditional method will become worse day by day. This problem will not only leave an adverse impact on farm belt area but also create a problem of insufficient food for farm animals which required ample amount of grain for feed.

In order to resolve these issues that cause due to climate change, Montis project has come up with an effective solution to ensure sustainable production of food items. The project is aiming to provide an efficient solution to overcome from the problem of food shortage by using the indoor veridical farming method on those places/locations which are not affected with adverse effects of food growing conditions. With this project, the company is focusing on developing a number of micro-farms through which they can produce organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. The company will also train new hydroponic farmers to promote the succession of spawned modules. Moreover, the portion of profit gained through the project will be donated to charities which are engaged in relocation, housing and caring for people who are affected due to climate change.

What is Montis (Mont) Token, Usage and Benefits?

The project will issue a cryptocurrency based on ERC 20 and represent it with the symbol of MONT. This token is a standard of ERC 20 cryptocurrency and purposed with the aim of promoting investment in the company and its future utilization as an exchange of value for production. This token will develop a global trading system for all those organic products which produced according to the project concept. The funds raised from the ICO will be used by the company for capital investment.  After this, the token holders will able to purchase the organic products directly with shipping services by using MONT tokens. The tokens will be utilized within the project framework for transferring assets. If it is required, then these tokens can be converted into cash for buying land equipment and supplies.

After the ICO, the token will be freely traded on major exchanges so that people can easily purchase it by using Ethereum.  MONT token is Ethereum based token so that it will be stored in wallets using computers, hardware wallets, smartphones, etc.

The MONT token will provide outstanding benefits of fast network speeds with easy transaction settlement within a few minutes. All the transactions will be securely stored on the advanced Ethereum based blockchain ledger. These transactions will be easily viewable to the user to ensure complete transparency and clarity. Moreover, the project will offer user-friendly graphic interface which is simple to use and make convenient to interact with Montis project for buying products.  If you are also looking for any best ICOs to invest, then this project can prove a good option for you.

Crowdsale Contribution

Information about ICO

The Montis ICO is now live. The investors can contribute in the ICO by using multiple cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, DASH, Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies but willing to invest for ICO then don’t worry because a company has added a Fiat Gateway for you. For contributing through Fiat gateway, you just need to follow the instruction for setting up your first Ethereum wallet will be sent to you with your MONT tokens. You can buy 1,000 MONT token for $30.00 by using PayPal. The Contributors will get their tokens within 10 days according to the transaction verification process.

After the sale, the tokens will be available via Montis Platform for distribution or to use for making a purchase on the Montis interface (GUI). The proceeds come from the ICO will be utilized for buying land, developing the infrastructure and for funding the distribution network of the project.

ICO Details

  • ICO starts on : 16th February 2018
  • ICO ends on : 16th March 2018


The Montis has launched its ICO to raise the funds for its project of greenhouse-based hydroponic micro farm. “Montis Project” is a company based on a decentralized network of participants who are located in different parts of the world but work together with the help of smart technology. The company is aiming to deliver a sustainable source of fresh and organic vegetables and fruits during the time of climatic changes or severe weather events. They are efficiently using the natural resources like water reclamation and solar energy to run their projects which are developed to fulfil the demand of food requirements at the time of natural climatic changes. The company will establish its farm in warm weather region where crops can be produced by utilizing advanced hydroponic vertical farming method under greenhouses. With this method, they are focusing on delivering organic and nutrient enriched fruits and vegetables which are not susceptible to cold weather and cold wet conditions.

Nowadays, we all know most of the companies’ such as Bunnytoken, Safein, Swapy, etc. prefers to launch their ICOs to order to raise sufficient funds for their project development.  Even more and more people are interested to invest in these ICOs as it can provide them great ROI in the future. In the same, Montis has also launched its ICOs to raise funds for the project expansion and development.

The ICO countdown begin, you can easily participate in this project through multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currency and reap good profits in the future. Grab more information on how to invest in ICOs.


  • David Dillard
    David Dillard
    David Dillard
    David is an Eco Entrepreneur, Architect and Conservationist. His concept for the Montis Project is to solve the food needs of a world affected by Climate Change.
  • Colette Fox
    Colette Fox
    Colette Fox
    Extensive experience in both UK and international non-profits.

  • Shannon McGuire
    Shannon McGuire
    Shannon McGuire
    30 Years in Marketing and PR. Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Restauranteur.
  • Vishal Narayanaswamy
    Vishal Narayanaswamy
    Vishal Narayanaswamy
    Vishal will lead our team in hydroponics and horticulture management.
  • Karen Prince
    Karen Prince
    Karen Prince
    Karen has extensive experience in Real Estate and serves as our global property advisor.
  • Adeli Rodriguez
    Adeli Rodriguez
    Adeli Rodriguez
    Adeli will address issues of security and financial management
  • Aleska Hidalgo
    Aleska Hidalgo
    Aleska Hidalgo
    (EQUADOR, SOUTH AMERICAN LIAISON) - Aleska is our coordinator for South American operations.
  • Richard Fox
    Richard Fox
    Richard Fox
    (UK, CHEF, WRITER & BROADCASTER) - Passionate about good food, sustainability & reducing food waste.


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