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MoneyToken (IMT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Spending crypto assets won’t let an investor benefit from a future rise in their value; that’s why many investors buy less crypto and hold their order to reap benefits. Now, here’s where MoneyToken comes into play. This is a crypto platform allowing investors to borrow different liquid funds instantly—the best part is that the borrowing will be done on the basis of your cryptocurrency asset holdings’ existing value.

MoneyToken analysis

This platform lets you take a loan by using different volatile assets such as Ethereum and Bitcoin as collateral—in return, you’ll get a loan amount that’s available in a stable currency. Once the loan is repaid, you’ll get back the entire collateral even if it has increased in value.


With this platform, you’ll not only acquire liquid funds but also save the crypto position and stay right in the heart of the long-term investment game. Put simply, with MoneyToken, there isn’t any need to sell your owned BTC or ETH whenever you need stable currency or cash.

This blockchain-based (similar to ArmPack, THEKEY, BunnyToken, Upline, TrustaBit) credit ecosystem is ideal for all those miners who’re finding it difficult to raise funds to get new mining equipment; it’s meant for those traders and investors who want to make it big in the crypto-investment landscape; likewise, the network is ideal for ICOs looking to access quick cash for short-term needs.

Lastly, the platform can even be leveraged by crypto exchanges looking to bring down the hedging risks by securing extra cash.

MoneyToken innovation 

MoneyToken is all about innovation. 

Leveraging the power of smart contracts 

This is a one-of-its-kind blockchain-based credit system where the value of any crypto asset can be used as collateral. However, the value and credit terms and conditions in this model are transparent and publically available at any moment—plus, they’ll be governed by smart contracts. Due to the presence of a blockchain and smart contracts, the lending model doesn’t need any intermediary apart from the link that ensures a transaction’s completion. As a result of the absence of intermediaries, all the financial institutes—banks and lenders—participating in the cryptocurrency economy can lower the loan-acquisition costs and improve the overall transparency of the process. 

A revolutionary lending model 

This lending ecosystem uses all the fluctuating crypto assets in the form of collateral. When crypto collateral is approved, a loan can be provided as a stable coin or currency. Here are the points that make this lending model revolutionary.

  • Automatic loan confirmation can be done within a matter of minutes or even seconds.
  • There’s no need for individual credit-scoring models for verifying assets.
  • Customers can regulate all the loan conditions within the ecosystem’s pre-defined terms.
  • High transparency is maintained during collateral evaluation. 


MoneyToken token sale

MoneyToken’s native token is used to fuel the transactions or exchanges happening within the ecosystem.

Here are some token details associated with this ICO project. 

ICO details 

  • Ticker : IMT
  • Price : USD0.005
  • Maximum emission : 22.49 billion
  • Private sale : February 7 to March 21 (Hard cap: USD 1,500,000) 
  • Presale : March 22 to April 12 (Soft cap: USD1.5 MM, Hard cap: USD 5,000,000
  • Token Sale : May 2 to June 6 (Soft cap: USD3 MM, Hardcap: USD35,000,000 MM)
  • Bonus : Available

Summarizing MoneyToken 

The ICO project is sure a smart idea—similar to other projects such as ViMarket, Dimensions Network, Cryptoneum, DenCity, SapphireCoin. With this project, you won’t sell your crypto assets to get a loan. Once the project is implemented, it’ll solve the problems related to using your crypto assets—Bitcoins or Ether, for example—as collateral.

To conclude, the project is promising and will be operational in the near future. However, we do advise every investor to go through the whitepaper to know how to invest in ICOs to get full picture about investing in any crypto project.


  • Alex Rass
    Alex Rass
    Alex Rass
    (CTO, CO-FOUNDER) - Founder of ITBS LLC.
    Master's Degree of Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.
    Many years of experience in US Fintech sector at places like Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, Bloomberg.
  • Jerome MacGillivray
    Jerome MacGillivray
    Jerome MacGillivray
    (CEO, СO-FOUNDER) - CEO of a global R&D software development company and Blockchain enthusiast, Jerome co-founded MoneyToken out of an interest in the future stability of the cryptocurrency world and a desire to grow the value of cryptocurrencies as both assets and a usable frictionless global payment currency.
  • Jeffrey Chudy
    Jeffrey Chudy
    Jeffrey Chudy
    (FINANCE) - Over 15 years of experience in valuation, risk, and consulting at AIG, Ernst & Young, Bear Stearns, Deutsche Bank and Citibank.
  • Owen Byrne
    Owen Byrne
    Owen Byrne
    Vice President of ITBS LLC.
    MBA degree from EDHEC Business School.
    Over 15 years of experience in consulting and management in IT.
  • Klim Davies
    Klim Davies
    Klim Davies
    With Klim's operational experience in business development and leadership he brings the necessary depth of knowledge to achieve MoneyToken's goals and maintain sustainable growth.
  • Ryan Swan
    Ryan Swan
    Ryan Swan
    BS in Computer Science.
    Develop Automated Trading Systems in equity, options and futures space.
  • Alex Fisun
    Alex Fisun
    Alex Fisun
    (COO) - With experience in marketing and business development strategy, Alex main role at MoneyToken involves strategic alliances and partnership development in both sales and product development.
  • Annette Miller
    Annette Miller
    Annette Miller
    (SUPPORT & COMMUNICATIONS) - Ryerson University, BA in Psychology.
    Over 7 years of experience in marketing, developing communication strategies and partnerships.


  • 1
    Concept development
    Formation of the team
  • 2
    Platform development underway
  • 3
    International Patent filing to protect, the IP
    of tie platform
  • 4
    Official Announcement of the Platform
  • 5
    Private Sale round
  • 6
    PreSale round
  • 7
    MoneyToken platform 1st release presentation
    Stablecoin as a loan currency
    Bitcoin and Ether as a collateral
    Repayment to Collateral Ratio selection
    Loan repayment using collateral
    Loan term extension options
    Early repayment options
    Amanda operating as loan assistant
  • 8
    Token Sale round
  • 9
    MoneyToken platform 2nd release presentation
    Options to become a lender, depositing IMTs
    Multi-currency collateral
    Exchange service
    MoneyToken Payment Card
    Referral program
    MoneyToken lending API for external
    platforms: exchanges, wallets, mass
  • 10
    MoneyToken platform 3rd release presentation
    Adding more popular stable coins as
    credit currencies
    Obtain financial licences and begin
    integration of fiat currencies as credit
    Adding successful ITO tokens with
    working products as collateral
    MoneyToken Mobile App
    Amanda as SaaS (Software as a Service)
    for other financial services
  • 11
    Full decentralization and Phase 4 of platform release
    MoneyToken decentralized exchange
    Decentralized decision making system
    Atomic swaps and multi chain
    transactions, smart-contract deals

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