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Miner One (MIO) Token Review – ICO Token News


A lot of people have developed an interest in mining cryptocurrencies due to their recent boom. But only a few have the knowledge and capability to mine the cryptocurrencies profitably. Many factors need to be considered for crypto mining, like stable power supply, electricity cost, safety, and security. That’s why Miner One has come up with an innovative approach for community mining. The platform is structured in a way so that both the participants and the management have a stake in its success. Every member of the Miner One community will receive a share as per their contribution to the project, which is represented by the Miner One (MIO) token. Every community member gets access to transparent accounting.

How Is It Different?

Cloud mining involves the mining of cryptocurrency utilizing remote data center and shared processing power. It allows the miners to mine the cryptocurrency without managing the hardware. A miner just has to register and purchase mining contract for this purpose. The miner has to pay the company for leasing the hashing power. Moreover the high management costs lower the return on investment.

The approach adapted by Miner One to mining is quite different. It is creating a community to build and manage the mining centers on behalf of that community. The accounting will be transparent and there will be equitable distribution of all output.

Cloud mining services often require you to sign a fixed-term agreement of one year duration. Once the agreement expires, your investment is lost and you have to buy a new one, usually at the approximate price of a new ASIC miner. On the other hand, Miner One (MIO) tokens, once acquired, secure your share of Miner One output as long as mining is profitable. Just like other Miner One community members, the management team will be remunerated through MIO tokens Miner One differs from other similar projects in that it puts the community first. This way, the platform is designed in a way that the founders make money when everyone else makes money.

Innovation – Miner One Cushion Effect

Investing in trending ICOs of the ICO list like BunnyToken, CoinMetro and Refereum have remained highly risky and highly rewarding too due to the high level of risks associated with the cryptocurrencies. One cannot assume that the future performance of an investment will be sterling, based on its past performance. Miner One is not aimed at speculation in Bitcoin. It aims at mining and hence serves as a cushion that absorbs fluctuations in Bitcoin exchange rate.

This is How It Will Work

Electricity prices are usually stable and fairly predictable. However, the mining difficulty is hardest to predict. Difficulty is adjusted regularly based on the hashing power deployed by the network of miners, to keep the rate of new bitcoin generation steady. If Bitcoin price range between USD 5000 – USD 30,000, your initial investment should be 2 to 5 times of its initial value in next 3 years’ time. Whereas purchasing bitcoin may leave you up, down or right. If BTC price significantly drops to around USD 100 – 1000, Miner One still be mining and over a period of next three years, will generate 2.57 – 4.63 BTC which amounts to 23 to 32 percent return on investment. Compared to the direct investment in bitcoin price in which the value would fall as per the decreasing price of Bitcoin, the “cushion effect of Miner One can efficiently amortize the negative effects of a lower BTC/USD exchange rate. The platform may yield you return even if there is a serious downturn.

Challenges and Solutions

Electricity costs and mining difficulty make it hard to tell how much cryptocurrency can be generated by a mining center. Assuming the bitcoin price to be between USD 5,000-30,000 and current costs of electricity and rate of difficulty, acquiring MIO tokens worth 0,001ETH can provide the necessary resources to successfully mine the bitcoin worth USD 2.15 – 4.86 for the next three years of operation.


MIO token holders have access to Miner One B-wallet which serves the purpose of both digital wallet and exchange. The wallet can be used to store, sell and buy cryptocurrencies, as well as receive the individual share of output. A Miner One debit card is also offered for payments and purchases directly from the wallet.

MIO Token

These Ethereum based tokens are digital assets that have value due to their underlying assets, associated rights and properties. Similar to other tokens such as Dadi and, MIO tokens are ERC20 compliant and so can be easily traded and exchanged. They remain valid for the life of a project, as long as mining remains profitable. Each token represents membership in the Miner One Community and a share in the output of the platform.

Token Distribution

The tokens will be distributed as below:

  • Public: 82%
  • Fundraisers: 10%
  • Research and Development: 6%
  • ICO Bounty Program: 2%

Crowdsale and ICO

  • Crowdsale start date: 15 February 2018
  • Starting value of MIO Token: 1 MIO = 0.001 ETH
  • Minimum amount required for participation: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Number of MIO to be created: 350,000,000
  • Pre-ICO: 350,000 MIO
  • Soft Cap: 3,000,000 MIO
  • Hard Cap: 287,000,000 MIO
  • Crowdsale End Date: 90 Days from the start date or when the hard cap is reached, whichever is earlier.

The Team

Pranas Slusnys: Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Andrius Mironovskis: Production Director and Co-Founder

Jonas Urdis: Legal Advisor and Co-Founder


Miner One is a cutting-edge, crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation. The community members contribute to building the mining centers and share their output transparently with the help of Ethereum-based smart contracts. To provide maximum mining efficiency, the management obtains the electricity at ultra-low industrial rates and cutting-edge technology at whole price. High-level security measures are taken to protect the investments of the community members. Each community member has access to regular accounting and reporting on all costs. The first Miner One mining center will be deployed in mid- 2018 which will focus on mining Bitcoin. The larger goal of the platform is to become the world’s biggest cryptocurrency mining operation.


  • Pranas Slušnys
    Pranas Slušnys
    Pranas Slušnys
    (CEO and Co-Founder) -
    Pranas has 20+ years of experience in the IT&T business and data centre construction and management with such companies as Atlax (Meninx Holding), Delfi, EasyTravel, Hostex (Telia Group), Microlink, RackRay (Interneto Vizija Group), and Salonium (Wahanda/Treatwell).
  • Jonas Udris
    Jonas Udris
    Jonas Udris
    (Legal Counsel and Co-Founder) - A corporate and public law expert with 12+ years of experience in the public and private sector, Jonas has managed numerous projects related to legal databases and business registries. He specialises in online voting and is an evangelist for secure and transparent solutions with end-to-end verifiability.
  • Andrius Gedvilas
    Andrius Gedvilas
    Andrius Gedvilas
    (Network Engineer, Expert, Architect) -
    With 10+ years of experience in network administration, Andrius knows data networks, VPN, firewall security, monitoring systems, and server maintenance. He has worked for TEO LT (Telia Group), Dicto Citius, ATEA, Alna Intelligence, and ATTREL.
  • Andrius Mironovskis
    Andrius Mironovskis
    Andrius Mironovskis
    (Product Development and Co-Founder) -
    Andrius has 10+ years of experience in project management, UI/UX design, and software development. A serial entrepreneur and startuper, Andrius focuses on Miner One’s overall visual and technical user experience.
  • Gediminas Rimša
    Gediminas Rimša
    Gediminas Rimša
    (CTO - Token Architect) -
    Gediminas brings a software architect’s perspective to Miner One. His focus is on the software that will need to be built – from smart contracts to tools for transparent reporting, to all other extras.
  • Saulius Radvila
    Saulius Radvila
    Saulius Radvila
    (ITT Architect & Project Manager) -
    Saulius has 10+ years of experience in ITT planning and deployment, server and data centre services management, and cloud services.
  • Dovilas Kazlauskas
    Dovilas Kazlauskas
    Dovilas Kazlauskas
    (IT and System Administrator) -
    With 12+ years of experience in system administration and network administration, Windows/Linux systems, Windows security, monitoring systems, IP networks, and VMware are Dovilas’s specialties.
  • Romas Kazakevicius
    Romas Kazakevicius
    Romas Kazakevicius
    (System Administrator) -
    With 25+ years of experience in system administration, process automation, and network administration.
  • Jens Eriksson
    Jens Eriksson
    Jens Eriksson
    (Business Development Project Manager (Sweden)) -
    With 22+ years of experience in finances, business development, and management, Jens has worked in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, and the UK for such companies as HQ Bank, Nordic Growth Market, SGM Stockholm Media Group, Spear Consulting, and the Lithuanian Forest Investment Fund.
  • Genadijus Zverugo
    Genadijus Zverugo
    Genadijus Zverugo
    (Electrical Engineering Expert) -
    Genadijus has 20+ years of experience in data centre construction and maintenance.
  • Konstantin Goreev
    Konstantin Goreev
    Konstantin Goreev
    (Data Centre Maintenance Manager) -
    Konstantin has 11+ years of experience in data centre construction and management.
  • Paulius Mažeika
    Paulius Mažeika
    Paulius Mažeika
    (Process Automation & System Administration) -
    With 17+ years of experience in in system administration, process automation, and network administration.
  • Dan Eriksson
    Dan Eriksson
    Dan Eriksson
    (System & Software Developer and Automation Expert) -
    Dan has 19+ years of experience in system and software development, testing, and automation.
  • Emilis Gutmanas
    Emilis Gutmanas
    Emilis Gutmanas
    (Data Centre Architect) - Emilis has 17+ years of experience in data centre construction and management. He is an expert in HVAC, electrical engineering, security system, optical cable networks and process control-automation systems with construction experience in 100+ objects and maintenance experience at over 400 sites.
  • Rimas Puriuskis
    Rimas Puriuskis
    Rimas Puriuskis
    (Digital Marketing & Community Manager) -
    With two years’ experience in sales, negotiation, and customer satisfaction, Rimas is developing Miner One partnerships and sales.


  • 1
    Official Miner One ICO
  • 2
    1st block of mining equipment purchased, installed and placed in operation.
    Miner One B-Wallet launch (iOS-, Android- & desktop-ready).
  • 3
    2nd block of mining equipment purchased, installed and placed in operation.
  • 4
    Miner One payment card available to Miner One Community Members.

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