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Metatip (META) ICO Review – ICO Token News


META token, built on Metaverse blockchain, has been developed with the intention of gaining mass adoption via smartphone users. It launched via a token sale on December 5th and represented a unique opportunity. The cryptocurrency market, once so clearly dominated by Bitcoin, has become fractured and catalyzed by the introduction of new thinking and new technology. META Token represents a vast leap forward. It offers investors the opportunity to become an early adopter of what is likely to be a significantly dominant cryptocurrency.

Key facts about META token:

  • Maximum supply of 100 million, non-mineable
  • Number of Decimals: 0
  • Fast transactions, between 10 to 40 seconds
  • Low cost fee, 0.0001 ETP per transaction
  • META wallet easily managed on smartphones
  • Very fast micro-transactions between different users
  • It relies on the Metaverse blockchain
  • It has a single-minded development team with clear goals to break into, and dominate, the mobile currency market

META Token on Metaverse

META token represents a digital asset on Metaverse. Metaverse is a decentralized project based on blockchain technology. It integrates Digital Identity Verification and Oracle Service Frame, concentrating on decentralized services including Digital Asset Registration, Digital Asset Exchange, Digital Identity and Value Intermediary.

Metaverse facilitates the running of decentralized code in concurrence with smart contracts. It enables transparent, secure, fast, reliable services, and payment handling. Smart contracts are a fundamental element of next-gen blockchain platforms. Single party manipulation or circumvention is deterred due to the selfexecuting nature and the fact that control over the execution of the smart contract is not left up to any one party. This ensures transparency, speed, and trust. Smart contracts hold tremendous value and credibility, which would enable META token to become the currency of any business, organization, government or even country.

How it works

  1. Request a transaction
  2. The transaction is broadcasted to a network of peer-to-peer connected computers called nodes
  3. The process of validation by the nodes is known as algorithms
  4. Verified transactions can involve cryptocurrency, contracts, records or other information
  5. They block the data together in a ledger full of transactions after verification
  6. The data block is then added to the blockchain and it is permanent; it cannot be tampered with and secure and successful transaction is completed

META as Global Payment

META token will create a world-wide legal banking alternative that is a decentralized blockchain based currency. It will utilize a user-friendly wallet targeted at non-technology savvy users. This will be a catalyst for mass adoption of the blockchain into everyday life.

Practical applications for META token includes:

Medical Marijuana –  In the United States cannabis is legal for medical use in 29 states and for recreational use in 8 states. The FDIC is very strict about restricting anything violating federal laws. Therefore, traditional banks are not facilitating legal marijuana sales at the state level. Leaving the $970M in medical marijuana sales in California alone, to operate as cash-based businesses. This is a huge market that can be targeted by META token.

Concerts and Events –  Due to its high transaction speed and low cost, META can target events that process between $100,000 plus per night. Removing the fees associated with traditional payment systems. Saving consumers and the service provider thousands.

Digital Advertising –  Consumers have become numb to regular banner ads and give them minimal attention. This is why adding a reward in exchange for engagement will be the next trend in reward-based advertising.

Augmented Reality – It will spawn lots of technology tailored to the smartphone users. META can be used as a payment system for AR services.

Small businesses –  Can incorporate the META token and create a rewards program that is easily affordable and scalable for any company.

Managing Wealth –  People looking to diversify their income, and the crypto market has no boundaries.

Converting Charities to Crypto –  The blockchain is considered incorruptible, as it cannot be tampered with. So, charity funds will be way more accountable, maintaining transparency and safe storage.

Travel. Flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises can currently be purchased using Bitcoin. META can approach major travel websites, travel agents, travel clubs, meet ups, etc. to incorporate the coin as a method of payment.

Education –  One of the most exciting uses in our opinion is education, being able to build schools in countries anywhere in the world.

Allocation and Supply

The price of a quarter of a penny will be doubled with every 10 million ICO tokens sold, until all tokens are exhausted. At this point we will have a public exchange for trading. 5 million tokens will go to developers of META and 4 million will be used for initial contributors and developers. This is the reason why the first round for investors only has 1 million tokens available.  This will ensure an even distribution of the META tokens while maintaining the weight of the asset. This offer will limit the ability of any single party controlling the majority of META tokens. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Tyler Cochran
    Tyler Cochran
    Tyler Cochran
    Co-founder, Blockchain Expert

  • Dennis Ong
    Dennis Ong
    Dennis Ong
    Co-Founder Developer

  • Greg Wilson
    Greg Wilson
    Greg Wilson
    Co-founder, Project Management

  • Chee Jun Wong
    Chee Jun Wong
    Chee Jun Wong
    Web Developer

  • Zen Goh
    Zen Goh
    Zen Goh
    Social Media Manager

  • Alson Chia
    Alson Chia
    Alson Chia
    Marketing Manager


  • 1
    Q1 2018
    Coin Distribution – Free and Investors
    METATIP Android APP Alpha Release
    Referral Bonus for Investors
  • 2
    Q2 2018
    Coin Distribution – Investors Only
    METATIP APP Android FINAL Release
    Exchange Listings
  • 3
    Q3 2018
    Metaverse Exchange Development and Listings
    New Exchanges
  • 4
    Q4 2018
    METATIP APP Becomes No.1 Mobile Wallet for META & ETP tokens
    METATIP APP Becomes No.1 Mobile Wallet for Metaverse Assets

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