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MDL Talent Hub (MDL) ICO Review – ICO Token News


One of the most important benefits of blockchain technology is the ability to keep undestroyable and uneditable track of records. It is already obvious to every industry enthusiast that this will change the world we live in. Transparency and eciency – these are two fundamental characteristics of the new era.  With the project development, we are going to setup an ecosystem market place for talents to exchange / sell / rent their gear & equipment as well as reputation-based partnership programs with brands to advertise their product and services with high-reputation platform participants. Meta-data mining will be enabled via Skycoin CXO protocol. This all will be supported by MDL Token.

MDL Talent Hub will probably not save the world, but the platform will certainly make it brighter. One of the fundamental features of the project is that it will be the medium for new jobs in the creative industry and give some meaning to the participants’ life. Isn’t it nice when people can find a paying audience for their talents and monetize their time spent on hobbies? MDL will make that easier! Brave New World is already a part of our reality and people consciously or unconsciously admit it and regret having dropped their hobbies and now push their own children to learn to be more artistic. MDL Talent Hub is conceptually what should happen sooner or later and we are happy to be the facilitators.


It is absolutely not necessary to be an IT professional or blockchain enthusiast to be able to use our platform on a full scale. A friendly user interface and an intuitive UX/UI will allow the participants of platform to use all the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency without the need for IT skills. By utilizing blockchain technology we are aiming on solving existing problems on already existing market, for an instance, we are going make processes on the talent market more reliable, easier, and cheaper.

Why do we choose Skycoin tech / Fiber?

MDL is [currently] not a dapp or a mere bunch of smart contracts. We see blockchain as important part of technical evolution. Most importantly – all the blockchains in our eyes are databases. Yes, databases with their peculiar attractive properties of being distributed and immutable. Ethereum is trying to put the entire world into one database; but for us as a startup it’s important to make sure that technologies we’re using are solid and well tested. As it was very well put on skycoin’s github, Skycoin improves on Bitcoin [and hence most of its forks] in too many ways to be addressed here, for an instance, there is no mining required so the transactions are fast and free. There several tens of developers are working on it as well as seveal other projects already use the technology. We suggest to have a look into their blog and maybe even glance at the whitepapers (

How MDL secures reputation

In order to facilitate credibility of reputation MDL Talent Hub will make use of two modern technologies – blockchain and PIDS. Let us explain in a simple manner how this will work. Persistent Immutable Data Storage (PIDS) is a new way to keep information. The technology allows storage of data on devices of users instead of using centralized servers that are viable to attacks. Nowadays there are two promising protocols being developed and already available for usage – IPFS and CXO; both promise substantial cost reduction and increase the speed of transmission. Once the file is uploaded, it receives a hash-sum – certain coded address of the file which anyone can use to access.

Blockchain is a technology that can be understood as a continuously growing list of records, which is impossible to change since it is stored in a decentralized manner and encrypted. High levels of encryption allow storing only bits of information such as hash-sums or URL addresses. What is good about this is that anyone can be sure that the list is unchangeable and immutable, that’s why it is also unhackable. In combination these two techs work excellent together. Pictures and photos of talents will be stored using PIDS and their hash-sums encoded into blockchain with a timestamp, so that anyone can be sure that the files are related to certain person and certain event!

MDL Token Hours

MDL Talent Hub will have Token Hours enabled via Skycoin technology. Basically they are derivateves of ICO tokens and work in the way that each hour a holder of 1 MDL Token earns 1 MDL Token Hour, for 10 MDL 10 MDL Token Hours per hour, and so on – the accumulation goes on the constant pace. At the moment they are used to pay for transactions like a gas to prevent transaction flood. On MDL platform, the Token hours can be spent on certain time-limited functions on the platform, such as profile customization and search promotion. After the transaction is made the MDL Token Hours are burned. More technical information can be found in Skycoin whitepapers.

MDL Token and Initial Token Offering

In January 2018 we have achieved hard cap on the pre-ITO with 0.5 mln USD. During the Initial Token Offering (ITO) that will last from 24th of March 2018 until the 25th of September 2018 or until we reach the hard cap MDL (SG) PTE. LTD. is going to collect funds for development of the platform, cross-border scaling and business development and exchanges listings, as well as R&D and

In order to join the ITO, participants should pass KYC (list of resctired countries is speci- fied in the crowdsale agreement) and install MDL wallet. Please visit to proceed. The soft cap of crowdsale is 200,000,000 MDL and hard cap is 400,000,000 MDL. During the ITO every individual will be able to purchase MDL with ETH, BTC, SKY or WAVES, institutional investors will be able to purchase MDL also in fiat. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Roman Tronenko
    Roman Tronenko
    Roman Tronenko
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Dmitry Timokhin
    Dmitry Timokhin
    Dmitry Timokhin
    Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
  • Dimitry Doronin
    Dimitry Doronin
    Dimitry Doronin
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Bulat Zamilov
    Bulat Zamilov
    Bulat Zamilov
    System Administrator
  • Nathan Horn
    Nathan Horn
    Nathan Horn
    Global Marketing Director
  • Monika Rofler
    Monika Rofler
    Monika Rofler
    Business Advisor
  • Andrey Podgornykh
    Andrey Podgornykh
    Andrey Podgornykh
    Financial Risk Manager


  • 1
    OCTOBER 2017
    Launch of Website and blog,
    MDL Token issue
  • 2
    NOVEMBER 2017
    GUI prototype
  • 3
    JANUARY 2018
  • 4
    MARCH 2018
    ITO (Launch of the MDL Mainnet)
  • 5
    NOVEMBER 2018
    Alpha Launch
  • 6
    MARCH 2019
    MVP Beta launch
  • 7
    APRIL-JUNE 2019
    Launch of Chinese version for local talents
  • 8
    SEPTEMBER 2019
    Expansion to entire China talent market
  • 9
    DECEMBER 2019
    Cross-border expansion to Asia
  • 10
    MARCH 2020
    Prosumer ecosystem marketplace
  • 11
    APRIL 2020
    Launch of Website and blog, MDL Token issue
  • 12
    JUNE 2020
    Mining system launch
  • 13
    February 2019
    Livestreaming implementation
  • 14
    March 2019
    Release on Korean and Japanese markets
  • 15
    April 2019
    Major partnerships with brands
  • 16
    May 2019
    Internal marketplace implementation
  • 17
    August 2019
    Expansion to the whole Asia
  • 18
    December 2019
    Expansion to Africa, South America, Western and Eastern Europe
  • 19
    May 2020
    Skymining implementation
  • 20
    August 2020
    Global expansion

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