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Ligercoin (LIC) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Since the beginning of civilization, Betting and Wagering has always been a favorite pastime. Through a natural process of evolution, it is now a structured and very large Industry. Casinos are a great source of entertainment for mankind now. New games, shows, food, and beverages add to the attraction of Casinos. With the advent of the Internet, Online Gaming and Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting have also taken on and are growing at a very fast clip. LIGER seeks to use the tamper-proof Blockchain technology to bring the Trust factor back between the Service Provider / Merchant and the Better. LIGERs objective is to make Betting safe, transparent and intermediary free. LIGER seeks to build a large community of Betters and Service Providers who use the LIGER Crypto currency for peer to peer transfer of content. The LIGER functionalities are designed and enabled in such a way that establishes one to one contacts amongst the User, Service Provider and potential adopter. Each stakeholder gets rewarded through a series of authenticated online contractual obligations getting fulfilled.

LIGER will use the Ethereum Blockchain technology to develop its Ecosystem. Since the Blockchain technology is typically managed by peer-to-peer networking with each adhering to a protocol for validation of each fresh transaction, it provides for secure and instant transaction between the payee and payer. It also opens up possibilities of growing and sharing the bounty for every community member at each step of the Community and business growth through the unique Staking and Token Burning mechanism undertaken in the Liger Business Model.


LIGER will be generated on the Ethereum Blockchain using the ERC20 Token Interface. It will be positioned for merchant acceptance across Online and Offline Casinos & Online Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting. LIGER will use SMART CONTRACTS to offer Stakes and Burn a portion of the Tokens corresponding to the Casino Wins. Technical proficiency and a complete end to end process mapping through an efficient and cohesive team is at the core of a decentralized set up that LIGER seeks to establish.

Live Gaming Through Liger App

LIGER will also facilitate greater participation of Gamers who will be able to place their bets without having to come into the Casinos through the Live Betting feature. LIGER will allow Token holders to participate in Live Casino bets in the Ofine space. The Token holder will be able to bet on such table irrespective of the geographies they are in. The unique integration feature will ensure that the Token holders will be able see the deals live on the Liger Mobile App. The settlements will be through the blockchain and hence be real time.

Casino and Fantasy Sports Websites

LIGER will launch its own Online Casinos and Fantasy Sports Websites. Initially, it will be through white labels. Subsequently, the games will be developed in house and be designed on the Blockchain. LIGER Online Casinos and Fantasy Sports websites will also incentivize the LIGER users and give them more value for money. SMART CONTRACT will be built into the system to trigger a Burning of Tokens to maintain the stability of Token prices and market capitalization. These Tokens will be burnt to eliminate them from circulation. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

Business Model

Every successful business has always created a differentiation through identifying the emerging trends proactively and developing the businesses in line with these trends. Using the technological advancements to create differentiated products and services is the core of all successful ventures right from Alibaba to Microsoft to Apple. Creating compatibility and hence customer loyalty through a supportive ecosystem is the key. True to our promise of decentralising the entire Gaming space, Liger provides the option to the Token holder to be on a side that he / she chooses. Token Holders can use the Liger Tokens to play games across tied up/leased/Liger owned Casinos or stake their Tokens to the Casinos to be on the Casinos side. With this initiative, Liger democratises the entire Gaming sphere. The Token holder is now assured of the Fairness of outcome as he / she is free to choose to play for or against the Casino. The Staking returns are computed on the Casinos protability and distributed back to the Token holders that stake their tokens. There is no requirement of any physical presence of the Token holders in the Casinos and they can contribute their stakes through their handheld devices for the dened period. The quantity of staked Tokens is visible to the holder as Stake Funds in his wallet.

The unique Staking mechanism allows the contributors to hold on to their Tokens and avoids the dumping of Tokens in the market lending a stability to the Liger Token prices. It also aids the participants to make their Tokens work and provide them returns as they hold them generating constant liquidity and utility for the non-gamers that come into the ambit of Liger ICO contributors. Liger helps the Token holders to always be on the Winning side either by incentivising them if they are Gamers or by staking their Tokens in case they believe in the age-old dictum that the Casino always Wins! Liger uses the Blockchain technology to compute the stakes, prepare the reserve, payout for the Stakeholders. This gives the entire process the transparency it needs along with the speed that the SMART CONTRACTS offer.  To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Francis Fitzpatrick
    Francis Fitzpatrick
    Francis Fitzpatrick
    Founder & CEO
    30+ Years of experience in the area of Sports Management, Media and International Law. Association with major global corporates like Philip Morris, Disney, Fulham, Newcastle United, premiership Soccer Managers and iconic Sports Agents of Wayne Rooney. Co-creator of a successful Global Kids TV series and Brand, that won 7 Emmy Awards. Francis’ experience and track record of signing multi-million Euro deals is an asset for the Liger’s business interest in the Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting areas.
  • Pratyush Bhartiya
    Pratyush Bhartiya
    Pratyush Bhartiya
    15+ years of experience in diverse areas of Payment solutions, Gaming and Poker sites, NBFC and Asset Management and setting up one of the largest Crypto Exchanges in India. Pratyush has a keen eye for emerging trends. He has founded successful companies like 1899 Gaming & Turf Sports (Gaming), Fiddo (India’s first credit wallet and online loaning NBFC), Verve (Technology solution provider, animation and gaming), BITFORT (one of the largest Crypto Exchanges in India). Pratyush’s leadership skills, and deep understanding of the Gaming and Blockchain Industry drives Liger’s Business integration.
  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore
    With more than 45 years on field, Chris has envious experience in the world of gaming and casino industry. He has served as a Director of Casino Training at British Gaming Academy in Leicester Square, London securing hundreds of trainees jobs in United States of America. He held the esteemed position of Director Of Development for more than a decade in various organisations across the globe. Chris helmed Casino Partners in 2004 in the capacity of a CEO, A Swiss based consultancy company specializing in the set up of Casino projects all around the world. With his monumental experience in the casino and gaming industry, Chris is one of those legends who believe in leading the path by example
  • Dave Carlson
    Dave Carlson
    Dave Carlson
    Dave is a seasoned IT Analyst and has enjoyed more than a decade in information technology and business spectrums. He was a Senior Partner at J. Frank Partner Network and D. Carl Associates where he worked at Decision Making levels across all functional disciplines primarily for clients in the manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Piyush Tiwari
    Piyush Tiwari
    Piyush Tiwari
    Director - Head of Business Technology
    A rewarding career with Harley Davidson and Fujitsu, Piyush has been into Technical and Business Consultancy since the past 4 years. He brings innovation and a keen Business acumen with a focus on ‘Process Orientation’ to the table. As a Leader of the LIGER Business Technicals, Piyush’s eye for detail ensures that each loop is complete and the processes are ‘watertight’
  • Ian Scarffe
    Ian Scarffe
    Ian Scarffe
    Ian Scarffe, Blockchain and Crypto Advisor, Ian is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.
  • Vladimir Nikitin
    Vladimir Nikitin
    Vladimir Nikitin
    World-class professional in consulting with over ten years of experience in legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Renowned cryptocurrency expert and one of the most influential ICO advisors with a follower base of 30000 plus ( Currently Top-2 worldwide ICObench Expert). Vladimir Nikitin is someone who understands the pulse of technological innovations in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Giorgi Topuria
    Giorgi Topuria
    Giorgi Topuria
    Giorgi possesses a Master's degree focused in corporate and commercial Law from Maastricht University. He has a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry and is skilled in self-learning, communication, international business, and accounting.
  • Oron Barber
    Oron Barber
    Oron Barber
    Oron has 15 years-worth of experience in the online marketing sphere and is an expert in direct marketing and branding. He is highly focused on the cryptocurrency market and fin-tech industries. Possessing an avid interest in blockchain technology, Oron has consulted numerous such firms and has been a partner in many successful projects. His thoughts on greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies for the gaming industry is in perfect sync with the LIGER business model.

  • Nikolay Shkilev
    Nikolay Shkilev
    Nikolay Shkilev
    Nikolay has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He has many awards and titles in the IT business. Self-Made Russia award, Tech guru, Super TOP award etc. Founder and CEO of Private Business Club. His Holding received "Enterprise of the Year" award in the Kremlin. Has a business in various directions.


  • 1
    July 2 - Jan 2018
    Business Idea, Core Team & Research
  • 2
    Feb - March 2018
    Company Regn & Gaming License/ENS as Legal Partners/GT as Auditors.
  • 3
    March 2018
    TokenGet as Technology Partners/ICO Marketing & Pvt Placement starts
  • 4
    April to June 2018
    Pre ICO & ICO
  • 5
    August 2018
    Exchange Registration.
  • 6
    Sept - December 2018
    Token Staking/Liger's Online Casino/Fantasy Sports website launch
  • 7
    Feb - May 2019
    Liger's Online Sports Betting & Offline Casino Launch.

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