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Kasko2go (K2G) ICO Review – ICO Token News


go2solution (Liechtenstein) AG is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund its development plans, in particular to finance the implementation of the innovative fraud detection system, the development of its market footprint (first Germany, Switzerland and Austria; later in the entire EEA and Asia) and the introduction of the tokenized ecosystem based on blockchain technology. The ICO targets to collect up to 22M EUR. The ICO will be performed in compliance with regulatory KYC and AML procedures and security technological standards.

About Company

Our history started with the development of cartographic databases. The uniqueness of the data analysis algorithms drew immediate attention of Google LLC, that bought our software on the spot and is still among our clients along with INTRIX, Inc. As data bulk processing and correct cartographic data operation algorithms are closely linked with driver’s behavior analysis, 5 years ago, we spotted an arising business opportunity and took on a new sphere – software solutions for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) carriers. UBI is a type of a customized vehicle insurance offering an individual approach to every client through analyzing driver’s behavior, selected routes, accident rate and weather conditions.

The first systems used telematics devices connected to a vehicle via OBD/CAN ports. During that period, we gathered an enormous amount of statistic data from these in-built controllers. Incessantly evaluating it, our specialists identified the crucial parameters allowing to simplify the assessment and created a unique scoring model with less parameters without considerable drop in the data evaluation reliability.

The Product

Our product is a digital, innovative mobile app serving as insurance carriers’ means to provide UBI comprehensive & collision insurance, that offers an individual approach to every client through the analysis of driver’s behaviour, selected routes, accident rate, weather conditions and other characteristics. Our App is a product where you pay as you go. There is no payment for the period when the car is not used. The insurance coverage is per minute, kilometre or day. It is easy to subscribe to and convenient to use. The mobile App is free and there is no additional equipment needed. The services are online, accessible through the App and provided by the trusted insurance carrier partners.

Our product is a part of the fast developing ‘Usage-based Insurance’ (UBI) industry, that builds on well-accepted key world automotive industry trends – including

  • Rapidly increasing car usage time in major metropolitan areas, which transforms cars in profit centres, as opposed to cost centre for every household,
  • Fast developing smart insurance market, uber-insurance and uber-like services market,
  • Increased driving safety, in-vehicle access to information services, rapidly expanding market for value-added services and
  • True usage based pricing.

We are creating the eco system, that allows to get cheap insurance for safe driver and to find low-risk customers for insurance companies. Our system is open for any companies that can provide their services on clear conditions self-regulating marketplace.

Digital technology makes insurance ‘smart’:

  • Telematics, navigation, and big data technologies enable precise profiling of insurance clients based on driving quality/style, weather/road/vehicle conditions, location and drivers’ social conformity,
  • Risks can be managed through individual adjustment of insurance premium to the profile of each particular customer,
  • Such profiling allows to determine a fair tariff / insurance rate for each client and of risk optimization for the insurer. We are all different, we should not pay the same, and
  • Creates a ‘smart’ purpose-based customer interactivity and building of relationship

Token Sale; KYC, AML

This section presents the way the K2G tokens are issued for the first phase. The Company targets two issuance channels or contributors categories: crypto investors and fiat investors. Both categories can be car users or other investors. The sale is preceded by a pre-sale. The sale is business/milestone driven. A smart contract ensures that the next funding phase only opens once the relevant milestone(s) is(are) reached. The issuance of tokens complies with relevant KYC and AML regulations and security technological standards. A total of up to 600M of K2G tokens will be issued during the token sale. Contributions will be made available in ETH (Ethereum), BTC (bitcoin) and fiat (EUR or USD). Each ETH contributed for the entire duration of the K2G Token Launch will entitle the contributor to approx. 8,000 K2G tokens.

Tokenized Ecosystem

This chapter describes the way the go2solution’s ecosystem will be tokenized with the help of the funds collected during the ICO, and the functionalities attached to the K2G token. K2G token will be the fuel of the go2solution’s ecosystem used by customers and go2solution’s third-party business partners worldwide. For each drive conducted via go2solution’s platform, the K2G token will be used. Tokenizing property will allow go2solution to uniquely identify insurance assets and transform the information to other types of businesses via a digital record.

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  • Genadi Man
    Genadi Man
    Genadi Man
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Dmitry Bakutin
    Dmitry Bakutin
    Dmitry Bakutin
    CEO R-Telematica and Start Kasko
  • Dimitri Wulich
    Dimitri Wulich
    Dimitri Wulich
    Senior Risk Manager
  • Andriy Khavryuchenko
    Andriy Khavryuchenko
    Andriy Khavryuchenko
    Board Member, Lead Blockchain Architect
  • Nikolay Gora
    Nikolay Gora
    Nikolay Gora
    Head of Project Development
  • Arina Man
    Arina Man
    Arina Man
    Co-Founder, Board Member
  • Anna Petrova
    Anna Petrova
    Anna Petrova
    Insurance Underwriting, Financial Modelling
  • Denis Dovgopoliy
    Denis Dovgopoliy
    Denis Dovgopoliy
    Investor Relations Advisor
  • Marcus Tuor
    Marcus Tuor
    Marcus Tuor
    Financial Advisor
  • David Braun
    David Braun
    David Braun
    Sales Advisor


  • 1
    Our mobile app is already running regions with 25,000 users

  • 2
    Q2 2018
    Ethereum-based blockchain
    Introduction of K2G token
    Launch in Switzerland, Austria, Germany
  • 3
    Scaling business model to adjacent sectors of insurance services EU and Asia covered by go2solution

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