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Iryo (IRYO) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Iryo for patients

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Introduction IRYO

Patient health data comprised of most sensitive and important personal information. If in any case, personal medical data leak out then it can be used for defaming an individual reputation, influences insurance performance, uses as a marketing tool, etc. But, if the same data is readily available to an only appropriate medical institution then it can lead to various benefits. This will prove beneficial for eliminating unnecessary complications that comes due to incomplete patient medical history.

The Iryo Network has come up with a concept of zero-knowledge health record storage platform with anonymous query interface. This platform is powered by blockchain technology to control the access on patient records and provide tokens to rewards users who agree with the consent of artificial intelligence (AI) research. The adoption of blockchain technology allows patients to securely access their data and also enable to share it with medical experts anywhere across the world.

Iryo Intro

All about IRYO

Every second, healthcare industry collects a massive amount of medical data but they are unable to use it for medical research due to various individual service providers who have their own unique data types and fragmented data. The Iryos will eliminate such issues by providing a network on the back of openEHR archetypes. These data types will be stored in universally consistent form and help to promote next-generation research of medical AI & big data. With the help of openEHR framework, the platform can prevent medical institutions from the reformulation of existing data types. The use of consistent frameworks for all medical institutions helps domain experts (clinical specialists & medical researchers) in their medical practice. In this way, a company will not only want to ensure global interoperability and but also improvise intrinsic value of the health data. The main components of the network are described below:-

1 – OpenEHR (Electronic Health  Record)

This EHR platform is supported by blockchain technology to secure patient-driven, data-access control.  The Iryo network is based on openEHR archetypes to offer transparent and universally accepted EHR standards create by medical experts to enhance the global interoperability in healthcare.

2 – Zero-knowledge Medical Data

By utilizing public-key encryption, this network allows users to get access and complete control over their electronic health data. This will enable patients to receive complete information about their medical data and also suggest the best treatment for it. The Zero-knowledge storage protocols will make sure that all medical data will securely store and get prevented from attacks like cybersecurity breaches, etc. If anyone wants to access patient data then first they need to get approval from the patient. This will be done when a patient will accept your request by clicking yes on their Iryo EHR app. The whole data is securely stored on the patient devices as well as backed up on redundant storage nodes that include:-

  • Patient Mobile Device Node
  • Encrypted Iryo cloud backup node
  • Encrypted Clinic Backup

3 – Public Blockchain

The use of Public blockchain in the network allows users to choose interaction with their medical history. It helps patients in:-

  1. Sharing their medical history with any hospital, researchers or specialists across the world.
  2. Patients receive different options to interact with their medical history
  3. Provide tokens for sharing health data with research institutions
  4. Allow paying for medical services with Iryo Tokens
  5. Give access to various cross-platform health app within the network

Similarly like other companies Gamblica, Alttex, PAYSURA, KickCity, Amon, Dentix, Bunnytoken, Cell Blocks, Iryo also trusts on the ethereum blockchain technology features.

4 – Iryo Token

The token is used as a gateway cryptocurrency by patients, clinics and research institutions to participate in the network. The tokens ensure patient privacy and cross-network collaboration as well as promote the level of medical research. The use of tokens:-

For Patients

Patients are allowed to share their medical history anonymously with researchers and receive tokens for it. They can use these tokens for paying medical services.

For Research Portal 

Research Institutions can access a huge amount of relevant medical data for their studies.  This will help in eliminating traditional expenses comes while acquiring a huge set of medical data and allow a new approach of targeting a large scale AI and Big research data.

For Iryo Clinics

With the help of tokens, hospitals and clinics can join the network of Iryo Healthcare. The real-time access to medical data will prove highly beneficial for providing quality treatments.

What is EOS scaling?

EOS will be responsible for making a network more efficient and scalable. The EOS “shards” will allow the platform to design dynamic and lightweight chain that helps in making fast and swift transactions. Sharing massive amount of data between medical experts like doctors, researchers and specialists will cost less expensive, save time and yield greater value for patients across the world.

Iryo Health Network

Immutability of Medical Data on the Network

The first layer of defense is provided by zero-knowledge encryption. The complete data is placed in encrypted form so there is no chance to change the data by any attackers. Secondly, redundant storage nodes and available medical data checksums on a patient device will support the immutability. If anyone tries to access the data, users will get a notification. Last defense is to search out a node which was changed. All storage nodes provided to patients have cryptographic proofs by writing hashes in the EOS blockchain. In this way, patients can easily verify that available proof was really there with a blockchain receipt or not.  So, if in case, checksum verification will not work the compromised storage node can be easily identified and replaced.

What Problems Iryo Is Resolving?

The platform has resolved multiple problems for different users that include:

For Patients


  1. Institutional data ownership: They have restricted access to their personal medical data
  2. Limited interoperability: medical data is split in different types of incompatible systems
  3. Low-security feature: Any unauthorized party can access the personal medical data


  1. Self-sovereign data:- Give complete control to the patient on their medical record
  2. Maximum interoperability: Provide highly effective treatment options with its interconnected systems
  3. Outstanding security: Health records are stored securely in zero-knowledge with modern cryptography.

For Medical Staff


  1. Terminated medical systems: Medical staff needs to enter  similar data for multiple systems
  2. Traditional user platforms: The old medical platforms are inefficient and increase the wait time for treatment and disrupt medical workflows.
  3. Restricted IT support: The inefficient IT supports is responsible for improper decision making and reduces work efficiency


  1. Single entry system: For recording data points consistently across all the systems within clinical workflows
  2. New efficient platform: Highly dynamic and efficient platform to improvise the efficiency within a clinical workflows
  3. On-demand support: The outstanding IT support allows hospital staff to get a better allocation of their resources

For Researchers


  1. Restricted researches: Vendor-specific medical data creates problem in getting efficient AI & Big data analysis.
  2. Limited research scope: The fragmented data create restriction in targeting the specific population
  3. expensive cost: Ineffective way of data gathering ultimately increases the research expenditure


  1. Increased the research capabilities:- Provide standardized medical data sets that can be utilized for big data and AI learning.
  2. Wider research scope: Allow to access huge effective and anonymous medical data
  3. Predictive costs: standardized data-gathering solutions for eliminating excessive institutional expenditure

For Clinical managers


  1. Single vendor lock-in: Hospitals and clinics are restricted with only vendor-specific IT ecosystems
  2. Increasing medical costs: legacy medical system disrupt workflows and high managerial overheads
  3. Centralized low-level security: There is always a chances of cybersecurity attacks with locally stored medical data


  1. Multi-vendor options: The platform gives flexibility to choose from third-party providers
  2. Cost-effective solution: It offers dynamic medical IT infrastructure solutions at low cost
  3. Decentralized zero-knowledge security: The feature of encrypted medical data offers easy reallocation of medical IT resources.

The IRYO network brings effective solutions to resolve various obstacles of medical industry.

Iryo Token

Benefits for Researchers

The network allows researchers to access data from larger research population for their researches. They can utilize research portal of the network to enroll people suffering from specific health conditions according to the parameters chosen by them.  By providing direct access to EHRs of a specific patient, network help in saving the time required for patient recruitment. This will also beneficial in saving the cost of a pre-recruitment process.

Benefits for Patients

With the help of Iryo network, patients will get alert to their identified modifiable risk factors for diseases and indicators. Once the problems are clinically verified, users will receive anonymous queries and provide with useful pieces of advice. For example, a patient will receive information that where they should consult for problems and which tests are beneficial for them.  Patients have full access on their data so that they can receive research results without sharing their health information.

How IRYO Tokens Works?

For Healthcare providers

The tokens are utilized by healthcare providers to communicate with patient’s data. The proxy re-encryption is used by the platform to encrypt the patient’s medical data with an undisclosed private key. After this, the new data will be stored on the patient device (app), Iryo’s cloud as back up and healthcare provider’s server or cloud. To ensure complete immutability, there is special digital fingerprint is designed on the EOS public blockchain.

For Researchers

Researchers can easily jump to access the global repository of health data by rewarding the interested users in form of tokens. There is simple notification send in the user app to ask that whether they want to participate in the specific study or not.  If a patient is not interested or rejects the offers then data will not be analyzed and all the information erase from the device. But, if in case of patient say yes or opts- in the research institution they will be rewarded in the form of tokens.

For patients

Patients can use their mobile app to grant and revoke the use of their data. When doctors requested for encrypted data the permission check will automatically perform on the public blockchain where grants are stored. This will helps in eliminating the chances of fraud or any misconception. Once the doctors get permission they can decrypt health data from the clinic.

Iryo token Presale

ICO Detail

  • Token Supply : 300,000,000
  • Soft Cap : $8.000.000 USD
  • Hard Cap : $26.000.000 USD
  • Price : +/- $0.11*
  • Type : ERC-20
  • Accepted : ETH & EOS
  • Presale Window 1 starts on : 28th March 2018
  • Presale window 1 close on : 3rd April 2018
  • Presale window 2 Starts on : 4th April 2018
  • Presale Window 2 close on :10th April 2018
  • General Crowdsale : 11th April 2018 to  17th April 2018
  • Restrictions :South Korea, China and US(Accredited Investors OK)


  • 28th March to 3rd April : 20%
  • 4th April to 10th April : 10%


1 – In 2015- Preliminary Research

3fs preliminary research was executed to establish common interoperability between international medical systems

2 – In 2016- seed

3fs offered initial capital and support for the establishment of Iryo. The team was created by authenticating proof of concept and pilot projects.

3 – 2017- Development

The network was announced to the public to address the common issues of inoperable medical systems

4 – In 2018- ICO+ Production Grade Implementation

The token crowdsale officially announced.  It’s a production grade fully scalable implementation for Iryo partners.

5 – In 2019- Iryo Public release

Integration of interoperable unified health records, blockchain permission and zero-knowledge storage

6 – 2020- Network Expansion

The network system will adopt value-added services. Design and execution of Iryo certified clinics.


Vasja Bočko (CEO)

Vasja has a strong background in the realm of investments, corporate finance and product development. He has good experience in building and deploying highly functional digital solutions. Vasja also worked in different positions for UniCredit, 3fs and Bitstamp.  He is highly talented and passionate about blockchain and crypto-based product development.

Iryo Team


Iryo network is introducing a blockchain technology to the medical world for the betterment of medical researchers as well as for improving the patients’ lives. The platform will mainly focus on interoperability and data ownership of the patient. This platform will prove beneficial in storing the patient’s personal information in a safe and secure way while making it easily accessible for the patients. Similarly like other ICO’s such as Kelta, Datarius, StarLight, DMine, SprintX, Aktie Social, PodOne, Adblurb, the company is also launching its ICO to raise funds for their project development.

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  • Vasja Bočko
    Vasja Bočko
    Vasja Bočko
    (CEO) - With a background in corporate finance, investments and product development, Vasja has more than 8 years of experience building and deploying highly functional digital solutions.
  • Dominik Žnidar
    Dominik Žnidar
    Dominik Žnidar
    (CTO) - A Senior Developer, Dominik has a proven track record of creating highly secure and robust backend systems. He specialises in Go, Erlang, PHP, Python, SQL & NoSQL databases.
  • Peter Kuralt
    Peter Kuralt
    Peter Kuralt
    (Head of Strategic Development) - With a degree in philosophy, Peter is a natural problem solver. He has extensive experience in strategic consultancy, and large scale project management.
  • Domen Savič
    Domen Savič
    Domen Savič
    (CMO) - Domen brings over two decades of senior leadership to the team. Before joining Iryo, Domen was the director of communications for Outfit7, as well as a journalist for two of Slovenia’s largest media outlets.
  • Andrej Mihelič
    Andrej Mihelič
    Andrej Mihelič
    (UX/UI Designer) - Andrej heads up Iryo’s UX & UI design team. Andrej is the co-founder of the successful mobile-app design firm, Calumaa. Before Iryo and Caluma, Andrej was a lead designer and project manager for Akrapovič, Marand, Povio and Iconomi, the world’s first decentralised fund management platform.
  • Tjaša Zajc
    Tjaša Zajc
    Tjaša Zajc
    (Business Development & Communications) -
    Tjaša holds a master’s degree in health management & economics. Previously, she was a medical journalist covering advances in digital health and has experience with a variety of digital healthcare systems.
  • Alberto Malave
    Alberto Malave
    Alberto Malave
    (Project Manager) -
    Alberto brings an array of international experience having worked for several early age start-ups like NoteVault and Houzz. He is the lead project manager for Iryo. He received his degree from the University of British Columbia.
  • Luka Perčič
    Luka Perčič
    Luka Perčič
    (Lead Blockchain Researcher) - Luka is the creator and founder of ZeroPass, a distributed and easy to use key management system. A long time proponent of crypto-based, zero-knowledge solutions, Luka is Iryo’s lead blockchain researcher.
  • Črt Vavroš
    Črt Vavroš
    Črt Vavroš
    (Blockchain Developer & Security) - Advisor
    ZeroPass co-founder, Črt has more than 6 years developing C++, cybersecurity and cryptography based solutions. He has previously worked for Virgo-In(Sarl) and Inovatium, a blockchain backed startup.
  • Nejc Škerjanc
    Nejc Škerjanc
    Nejc Škerjanc
    (Blockchain Developer) - Nejc is the third co-founder of ZeroPass and has experience developing large-scale ERP security systems. He holds a master’s degree in computer & information science and is proficient in C++, Objective-C, and Python.
  • Matevž Mihalič
    Matevž Mihalič
    Matevž Mihalič
    (Backend Developer) - Matevž brings over a decade of software engineering experience to Iryo, he specialises in Go, Python, JS, Elm, Docker and Ansible.
  • Mateusz Krasucki
    Mateusz Krasucki
    Mateusz Krasucki
    (Backend Developer) - Before joining Iryo, Mateusz was the technical lead for 3fs’ MDI initiative. He’s worked alongside the majority of the Iryo team on creating reliable digital infrastructure for other projects.


  • 1
    Preliminary Research
    3fs executed preliminary research on establishing common interoperability between international medical systems.
  • 2
    3fs provided initial capital and support to establish Iryo. The team began by validating several proof of concepts and pilot projects.
  • 3
    The Iryo Network was introduced to the public in order to address common downfalls of inoperable medical systems.
  • 4
    Iryo Public Release
    Official crowdsale of Iryo tokens. Production grade, fully scalable implementation for Iryo partnerships.
  • 5
    Iryo Integration
    Integration of interoperable unified health records, zero-knowledge storage, and blockchain permissions.
  • 6
    Network Expansion
    Iryo Network system support and adoption of value-added services. Design and execution of Iryo certified clinics.

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