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Intiva Health (NTVA) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The Intiva Health Platform, developed by Intiva Health, is the first integrative career platform allowing licensed medical professionals, such as Doctors of Medicine (MD), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Doctors of Dental Surgery (DDS), Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Doctors of Pharmacy (PharmD), Physician Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Registered Nurse (RN), and more (collectively, “LMPs”), to manage every aspect of their career, such as credentials, licensure management, continuing education coursework, insurance, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant communication, and job opportunities. The Platform also enables LMPs to connect with facilities and medical groups, such as hospitals, medical groups, skilled nursing facilities, urgent care clinics, home health, and more (collectively, “FMGs”), in order to streamline recruitment efforts, expedite credentialing processes, and maintain compliance. This results in an unprecedented and seamless solution that relieves administrative burdens for both LMPs and FMGs. The Intiva Health Platform currently has thousands of LMP and FMG users.

The Intiva Health Platform offers a suite of solutions that facilitate compliance and organization for LMPs and FMGs completely free. The Intiva Health Platform also provides Key Partners targeted access to LMPs and FMGs through the Intiva Marketplace, while protecting the identity of individuals and entities participating on the Platform (“Users”) by only allowing access through expressed consent. Key Partners include, but are not limited to, partners in pharmaceutical, continuing education, and professional liability companies.

Strategic Plan & Distributed Ledger Implementation

Based on the existing customer base, data set, and product line, the Company is uniquely positioned to be the industry leaders in healthcare data and career management platforms in what is projected to become the largest employment sector in the United States in 2022. As the Company looks forward, the organization has recognized an opportunity to address significant issues with existing practices, particularly in LMP credentialing. Existing practices, detailed in the section entitled “Current State of Credentialing Process” below, are often entirely analog, inefficient, and wasteful. It is not uncommon for a LMP to wait several weeks to months to be granted privileges to practice with a FMG, which results in billions of dollars in financial loss, many wasted hours, and a material decrease in the quality of healthcare for patients.


As Dr. Leemon Baird describes in Overview of Swirlds Hashgraph, “the Hashgraph data structure and Swirlds consensus algorithm provide a new platform for distributed consensus.”6 Hashgraph offers a number of technological benefits over traditional blockchain technology. Due to material data structuring differences, Hashgraph ensures that no individual can manipulate the order of transactions; no individual can stop or delay a transaction; and transaction speeds are significantly faster. Hashgraph is Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant and Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) compliant. Intiva Health is thrilled to be one of the few companies awarded a direct partnership with Swirlds to develop a Hashgraph-based platform. The Company is currently integrating Hashgraph technology and is expected to be the first market application to utilize Hashgraph technology.


Before documents are written onto the Hashgraph-powered ledger, documents will be encrypted and broken into fragments for storage across the node network. Fragmentation refers to the process of splitting a file into a number of pieces before distribution. Fragmentation creates additional layers of security and privacy for every document in the system, and ensures that in the unlikely event that a node is compromised not a single document will be exposed.

Intiva Token (NTVA)

The Company is issuing a token called Intiva Token (“NTVA”). NTVA has been built to embody the principles of cryptocurrency, and pledges to bring a meaningful and operational product to the table, while offering a fair allocation of ICO tokens. NTVA is the first to serve LMPs by offering incentives to participate in the Intiva Health Platform. Each time a User action is taken, there is a token reward for the action. As a result, NTVA will be owned directly by Users of the Intiva Health Platform. The Intiva Health Platform is the first publicly available Hashgraph-based platform to incorporate a tokenized economy. The sole purpose of NTVA is to be used within the Intiva Health Platform. NTVA can be used to purchase goods and services on the Intiva Health Platform, such as continuing medical education (CME) courses, malpractice insurance, medical devices, and medical equipment. NTVA also enable Users to unlock special benefits, like discounts and promotions from Key Partners. Furthermore, NTVA add value to the Platform by providing a digital trail of transactions.

Beyond use for LMP-oriented services on the Intiva Health Platform, the Company is making arrangements with several foundations and charities that will accept the transfer of NTVA as an official donation method. Among these charities are partners like the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Foundations and charitable organizations may use NTVA on the Intiva Health Platform to purchase advertisements, recruit LMPs, promote CME courses, and drive membership. NTVA is not intended for use as a speculative investment instrument. The Company will not pursue listings of NTVAs on public cryptocurrency exchanges or encourage the trading of NTVAs in any way. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.


  • Jim Comstock
    Jim Comstock
    Jim Comstock
  • Garry McIntosh
    Garry McIntosh
    Garry McIntosh
    Co-Founder & EVP, Chief Operating Officer
  • John Hartigan
    John Hartigan
    John Hartigan
    Co-Founder & EVP, Strategic Development
  • Edward Bolton
    Edward Bolton
    Edward Bolton
    President - Nexus Medical Consulting
  • Alexander Candelario
    Alexander Candelario
    Alexander Candelario
    Founder, Chairman
  • Chuck Fried
    Chuck Fried
    Chuck Fried
    President - TxMQ, Inc.
  • Craig DrabikX
    Craig DrabikX
    Craig DrabikX
    Technical Lead - TxMQ, Inc.
  • Miles Roty
    Miles Roty
    Miles Roty
    Acct. Mgmt. - TxMQ, Inc.
  • Peter Kirby
    Peter Kirby
    Peter Kirby
    Co-Founder & CEO (Fmr.) - Factom
  • Edward Bolton
    Edward Bolton
    Edward Bolton
    President - Nexus Medical Consulting


  • 1
    Intiva Safe
    Medical Professionals can securely store, manage, and share all of their documents and medical credentials from one place.
  • 2
    Intiva Careers
    Medical Professionals can upload their resume and easily apply for opportunities from within the Intiva Health platform.
  • 3
    Intiva CE / CME
    Intiva Health partners with the top thought leaders to offer continuing medical education.
  • 4
    Intiva Alerts
    Receive automated alerts on expiring documents, ensuring that you or your facility medical staff always stay in compliance.
  • 5
    Intiva CV Builder
    Strategically designed to highlight the key points of your professional experience, licenses, and specialties that medical facilities are looking for.
  • 6
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Design Work Begins
    Begin design strategy for an API that will integrate the Intiva Health platform with Hashgraph. Determine the requirements for future migration strategy.
  • 7
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Design Work Completed
    Completed the design strategy for the API that will integrate the Intiva Health platform with Hashgraph.
  • 8
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Development Begins
    Create and test the API conceptualized during the design phase. Begin working on the Hashgraph node development.
  • 9
    Announcement of NTVA
  • 10
    Intiva Connect
    Effectively enhances care team coordination. Download patient records, send out a lab order, refer a physician, and find a patient’s primary care provider in minutes.
  • 11
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Development Completed
    Complete the development of the API conceptualized during the design phase. Continue working on the Hashgraph node development.
  • 12
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Integration & End-To-End Testing
    Begin the process of verifying that the solution works in real-time with real scenarios.
  • 13
    NTVA Private Sale Begins
    Get a 50% discount during the private sale. Sign up to get whitelisted for the private sale here.
  • 14
    NTVA Private Sale Ends
    Last day to receive 50% off NTVA tokens during our private sale.
  • 15
    NTVA Pre-Sale Begins
    Get a 30% discount during the NTVA Pre-Sale. Sign up to get whitelisted here.
  • 16
    FMG Reviews
    Post reviews and rate FMGs to provide useful details for healthcare professionals looking for a new job and valuable feedback for facilities and medical groups.
  • 17
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Integration & End-To-End Testing Completed
    Complete the process of verifying that the solution works in real-time with real scenarios.
  • 18
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Pilot (ReadyDoc™)
    Begin the pilot project of ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network
  • 19
    NTVA Pre-Sale Ends
    Last day to receive 30% off NTVA tokens.
  • 20
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage I Begins
    Stage I of the NTVA Public Sale begins. Get 25% off during Stage I.
  • 21
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage I Ends
    Stage I of the NTVA Public Sale ends. Last day to get 25% off NTVA.
  • 22
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage II Begins
    Stage II of the NTVA Public Sale begins. Get 20% off during Stage II.
  • 23
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage II Ends
    Stage II of the NTVA Public Sale ends. Last day to get 20% off NTVA.
  • 24
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage III Begins
    Stage III of the NTVA Public Sale begins. Get 10% off NTVA during Stage III.
  • 25
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage III Ends
    Stage III of the NTVA Public Sale ends. Last day to get 10% off NTVA.
  • 26
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage IV Begins
    Stage IV of the NTVA Public Sale begins. This is the last week of the NTVA Public Sale.
  • 27
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Pilot (ReadyDoc™)
    Complete the pilot project of ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network
  • 28
    Intiva-Hashgraph: Production (ReadyDoc™)
    Begin production stages of ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network
  • 29
    NTVA Public Sale – Stage IV Ends
    Stage IV of the NTVA Public Sale ends. This is the last day to get NTVA during the public sale.
  • 30
    ntiva-Hashgraph: Production (ReadyDoc™)
    Complete the production stage of testing for ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network.
  • 31
    Marketplace Intiva Protect
    Introducing a full suite of liability options for LMP and FMG, including malpractice, general, high net worth life, and cyber risk insurance.
  • 32
    NTVA – Issuance
    Issuance of NTVA tokens to investors and shareholders.
  • 33
    IGo HD™ Integration
    Streaming services for interactive on-demand content pertaining to CME courses and webinars, training, product, news, and promotional material.
  • 34
    Intiva Patient Responsibility Solution
    Intiva Health Patient Responsibility Solution will enhance the revenue cycle management for LMP (Licensed Medical Professional) and FMG (Facility Medical Group). The solution contains proprietary integrations that allow LMP and FMG to determine collection viability at the time of the visit.

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