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Indicoin ICO Review – ICO Token News

IndiCoin, being the first Indian Cryptocurrency, prides in a platform that syndicates a distribution portal as well as an autonomous social service digital App, for people to come, interact and vote. IndiCoin, having developed as a virtual currency, makes a brand itself. It aims not only to be another Cryptocurrency in the race, but a platform where people can contribute their goodness and be part of a change in the community, society and also financial system of the world.

IndiCoin has always been generous towards a diverse social activities and lifecycle fragments. These are following:

  • Education
  • Woman empowerment
  • Health Industry
  • Children
  • Disability
  • Senior citizen and their rights
  • Natural catastrophe service and management
  • Rural area development
  • Food and hunger
  • Human rights
  • Animal and environment

The birth and evolution –

IndiCoin was brainstormed with an aim to reach out to the broken sectors of society. Being featured by DApp (Data acquisition and processing program), it enables people to stake any sort of proof-of-work, such as images, illegal document leaking, LIVE videos and e-way bills with complete anonymity and receive Indi Token in exchange. The bottom line is IndiCoin community will then address every broken sector of the society with instant solutions and future plans.

Aims and objectives

  • To form a wide-ranging community, who are encouraged to give something back to the society by performing positive and constructive tasks.
  • Considered as a new paradigm, IndiCoin is infusing technology with social fabric.
  • It aims to push the boundaries for technology, so that anyone with the similar bent of mind can be part of global internet. Well, that’s not it. It is also creating a platform where people can express and impress with the submission of their society-oriented works.

IndiCoin and its ICO

Pre-sale starts on = September 10th, 2017

Ends on = September 20th, 2017

ICO starts on = October 1, 2017

Ends on = November 1, 2017

The valuable opportunities

It was set at 1 Indian Rupee per/IndiCoin and 0.016 USD (approximately) for the ICO. Investing in the coin surely creates an opportunity for profits, if or when its market price picks the hike.

Here goes the breakdown –

Country = India

ICO price 1 ETH = 12, 500 INDI

Pre ICO starts and ends = 10th of September, 2017 to 20th September 2017

Public ICO starts and ends = 30th September 2017 to 1st November 2017


IndiCoin is aiming to be integrated into smart contract for various social vaults’ progress, at the same time collaborating with NGOs and various other social networks.

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