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Imigize (IMGZ) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Imigize Overview

Imigize has already created a production-scale measurement center of 3D scanning and integrated it with the most advanced manufacturing equipment capable of scanning a million pairs of shoes in a year. Imigize also has the approval of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for international patent applications and has started the process of patent localization in the US, China, Russia, EU, and Japan.

The mobile application of Imigize, integrated with the algorithm for computing the vital statistics of the feet and their compatibility with shoes along with the evaluation of comfort, is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Imigize blockchain ecosystem

  1. Imigize Service Blockchain (ISB) ecosystem, based on “3D contactless fitting” technology provides reliability, convenience, and a low cost of shopping. It creates transparency for users and offers protection against the manipulation of any transaction.
  2. It also offers regulated access to the data system, which gives all the ecosystem participants the opportunity to acquire and utilize vital information in automatic mode using “smart contracts”.
  3. Blockchain increases the total effectiveness of the service for all market players by creating an information chain from buyers to sellers. It includes the producers of clothing, and marketplayers such as financial institutions interested in investing in efficient production.
  4. The service also covers state regulators as well as rating agencies, evaluating manufacturers according to the criteria of comfort provided by shoes and clothes.

Imigize blockchain platform

  1. The decentralized partner platform works as a mediator and unites all players from the sphere of production, supplies, and online trade in clothing and footwear.
  2. The platform allows for distributed data processing for integration and management within the ecosystem.
  3. All interactions between ecosystem participants will take place using Ethereum blockchain solutions.

Imigize Intro

Information structure of the database

  1. Customers scan their feet using the mobile app and based on the anthropometric data, 3D models are created.
  2. Imigize services produce the customers’ digital anthropometric data and store it in a customer database generating the customers’ ID.
  3. That ID will be sent to customers so that they can connect it to use that ID made for the purpose.

How does Imigize work?

Initially, all participants will have to go through a registration and verification process. Simultaneously Imigize creates an Ethereum wallet or a blockchain account, giving an address and a private key to the wallet. On the basis of verification, each participant is given access to the corresponding personal account and decentralized webblocks, containing public API to get information about the participants working on the platform. The functionality of the platform is implemented with the help of smart contracts; Imigize is heaven for shopping online.

It takes care of all issues related to online purchase of shoes and clothes, fitting accuracy, and level of comfort. It also includes 3D data of customers’ shoes and clothes, fitting, and comfort as well as the storage of the data into blockchain platform (ICOs such as Bunnytoken, Adblurb, DataBroker). This allows it to come up with the best fit options for shoes and clothes for a particular customer.

Other benefits include the integration of feedback from users and web stores as well as the development of specific algorithms and formulas to build ICO ratings on a variety of parameters. Providing a protocol and channels of information exchange is another vital function of the platform.

Existing problems in traditional online shopping

Private information theft and distrust

  1. Proper size selection and increase in the likelihood of the consumer’s private information ending up in the hands of the wrong person are some obstacles to the dynamic development of the online market.
  2. It results in causing distrust of online shopping among consumers.

Insufficient data

  1. For suitable size selection, fittings based on the 2D measurement – length and width of the internal volume of the shoe don’t provide sufficient data for precise adjustment.
  2. They are limited to a certain range of soft sports shoes with laces only.

Inaccurate and repeated data

  1. The internal footwear measurement methods are few in number as they are heavily dependent on the human factor and are labor intensive.
  2. This reduces accuracy and increases repeatability.

Solutions offered by Imigize

Imigize is a blockchain ecosystem of the global online market of footwear and clothing based on “3D contactless fitting” technology. It makes online shopping easier than ever for consumers; it is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services over the internet.

Precise and accurate data

  • Digital personal anthropometric data and innovative “3D contactless fitting” technology from Imigize provide the precise and accurate size of a pair of shoes.

Safe and secure transaction

  • Purchase these products online with ease and convenience. It also allows safe and protected transactions using the IMGZ ICO marketing guide, blockchain-based tokens as well making the concept of proper size selection more precise in online shopping.

Transparent and unbiased information

  • Based on the service database and blockchain technology (tokens such as Energy Premier, TokenLend, CryptoLoans), this ecosystem allows all participants, buyers, online stores, distributors, manufacturers, rating agencies, internet search services and financial structures, and the state regulators to actively engage and take advantage of the information generated by the ICO planning guide

Imigize token sake

Benefits of the Imigize online store

1 – The contactless footwear fitting from Imigize is a simple and convenient tool for the mass use of shoe shopping online.

2 – The 3D models of the customer’s feet and the internal volume of the shoe undergoes precision matching via the PCT patent method.

3 – It ensures maximum accuracy of the size selection of the shoe as it is based on 3D measurements that even factor in the customers’ personal comfort levels.

4 – Returns are minimized to 10%-15% of online transactions ensuring a significant reduction in transportation and other costs.

5 – This ICO will draw most of the offline customers to online stores in the next 5-7 years.

6 – Customers appreciate the convenience of the service as the Internet offers more choices and better prices than conventional stores.

7 – Online sales experience higher conversion rates and larger orders because of the certainty that items will fit.

8 – Transactional profit results from calculations of marginal inventory per square foot, inventory turnover, and marketing expenses.

9 – As shoe manufacturers will supply only quality shoes; it will result in profit for online shops.

10 – Imigize recommendations about the specific parameters of the customer’s feet in each regional market will be of great value.

About the IMGZ ICO

IMGZ is an open-source cryptographic token, which is needed for transactions between members on the platform. The ICO community management and their all members such as buyers, online stores, distributors, manufacturers, rating agencies, internet search services, and financial entities can use IMGZ tokens.

These are the best ICOs tokens to invest as a payment for Imigize services; all online retailers who sell shoes and clothing, obtain the right to use contactless fitting service for their customers.

The value of 1 IMGZ token = 0.00017642 ETH

On January 11, 2018, at 11.30 a.m. the value of the token was fixed in ETH; since then the final price of a token is exchanged in ETH and it doesn’t change. IMGZ tokens can be used for the following payments:

  1. By manufacturers, as they need to pay for the right to use information about the shoes and apparel comfort and fitting degree for their production.
  2. By web stores for getting the right to use the services of contactless shoes and clothing fittings.
  3. By rating agencies, as they need to use the verified information and compile analytical reports across the overall industry.
  4. By customers as they need to pay for online purchases of clothing and footwear from online stores at huge discount prices. For taking the advantage of discounts, all buyers of clothes and shoes need to buy IMGZ token in advance.

By using IMGZ tokens, fiat currencies can also access its services. It includes different sovereignty, where it is already in use or where it is just discussed. Therefore, all Imigize service blockchain ecosystem participants act for mutual settlements in all economic transactions using IMGZ tokens only. It includes indirect methods such as, introduction of up to 90% discount, for the token holders when paying for the use of ICO services in countries where token payments are not accepted. So, in order to get information on fitting degrees, manufacturers, stores, and other participants of the ecosystem, you can access the discount of up to 90% by showing IMGZ tokens. There are many ICO companies which launches an airdrop, the procedure of distributing tokens by awarding them to existing holders of particular digital currencies.

The chances of opening more scanning centers of shoes and clothing will increase with the purchase of more and more IMGZ tokens. To get the regular updates on ICOs you can view ICO list  and can get a better idea about the best ICOs to invest. Imigize hopes the token holders will increasingly use the token and measure their feet at their pickup centre, where scanners are installed. Alternatively, they can use the mobile app, to enhance the database of their 3D models and improve the statistics for access.

Imigize Tokens

Token sale update

Pre-token sale updates

  • Start date of pre-token sale: January 15, 2018.
  • End date of pre-token sale: March 5, 2018.
  • Activity period: 50 days.
  • The goal of attraction of financial resources is USD1,000,000 in BTC, ETH.
  • General bonus during the token sale is 25%.
  • Pre-token sale price: 1 ETH = 7014,375 IMGZ (including 25% bonus).
  • Minimum buying transaction: 0.7 ETH.
  • Maximum buying transaction: unlimited.

Token sale in April 2018:

  • Token sale start date: April 20, 2018.
  • Token sale end date: July 8, 2018.
  • Activity period: 50 days.
  • The goal of attraction of financial resources is USD60,000,000 in BTC and ETH.
  • Soft cap: USD1,000,000.
  • Hard cap: USD60,000 000.
  • Token sale price: 1 ETH = 5,611.5 IMGZ (not including bonuses).
  • Minimum buying transaction: 0.7 ETH.
  • Maximum buying transaction: unlimited.

Accomplishments to date

  • The platform eliminates fitting restrictions for the purchase of online shoes and clothes.
  • Production of comfortable footwear and clothing gets stimulated.
  • Reliability of the services has increased in the shoe size selection.
  • Fitting degree has increased by 92%-95%.
  • Reduction in returns has reduced to 10%-15%.

Over the last six months Imigize has rolled out a service demonstration on a daily basis for consumers and journalists at its centers in St. Petersburg. It allows visitors to open an account on their web page  to scan their feet and validate the recommendations of the Imigize algorithm in choosing the right-sized shoe. Thereafter they can try out the suggested shoes and see if the recommendation of the algorithm is accurate. This service is also available in the Imigize company office in St. Petersburg.


This ICO has created a new ecosystem of participants in the worldwide online market and works as a bridge between the global clothes and footwear market and blockchain technology. Based on personal anthropometry, it generates a vast amount of data on the dimensional fitting of clothes and footwear and the parameters of their comfort. All the data is stored in the blockchain system, which users of Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem are able to access. They are able to obtain this new valuable information without disclosing personal data of the end users. You can even check out an ICO beginners guide to get more details on how the tokenized economy works.

This ICO brings together all online market participants, allowing them unlimited access to a vast pool of Big Data, which it uploads into the blockchain to develop a comfortable decentralized ecosystem. Hence, it removes all information obstacles between all players of the clothes and footwear market. Finally, all the market players get the opportunity to interact more effectively with each other in the framework of the information, industrial, economic, and financial relations of the Imigize Service Blockchain platform. You can refer ICO stats for more information.

For more updates on how to invest in ICOs, refer to a trusted source where you will get all the updates on the latest and trendiest ICOs.


  • Valery G.Chernik
    Valery G.Chernik
    Valery G.Chernik
    (CEO, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong) - CEO, founder, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Physicist, businessman with experience more than 25 years
  • Mike Tchernik
    Mike Tchernik
    Mike Tchernik
    (Director, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong) - Founder, the businessman with experience more than 20 years. Global Sales and Marketing. Lean Production Expert.
  • Sergey Gavrilyuk
    Sergey Gavrilyuk
    Sergey Gavrilyuk
    Chief Operating Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong

    Founder, businessman with 10 years of experience. Crisis management Expert, International Marketing and project management.
  • Dmitriy Borodin
    Dmitriy Borodin
    Dmitriy Borodin
    (Chief Information Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong) - CIO Web Technologies, Founder, Software Architect of HighLoad/ Web 2.0, Blockchain Expert businessman with 15 years of experience.
  • Oleg Lebedev
    Oleg Lebedev
    Oleg Lebedev
    (Chief Information Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong) - CIO Measuring Complex, Founder, Software Architect, Biometry, Computer Vision, Neural Network, AI, More than 15 years of experience in Biological Statistics.
  • Alexander Kosov
    Alexander Kosov
    Alexander Kosov
    (CTO Imigize Group
    Head of the WEB Programming Department) - Fullstack Web Developer, Highload, Distributed systems, Fault Tolerance. Top qualified programmer, more than 20 programming languages.
  • Arseny Lunyov
    Arseny Lunyov
    Arseny Lunyov
    (CTO Imigize Group
    Head of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and R&D) - Physicist, International laureate and Curator of teams-winners of international competitions. Mathematical modeling, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks.
  • Andrey Lavrinovich
    Andrey Lavrinovich
    Andrey Lavrinovich
    (International Legal Counsel, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong) - Corporate Governance, Company Law, IP, Contract Law, Crypto.
  • Nikolay Nazvin
    Nikolay Nazvin
    Nikolay Nazvin
    (Financier, Founder) - CEO of several commercial companies. Businessman with experience more than 20 years.
  • Elena Novikova
    Elena Novikova
    Elena Novikova
    (Founder, Business advisor in the global footwear business.) - CEO of a commercial company since 1998. Managed her own chain of 200 shoe stores.


  • 1
    Ready: Industrial Measuring Center in St. Petersburg, integration with clients in CIS/Russia: RunLab, Wildberries, Sportmaster.
  • 2
    Launch of Industrial Measuring Center in China, integration with fist internet shop in USA
  • 3
    Launch of 3 extra Industrial Measuring Centers in China, Vietnam, Thailand, integration with internet shops in Europe, China, Japan
  • 4
    10 Industrial Measuring Centers in China, integration with internet shops worldwide

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