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iCasting in a nutshell

After years of extensive and tiresome experiences with the traditional casting industry, iCasting was founded in 2013. The founders had a vision to change and boost the casting industry as we know it. A goal to make the unnecessarily difficult and slow processes that rule this industry simple, cheap and quick, while giving both clients and talents the control and security they deserve. This vision fueled our hard work and finally ignited the launch of our platform iCasting in 2015. Since then, iCasting has grown larger and larger every day. At this moment our registered talents amount to 0,8% of the market’s total population, making iCasting the largest talent database in The Netherlands.

And now it’s time to take the next step. With the use of blockchain technology and the Talent Token we can finally evolve into the true talent ecosystem we envisioned: a worldwide, decentralized process where the full control and security lies in the hands of our clients and talents, making large fees and slow communication a thing of the past. It’s time to sideline casting agencies. It’s time to disrupt the global casting market.

Closing the gap

Our vision is to change the worldwide casting industry by building the world’s biggest talent platform and a thriving and bustling community where everyone is in full control of their own careers and profile data. It is our goal to create a global market by decentralizing the connecting, hiring, payment and agreement processes between talents and clients worldwide. We intend to do so by creating a tokenized ecosystem, based on our new Talent Token, that utilizes the advantages of the blockchain technology. An ecosystem where anyone can get rewarded for contributions to the community.

The struggle for a stage

Today’s market is built around the professional talents, while there is also a large pool of semiprofessionals and amateurs who are just as enthusiastic to enter the market and explore their creative passions. However, in the current market they are ignored by the major agencies and are left struggling with side-issues like marketing, administration and legal and tax regulations. iCasting creates new markets for all those millions of talents around the world who want to take control of their own future and career path. We offer them a place to shine and a hassle-free booking process in which they are in control of all their data and agreements.

The platform

iCasting is a revolutionary one-stop-shop talent ecosystem, serving the whole casting industry from one platform. Currently it acts as a matching platform where talents and clients can find each other fast, easy and at low costs. iCasting uses a unique matching algorithm, connecting the right talents with the right clients. Since its launch in 2015 in The Netherlands, the iCasting platform has exponentially grown to over 140.000 registered talents, making it the biggest casting platform in The Netherlands. Combined with over 1.500 clients, we have already created a thriving and bustling community of supply and demand. iCasting is completely built on scalable, open-source techniques like MEAN stack and React native, making the platform ready for global launch. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

Open marketplace

iCasting is creating a completely new market by incorporating blockchain technology and introducing the Talent Token, a new currency completely specialized in serving talents and clients worldwide. Privacy control and identity management have been part of iCasting since its early stages. From the beginning, talents and clients have been in full control of their own personal profile data, financial information and to whom this information is shared. iCasting also provides a fair and safe booking process: talents and clients communicate, negotiate and make agreements on the platform directly, where iCasting in turn ensures correct deals, fair payments and fulfilled agreements. No contracts, no commissions. Talents can manage their own profile, prices, conditions and careers.

Unique matching system

iCasting uses a unique algorithm to realize the perfect match between client and talent. Where most traditional online platforms provide nothing more than a standard database search, the iCasting platform is enriched with an intelligent system that also incorporates secondary factors like experience, rating, location and availability into the analyses. This enables the system to give high quality, 100% relevant output, both for clients and for talents, saving valuable time within the casting process on both sides. The unique algorithm is constantly improved to become smarter through the analysis of big data. Because talents only receive relevant job offers and clients only receive applications of interested and available talents, iCasting ensures a faster, more efficient and more effective casting process than ever before.

Ethereum wallets

All talents and clients can create their own profiles and Ethereum wallets on iCasting. Talents can disclose very specific, extensive profile characteristics and enrich their profiles with portfolio items like videos, photos and audio files. This enables them to present themselves in the best and most distinctive way possible. Clients can create profiles with all necessary information for posting, executing and completing jobs, including Terms and Conditions and payment information. All personal profile data from both talents and clients will be encrypted and stored on IPFS. A reference to this profile data will be created from the specific user’s Ethereum wallet. These wallets will communicate with iCasting’s smart contracts during the casting process. By organizing the process in this way, iCasting assures that no private profile data needs to be centrally saved on the iCasting platform. All this crucial information will be accessible only via the blockchain, completely safe and secure. Talents and clients will always be in control of their own personal profile data, financial transactions and booking requirements. Hereby, iCasting also eliminates all privacy related issues and developments.

ICO crowdsale

We are organizing an ICO crowdsale to raise €13.750.000 to grow our team, expand our platform to international markets and create the greatest global talent ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

  • Start date : September 24, 2018
  • End date: October 21, 2018
  • Hard-cap: €13,750,000
  • Total token supply: 350,000,000
  • Token distribution: Within 24 hours after ending of the crowdsale. Smart contract will automatically distribute tokens after successful transfer of ETH.


  • Erwin Arkema
    Erwin Arkema
    Erwin Arkema
    Founder & CEO
    Erwin has been a entrepreneur for most of his life, he started his first business in de mid 90’s when he was 18 working from his room on several creative projects for clients. After earning his Media Designer degree, Erwin started his career in Television & Advertising. He worked as a creative on various TV formats for several mayor production company’s as RTL & Endemol. In 2001 he Co Founded IQ-Media, a dutch based advertising agency which grew out to be one of the Netherlands major advertising agencies, working for brands such as Philips, L’Oreal, Deloite, RTL, Coca Cola, Amstel & Red Bull.
  • Bob Breeman
    Bob Breeman
    Bob Breeman
    Founder & COO
    Bob is always focused on the financial en operational sides of entrepreneurship. After graduating for his technical Media degree he co-founded IQ-Media, a dutch based advertising agency which grew out to be one of the Netherlands major advertising agencies. He co-founded iCasting in 2013 and built a technical team to make a fully world-wide scalable platform for the casting industry on awesome new technologies. In 2015 he co-founded TradeCast, a Dutch startup that is international successfully disrupting the global television and broadcasting markets.

  • Joris van Hittersum
    Joris van Hittersum
    Joris van Hittersum
    Founder & CCO
    Joris earned his Master of Arts degree by graduation With Honors in Communication and Information Science from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He upgraded his knowledge of the international media landscape by studying International Communication and International Politics at the Anadolu University in Turkey and Intercultural Communication and International Media at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. After graduating, Joris started working at one of the Netherlands’ major advertising agencies. He developed himself from communication strategist towards commercial director within six years.
  • Yillmaz Schoen
    Yillmaz Schoen
    Yillmaz Schoen
    Founder (CEO
    Yillmaz Schoen (1979) is a media entrepreneur, speaker and founder/CEO of TradeCast TV ( A multi award winning tech company on a mission to break through barriers in traditional publishing and broadcasting industry. In its existence, has won several awards and was voted Best of the Startup Showcase and Best of Show at the NAB Show 2017 in Las Vegas. To date, TradeCast received $3.8 million dollars in seed funding and is gearing up its next step in world domination in the $108 billion dollar cloud TV marketplace.

  • Owen Hardy
    Owen Hardy
    Owen Hardy
    Owen is a Senior software engineer with over a decade of experience. His passions for software and platforms have driven him to develop a broad and deep understanding of server as well as software architectures. Fascinated by blockchain since it’s inception owen has been an avid miner and crypto enthousiast. Successfully having orchestrated a community take-over of an existing cryptocurrency he has proven a deep understanding of what makes the blockchain tick. Together with a great team of engineers Owen is ready for the blockchain revolution.

  • Viktor van Dijk
    Viktor van Dijk
    Viktor van Dijk
    Creative Director
    Born in the United States and moving to Holland at the age of 9 Viktor learned at an early age that crossing borders has immense value. Leaving the known, uncovering the new, discovering different perspectives. With his tremendous drive and creativity Viktor was admitted to the Academy of Arts. After 4 years of countless discussions on design, composition and communication and endless competitive and collaborative design assignments, Viktor earned his bachelor's degree in design. Immediately launching his career in the advertising industry Viktor swiftly developed into a full-fledged art-director within 3 years. Focusing heavily on concept Viktor is a full stack designer with a broad range of design skills. He has collaborated on campaigns for brands such as Casio, Panasonic, Coca-cola, Nivea, Capri-Sun and Red Bull and has also contributed to the successful international startup of TradeCast TV. Taking up the position as art-director for iCasting right after its foundation in 2014 Viktor is responsible for iCastings global brand identity in the international market. Viktor is ready to cross borders, discover the new and help create a new frontier in the casting industry.
  • Vincent Meijer
    Vincent Meijer
    Vincent Meijer
    Project Manager
    Vincent started his working career in electronics. As an engineer he worked for Dutch multinational Philips. In 2003 Vincent moved to Moduslink (NASDAQ:MLNK, now Steel Connect NASDAQ:STCN). As Business Implementation Manager at Moduslink Vincent was responsible for new business working with customers as Adobe, Sandisk, AMD, TomTom and Corel.
  • Mark van der Hoop
    Mark van der Hoop
    Mark van der Hoop
    Senior Blockchain Developer
    Mark is an experienced senior engineer who started developing web applications at the age of 14. He got a wide variety of knowledge build in those 20 years. The main focus for the last years has been developing large webshops with a lot of connections with warehouse, ERP, product management and logistics software.

  • Rick Nijstad
    Rick Nijstad
    Rick Nijstad
    Senior Developer
    Rick is one of the pillars of iCasting. Since its inception he has been the technical lead and architect of the platform. As an important visionary he played a key part in developing the iCasting platform in a way that's still considered cutting edge. Rick has now grown into a consultancy role, with his knowledge and insight he continually helps iCasting to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

  • Jos Dalhuisen
    Jos Dalhuisen
    Jos Dalhuisen
    Jos earned his degree in Interactive Media Design at Deltion College in Zwolle, the Netherlands. While in college he won the national Webdesign competition Skills Heroes in the Netherlands in 2016. In that same year he went to the European competition EuroSkills in Sweden in which he earned a Medal of Excellence in the field Web Development.


  • 1
    First round of funding - €330,000.
    Company registration.
    Opening iCasting office.
    Employment of iCasting team.
    Development iCasting beta .
  • 2
    Second round of funding €330,000.
    Team expansion.
    Development iCasting 1.0.
  • 3
    Third round of funding €740,000.
    Launch of iCasting in The Netherlands.
    Partnership RTL (largest TV network in the NL) & Fedde le Grand.
    Start marketing campaign NL.
  • 4
    Development iCasting 2.0.
    Marketing campaign NL.
    User database growth to 75,000+ talents & 850+ clients.
  • 5
    Fourth round of funding €625,000.
    Launch of
    Release of iCasting 2.0: improved user experience and.
    more advanced backend system.
    User database growth to 140,000+ talents & 1500 clients.
    Development Mobile iOS and Android app beta.
    Welcoming blockchain experts.
  • 6
    Q1 2018
    Technical upgrade database and servers for global launch.
    Launch teaser website.
    Development Talent Token & smart contracts.
  • 7
    Q2 2018
    ICO campaign launch.
    (including whitepaper & ICO website
    US talents & clients sign up integration.
    Private presale & whitelist presale Talent Token.
  • 8
    Q3 2018
    Talent Token & smart contract beta integration.
  • 9
    Q4 2018
    The ICO. Launch of Talent Token.
    Users receive wallets & Talent Tokens.
  • 10
    Q1 2019
    Smart contract integration.
    International launch Phase 1. Talent Token listed at cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • 11
    Q2-Q4 2019
    Extended blockchain features integration.
    Global expansion.Global marketing & PR campaign.
  • 12
    iCasting API available for third party integrations.

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