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Iagon (IAG) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Cloud is transforming the world in one way or another. The market size of cloud services is expanding; similarly, the demand for sophisticated storage capacities and computational processing capabilities is also rising. Right now, this market is captured by four prominent players—Google Cloud, AWS, IBM, and Microsoft. These cloud service providers use centralized storage and processing facilities, and that’s how they will become less trusted. These service providers successfully eliminate any competition because they have a huge client base. They manage to attract more clients just because they’ve substantially invested in data centers, storage facilities, and servers.

However, with the emergence of two tech trends—AI and big data—the storage and processing demands will rise to a whole new level. This rise may not be efficiently managed by big players because they rely on centralized resources. That’s exactly where a need will be born to revolutionize web services and cloud markets—a revolution that’ll be built on a completely decentralized grid of processing power and storage outlets.

That’s exactly where IAGON will kick in.

Iagon Intro

IAGON analysis

The idea that’s driving IAGON is quite revolutionary because it’s putting AI at the heart of blockchain. The platform will join up all the unused storage capacity and processing power of personal computers and servers. In this way, the ecosystem will create one big supercomputer and a huge data center. With a super-powerful data center and hi-speed computer, the platform is actually well-equipped to compete with every single market mogul out there.

Now, let’s focus on how this platform works.

How does IAGON work?

The platform is fueled by AI. In actual fact, it is connecting services and users through one big, robust, decentralized app or DApp. This app is well programmed and is quite easy to use across every available smart device. The platform is so intuitive that it won’t matter if the user is a simple person or a corporate organization.

1 – The core developers working on this platform have engineered it to be quite a secure cloud ecosystem.

2 – Through its highly innovative framework, IAGON is creating a one-stop platform for delivering decentralized cloud-based solutions.

3 – By using high-end machine algorithms and neural networks with AI, this blockchain-based network will definitely rewrite the future of the cloud.

4 – In addition, the ecosystem will allow the integration of DApps to expand its functionalities.

5 – The best part is that since it’ll be based on blockchain, this platform will be 100% trustworthy when accessed by any smart device.

6 – The team has definitely managed the issue of accessibility quite well. Being the system’s foundation, mining is one of the most crucial ways to create revenue with IAGON.

7 – By providing the network with their idle storage capabilities and processing power of their systems or servers, the users will generate revenue for themselves.

8 – The system leverages smart contracts that’ll allow anyone to build their personal form that’s simple to use.

9 – The best part is that the creation of such a form won’t ever require any understanding of programming.

10 – The decentralized network underlying the system is completely proprietary, secure, and unique.

11 – With the help of its blockchain, the network will deliver encrypted distributed storage services that use advanced sharding protocols.

12 – The blockchain powering this ecosystem is hybrid and uses Tangle technology.

13 – As a result, this ecosystem will definitely transform the way data is stored and how processing is done in the future.

This platform will offer secure storage over any clustered, centralized network. Plus, since the ecosystem will have its own network of data miners, data processing will be quick and well-distributed.

With these miners, analyzing huge chunks of data to gather fresh insights won’t be challenging. Plus, in terms of IAGON’s security, the platform uses smart contracts to separate attacking nodes from the honest ones within the system.

So, with all that in mind, the platform is robust enough to store and process huge chunks of data at rates that won’t break the bank.

Iagon Works

IAGON innovation

The ICO list is now packed with a lot of crypto projects. However, the most successful ICO projects including Gamblica, Alttex, TokenLend, CryptoLoans, Omnitude, Ternio, Dentix, Bpay have always relied on innovation. Well, the same applies to IAGON. The platform’s core development team has prioritized innovation above everything else—which is how it could successfully upend the whole landscape of cloud storage and processing.

In this section, we’ll closely examine all the factors that truly make this project fresh.

Tokenizing the cloud to reinvent the future of data storage and processing

The platform’s token-powered economy will be built by the owners of data centers, computers, and servers. The economy will evolve as and when new resource owners join the network. In return for sharing their resources and capabilities, these owners will be given the platform’s native tokens. These tokens can be easily traded for fiat money in any of the leading crypto exchanges.

IAGON’s storage mechanism will be based on blockchain. The safety of the stored data will be guaranteed since the network’s storage facilities will be fully encrypted. These facilities will be put on the proprietary blockchain that’ll make sure every single encrypted file fragment is stored safely and quickly.

There will be contributors on the grid as well. These contributors can easily publish their free capacity and skills; that way, they’ll offer their solutions and services based on their expertise and experience. Plus, these contributors will be allowed to bid on the basis of not only their experience but also the availability of their resources.

This platform will use advanced AI tech and other machine learning algorithms to make sure that every contributor’s recommended price matches its expertise and experience. The ecosystem will attract more and more users and contributors once they recognize its potential—and as more users will join the network, the associated token’s value will rise to an all-time high.

Iagon Developers

Machine-learning capabilities at their best

IAGON is unique from many different decentralized cloud storage ecosystems such as Filecoin, Siacoin, and StorJ because of its powerful machine-learning algorithm. The algorithm is engineered to simply distribute the load within the connected nodes that are located across the network.

Additionally, this crypto project has plans to integrate the multi-distributed ledger technology. Due to this integration, this ecosystem will simply enable cloud storage to take place on Tangle and Ethereum’s native network. For those who don’t know much about Tangle, it’s a form of DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphs) tech that’s leveraged by ByteBall, IOTA, and Hasgraph—now, they’re definitely big names out there. This tech has evolved and become popular during the last year.

In short, this tech rose to fame just because it allows data streamlining to be done faster.

Securing the cloud-stored data in the best possible way

In addition, this crypto project wants to tackle the rising issues of cybersecurity by reducing the number of hacks that target every other Big Data–empowered database. As large companies’ databases are getting hacked, the need for a cloud that can safely store data is growing every day. (This growth accelerated even faster when the news of the latest US elections being potentially hacked by Russians came out.)

IAGON’s answer to this is the native Secure Lake. This is a form of cloud that’s based on blockchain. Now, this cloud is so special because it has become unbreakable due to foolproof encryption. The encryption works extremely well for file slicing and even storing anonymous, small strongly encrypted slices. As a result of this high-level encryption, the protection of data files is complete. As the blockchain relies on high-end integration, it even protects databases of a range of sizes.

Revolutionizing data mining forever

  1. This crypto project takes a radical approach to mining data by using a totally private blockchain with public protocols located on API networks. Furthermore, the miner wouldn’t have to store the data to carry out the mining operation. Instead, the miner’s only duty will be to honestly process the data and send the processed output to the project’s machine-learning processes for any further analyses.
  2. Data mining on this network will never require miners to follow complex algorithms to crack mind-bending equations. Rather, this cloud-computing-and-storage ecosystem uses a high-end decentralized computing network to distribute the load and accelerate data processing tasks. All the block tasks will be delivered to the miners using the popular proof of variance method. Finally, the miners will be needed to tally the data signature with data inputs and fetch for its corresponding data object within the block to return an output.
  3. Plus, in order to secure the stored data, the miners won’t be allowed to store any of the data fragments they’re processing. In the end, the miner will receive the rewards on the basis of different data points she/he will have to mine—if no data is present within the block, the miner won’t earn any reward. So, all in all, data mining on this network is simple, transparent, and fast.

IAGON token details

This platform has its own crypto tokens, and they’ll be used on IAGON and a variety of exchanges. These tokens are owned by those offering storage and processing capabilities; plus, they’re even used by those who’re buying these processing capabilities. Lastly, the IAGON tokens will be used by token miners as well.

Now, let’s have a look at some other token-specific details.

Iagon Roadmap

IAGON ICO details

  • Ticker: IAG.
  • Usage: Exchanges and on the platform.
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Token type: ERC223.
  • Total tokens in circulation: 1,000,000,000 IAG tokens.
  • Pre–ICO sale: From April 2, 2018, to May 15, 2018.
  • Pricing:
    • 07 is the price set for the sale of first 100 million IAG tokens.
    • 10 is the price set for the sale of for the next 100 million IAG tokens.
    • The pre–ICO sale offers a direct 20% discount on the token’s price.
    • 12 for every token of the next 500 million IAG tokens.
  • Accepted currency: ETH coins, debit/credit cards, and bank transfer.
  • Soft cap: USD30,000,000.
  • Hard cap: USD70,000,000.

Token distribution

Every reliable ICO project present in the crypto landscape has relied on a dependable token distribution plan. This also applies to IAGON. A breakdown of this crypto project’s token distribution plan is given below.

  • The crowd sale will get 50% of the minted tokens.
  • 20% of the tokens will be allocated for the pre-sale.
  • 10% of the generated tokens will be allotted to internal teams and advisors.
  • The core development team will get 10% of the tokens.
  • 10% of the generated tokens will be reserved as the miner’s incentive.

The team behind IAGON

IAGON is just like any other ICO project—Joint Ventures, Monaco Estate, BitCAD, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus,  Adblurb, Bunnytoken—in that it’s backed by a really talented team.

This crypto project’s exceptional team is led by

  • Navjit Dhaliwal, CEO.
  • Elad Harison, Founder, COO.


Both of these people have completely verified LinkedIn accounts. The rest of the team includes specialists and developers who know a thing or two about pushing a crypto project forward. The team is real, and it operates with absolute transparency; many of the team members have social media accounts as well.

In short, a team that’s upholding the highest levels of transparency, like IAGON is, can be trusted. Apart from cryptocurrency specialists and blockchain experts, the development team includes marketing people who’re working alongside a number of reliable advisors. All in all, everyone on board is trying to make sure that IAGON is pushed in the right direction.

 Summarizing IAGON

The team behind IAGON works with complete transparency and has absolutely verified members. The people behind this crypto platform are using brand-new development tech to develop an ecosystem that promises to deliver a new way for cloud computing and communication to work. Although the project is still in its development phase, its roadmap, white paper, and marketing materials show that this ecosystem will be next big thing of the crypto landscape.

However, as always, you should run your own due diligence and read the project’s white paper and page by page before making the final investment decision. Visit the site and see what they got.

If you wish to grab more information on how to invest in ICOs, then click on our page.


  • Dr.Elad Harison
    Dr.Elad Harison
    Dr.Elad Harison
    (COO & Chief Architect)
  • Dr.Navjit Dhaliwal
    Dr.Navjit Dhaliwal
    Dr.Navjit Dhaliwal
  • Vignesh Iyer
    Vignesh Iyer
    Vignesh Iyer
    (Project Manager)
  • Dr. Claudio Lima
    Dr. Claudio Lima
    Dr. Claudio Lima
  • Jai Porje
    Jai Porje
    Jai Porje
  • Vishal Waman
    Vishal Waman
    Vishal Waman
    (Project Lead & Fullstack Developer)
  • Priyanka Pareek
    Priyanka Pareek
    Priyanka Pareek
    (Blockchain Business Analyst)
  • Vijayta Bhatt
    Vijayta Bhatt
    Vijayta Bhatt
    (Fullstack Developer)
  • Eva Štrus
    Eva Štrus
    Eva Štrus
    (Marketing Manager)
  • Rose Marie Taylor
    Rose Marie Taylor
    Rose Marie Taylor
    (Project Lead)
  • Inged Sanchez
    Inged Sanchez
    Inged Sanchez
    (Community Manager)
  • Pavlo Babenko
    Pavlo Babenko
    Pavlo Babenko
    (Community Manager)
  • Darko Angelovski
    Darko Angelovski
    Darko Angelovski
    (Community Manager)


  • 1
    Platform Design & Architecture
  • 2
    Platform Development
    Kick Off
  • 3
    Whitepaper Presentation
  • 4
    Platform Launch
  • 5
  • 6
    Smart Contract
  • 7
    ICO Launch
  • 8
    Distributed Storage
  • 9
    Distributed Processing
  • 10
    Integrated DApps

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