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Hydrominer (H3O) ICO Review – ICO Token News


During HydroMiner’s successful ICO in fall 2017, more than US$ 3 million were raised. The funds were used to establish a cryptocurrency mining operation in Austria that uses clean hydropower. After this initial success, HydroMiner is ready for the next step: H3O. H3O is a compliant security token. The aim is to provide the buyers in this presale with a token that allows them to participate directly in the company’s future development. Moreover, this new kind of security token will be tradable on a variety of crypto exchanges once listed. HydroMiner IT-Services GmbH plans to apply for a listing on the AIM stock exchange in London (or on another comparably regulated stock exchange in Europe) preferable already by the end of 2018 or the first half of 2019. A successful listing would help to broaden the company’s investor base, improve the company’s international visibility and reputation, and increase the level of equity capital, thus raising funding for further operations. Investors will have the chance to be part of the green mining revolution that HydroMiner is pursuing. Through participating in the presale, the H3O token investors will be able to benefit  from a profitable and sustainable business through a new form of security token that HydroMiner has designed for their investors.

Due to regulatory requirements, the exact details and timing of the upcoming main ICO are subject to the prior approval of a capital market prospectus by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). The main ICO requires a published capital market prospectus, which was approved by the FMA no later than one banking day before the public offering starts.

The H3O Token: Aligning Interest

The H3O token follows a completely new approach in token design. HydroMiner already has experience with its previous token and its team has been involved in many other ICOs. The usual token in ICOs actually creates a conflict of interests between the token issuer and the token buyer. After careful evaluation of many ICOs, we decided that the only way to design a sustainable token in the future would be to have our interest aligned with that of the token buyers. Besides minable assets, which are a group distinct from the usual ICO tokens, there are currently three types of tokens. All three create conflicting interests between the issuers and the buyers or investors. Regarding utility tokens, the issuing company hopes to raise money or obtain money for their services, but has already pre sold the tokens for its services, so any use of their token will not result in further income. The exception, of course, is if the issuer has kept a large number of tokens and then again becomes a major seller, which can cause the market to dip or even collapse. The issuer has centralized control of the price, while the buyers must hope that the issuer does not sell off its tokens, or even worse lose them to a security breach. On top of these problems, the issuer is bound to a business model that might have to change over time but cannot, as in this case it would perhaps render the tokens worthless and create even more troubles for the buyer. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

As regards voucher models, the issue is very simple. The company pre-sells vouchers for the later purchase of its products. At some point, the products will become available to the general public and the voucher owners.

The tag along token

HydroMiner takes an entirely new approach to this issue. The H3O token completely aligns the interests of the team, shareholders, and token buyers. All three groups will only make money when the company works well and has earnings. This community approach shall help to avoid discussions about dividends, conflicts over product prices or the need for „creative“ bookkeeping methods. The main features of the H3O tag along token are:

H3O is a participatory right to the performance (profits and losses) of the company.

This way, HydroMiner believes that in every step of the company’s evolution, the interests of the founders and shareholders are in line with.

What is (Hydro)Mining?

The HydroMiner project is about mining bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in an eco-friendly way. But how exactly does crypto-mining work? Mining is intentionally designed to be resource-intensive and difficult so that the number of blocks found each day by miners remains steady. Miners participate in a race to validate these blocks. The first miner to validate a block receives a fraction of the cryptocurrency as a reward. In the early days of cryptocurrencies, you could mine on your home computer, but these days are long gone. Now you need to order highly specialized hardware that consumes vast amounts of energy.

New bitcoins, for example, are created roughly every 10 minutes in batches of 12.5 coins. The intervals are slightly different with other cryptocurrencies. For Ethereum, the block time for instance is 14-15 seconds, but the principle is the same for all. Mining computers race each other to unlock and claim the next batch. The size of each batch of bitcoins drops by half roughly every four years, and on May 7, 2141, it will be cut to zero, capping the total number of bitcoins in circulation at 21 million.


  • Nadine Damblon
    Nadine Damblon
    Nadine Damblon
    Founder, CEO
    Nadine founded Hydrominer in 2016 with her sister and is the managing director of Hydrominer. She holds a degree in media studies and started back in 2014. Soon she realized the potential of this new business field. Since then she continuously worked on her idea of a large scale sustainable mining operation and expanded the team to achieve her vision.
  • Michael Marcovici
    Michael Marcovici
    Michael Marcovici
    Michael’s expertise in online business stretches back to 1991, when the Internet still worked without WWW or domains. Back then, he published the Austria Boersenbrief, a financial experts magazine, and was a private equity fund manager. In the 2000s, Michael established a trading company that grew to eBay’s biggest powerseller - worldwide. Michael became involved with domains in 2002. He started to register valuable domains and grew a sizeable portfolio including domains such as, and
  • Davies Guttmann
    Davies Guttmann
    Davies Guttmann
    Davies has 30 years’ experience in Alternative Investments and Private Equity. Back in 2013 he was, together with Michael Marcovici, co-publisher of the “Bitcoin Bible”, predicting a Bitcoin price of 10.000 US$ within 5 years. Since 2012, Davies Guttmann has been a Director of Financial Fairplay AG in Switzerland, providing consulting services on alternative portfolios and digital trading. He is in charge of the financial strategies.

  • Christian Vogl
    Christian Vogl
    Christian Vogl
    Christian is an expert in hardware supply, network infrastructure, server migrations and energy supply. His experience in crypto-mining goes back to 2012, where he started his own profitable mining operation. In 2016, he joined Hydrominer as CTO and is managing all technical aspects while implementing and adapting new technologies and cryptographic strategy.

  • Nicole Damblon
    Nicole Damblon
    Nicole Damblon
    Nicole started mining cryptocurrencies together with her sister Nadine in Düsseldorf back in 2014 and since then expanded their venture. She comes from the arts but was intrigued by the possibilities of the blockchain technology. During the early days of Hydrominer she was in charge of the financial strategies, now she focuses on Investment Relations and Business Developing.

  • Alexander Azmann
    Alexander Azmann
    Alexander Azmann
    Alex started his career in the financial industry at the age of 16. After his apprenticeship he worked as an Assistant to the Management Board with specialisation in Marketing, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations. Internships in London and Basel complete his profile. His last station was Verlagsgruppe News, Austria’s leading magazine publisher. There he was Marketing, Creative Strategy and Operations Manager for the business magazine trend. At Hydrominer he is responsible for all marketing activities.

  • Helmut Schindlwick
    Helmut Schindlwick
    Helmut Schindlwick
    Volunteering Technical Consultant
    Helmut owns a higher technical degree, a master of business and master of science degree. The MSc study and his master thesis "IT Governance" brought him to the blockchain technology back in 2016.
  • Sebastian Kastner
    Sebastian Kastner
    Sebastian Kastner
    Sebastian is responsible for developing and maintaining Hydrominers cooling technology and identifying risks and improvement opportunities of the operation. With three years’ experience in designing mining infrastructure, Sebastian is also an expert in managing many aspects of the mining process such as management software, pools, and improving mining hardware at the core.

  • Benjamin Guttmann
    Benjamin Guttmann
    Benjamin Guttmann
    Project Manager
    Benjamin is involved in the crypto-world for more than 4 years. He edited one of the first books on Bitcoin "The Bitcoin-Bible" in 2013, predicting a Bitcoin price of 10.000 $ within 5 years. Bini currently studies Law at the University of Vienna with a special focus on Blockchain technology. For HydroMiner he will be doing project management including research and marketing and legal advise.

  • Karl Maurer
    Karl Maurer
    Karl Maurer
    Karl is involved in the field of logistics and transport for many years. At Hydrominer he is in charge of the service and maintenance of mining equipment and supports the deployment of hardware and applications.


  • 1
    Q4 2016
    Founding of Hydrominer
  • 2
    Q2 2017
    First Mining Farm in Schönberg
  • 3
    Q4 2017
    Successfull ICO
    Second Miningfarm near Waidhofen an der Ybbs
  • 4
    Q1 2018
    Mining portal
    Joint Venture
  • 5
    Q2 2018
    Presale H3O Token
  • 6
    Q3 2018
    Main Sale H3O Token
    Building of new Mining Farm
  • 7
    Q2 2019

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