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HealthFX (HFX) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The HFX token, used within the Health FX platform, will power a real-time service to maximise patient care from thousands of international healthcare providers, tokenised payments that eliminates cross-border foreign exchange arbitrage, reduced fraud risk and the seamless integration of insurance providers in providing maximum effective, efficiency and peace of mind to all stakeholders.

Health FX has been launched as a decentralised global healthcare platform built on the Ethereum blockchain (the ‘Health FX platform’ or ‘platform’). The Health FX platform has been designed to replace traditional healthcare engagement models by intelligently matching the best possible care provider to specific patients’ needs and completing the coordination of logistics, payment and insurance claims across the largest network of medical professionals throughout Asia, expanding globally.

Our vision is to simplify the three critical components of healthcare:

  1. Identify the best practitioner for each individual’s requirement
  2. Securely process payment
  3. Efficiently complete insurance processes

Health FX Solutions

Health FX will extend its deep knowledge and wide networks in medical treatment coordination by launching a blockchain enabled platform that connects consumers, healthcare providers and insurance providers. A set of core technology competencies will deliver distinct, yet interconnected advantages to all involved stakeholders.

Uniquely, Health FX will combine the demonstrated capabilities of blockchain together with the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning. In doing so, the platform will provide both in-time validations and decisionmaking capabilities together with predictive capabilities. Ultimately this will improve the lives of all people, globally.

The opportunities for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare have been widely reviewed and documented. In a recent study by McKinsey Global Institute19, several opportunities were identified, including:

  • Diagnosing known diseases from medical data
  • Predicting personalised health outcomes to optimise recommended treatment
  • Optimising labour staffing and resource allocation to reduce bottlenecks
  • Identifying fraud, waste, and abuse patterns in diverse clinical and operations data
  • Predicting individual hospital admission rates using historical and real-time data

How does it work?

Health FX is a decentralised matching platform powered by HFX ICO tokens. Health FX provides a validated and patient-rated community of healthcare service providers and partners. Customers use the platform to discover, match, book, receive, pay, claim and rate healthcare services, globally.

Health FX Network

With acquisitions of MedeTravel & TabaDoctor, the firm now provides healthcare concierge services through a team of medically trained case managers. This team is ideally positioned to provide assistance to those seeking basic healthcare options or having enquiries for the most complex of cases, needing attention domestically or abroad.

Key Highlights

  • Digital footprint reaching over 500,000 individuals monthly
  • Robust print circulation reaching 3,000,000 readers monthly through in-flight distribution on regional airlines and at selected hospitality and wellness destinations
  • Network of 40,000+ doctors across 150 clinics and hospitals globally
  • Mastercard partnership to service 120m+ consumers across Asia & Middle East.

Global Health and Travel provides an unparalleled reach, connecting patients to a highly curated network of top doctors, hospitals and medical centres across the region.

HFX Token Advantage

Blockchain technology enables several key benefits to the Health FX solution. The unique features of blockchain driven smart contracts allow speed, verification, security and permanence that would be otherwise cost prohibitive to implement with legacy technology.

Purpose Of HFX Token

  1. A consumptive use token for users to access features within the platform.
  2. A medium of value exchange allowing providers to invoice their services in HFX Tokens.
  3. A loyalty token to reward users who participate in the platform, contributed to them when they perform certain activities in the ecosystem.
  4. A store of value, allowing providers to retain credits in the Health FX platform.

What is the use of HFX Tokens?

  • Access to AI-driven service matching recommendations
  • Internal payment for services between platform stakeholders
  • Cross-border payments for healthcare services
  • Community incentivisation to develop and enhance the ecosystem

HFX Token Demand Growth

Health FX will make the HFX Token available on high quality cryptocurrency exchanges within six months of the successful close of the Public Sale. Services from healthcare providers on the Health FX Platform will be exchangeable for HFX Tokens and Health FX will exchange fiat for HFX tokens accumulated by healthcare providers. These HFX Tokens will then be offered for purchase via nominated token exchanges and/or via the dedicated token exchange portal. As the membership of healthcare providers, insurance providers and consumers continues to grow on the Health FX platform, it is projected that the demand for HFX tokens will increase proportionally.

Use Blockchain

Blockchain technology enables several key benefits to the Health FX solution. The unique features of blockchain driven smart contracts allow speed, verification, security and permanence that would be otherwise cost prohibitive to implement with legacy technology.

The ICO countdown has already begun for this ICO project. If you are also planning to invest in ICO then HFX ICO is one of the idea options for you.




  • Varun Panjwani
    Varun Panjwani
    Varun Panjwani
  • Charley Zuidinga
    Charley Zuidinga
    Charley Zuidinga
  • Vipula Samarakoon
    Vipula Samarakoon
    Vipula Samarakoon
  • Thomas Masterson
    Thomas Masterson
    Thomas Masterson
    Head of Business Development
  • Ami Mandel
    Ami Mandel
    Ami Mandel
    Head of Marketing
  • Nizam Ismail
    Nizam Ismail
    Nizam Ismail
    Legal & Compliance
  • Rosalin Süld
    Rosalin Süld
    Rosalin Süld
    Customer Service Manager
  • Oliver Budgen
    Oliver Budgen
    Oliver Budgen
    Head of Public Relations
  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar
    Blockchain Developer
  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh
    Blockchain Architect
  • Vinay Divra
    Vinay Divra
    Vinay Divra
    Project Manager, Blockchain Consultant
  • Timothy Low
    Timothy Low
    Timothy Low
    Member of the Board, Farrer Park Hospital (Advisor)


  • 1
    May 2010
    Company founded to connect doctors and patients.
  • 2
    November 2012
    GHT launches the first regional medical tourism publication.
  • 3
    July 2013
    Revenue grows~50% year on year. 100% growth in client advertising. (strong industry relations).
  • 4
    November 2014
    Business is break-even for 2014 fiscal year. 50% of GHT's print distribuion is airlines and airline lounges.
  • 5
    May 2015
    The business is profitable for 2015 fiscal year. "Tab A Doctor" doctor discovery platform acquired (medical facilitation).
  • 6
    July 2016
    GHT Awards launched, established GHT as a medical tourism authority.
  • 7
    November 2017
    Launch patient facilitation platform. Partnership with MasterCard to facilitate healthcare for their 120m cardholders.
  • 8
    July 2018
    Launch HFX Token Sale.
  • 9
    Oct 2018
    Exchange linked token sale portal;
    Token Wallet;
    Merchant token gateway.
  • 10
    November 2018
    Merge Global Health & Travel in to Health Fyx;
    Multi-lingual support;
    Translated reviews.
  • 11
    Dec 2019
    Token rebate program;
    Blockchain validated reviews;
    AI driven matching engine;
    Discounted treatments;
    Optimised insurance premiums.
  • 12
    July 2020
    Co-branded MasterCard / HFX token card;
    Digital Medical Records;
    Medical records member monetisation.

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