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Global Spy (SPY) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Crypto assets are growing at an unbelievable speed. According to research reports, in 2017, the total revenue earned by ICOs is in billions. However, nearly 90 percent of ICO start-ups have failed within just six months; for some of these projects, the writing was on the wall because the idea wasn’t sustainable while others were being used as a scam.

So, all in all, there has to be a service that can research the sustainability of an ICO start-up. Enter Global Spy. The company will offer blockchain-powered cryptocurrency research solutions. The investors can pay for these services using the native crypto token. Now, the idea behind this project is definitely new and the question of whether it’s investible is what we’ll explore in this review. 

Global Spy analysis 

This platform offers the most robust solutions for receiving complete, accurate information on a picked currency or an ICO. Furthermore, the research done by Global Spy will include the holding company’s history, its team, its key investors, and the like.


Additionally, the ecosystem will deliver a suite of solutions beginning from Quick Service to large-scale investigations—these investigations will be performed a team of professional investigators, and its work will largely include inquiries, personal contacts, and visits. Also, the investigative team will use a range of social channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to examine the crypto project; the platform’s investigative team will leverage different non-public registers to analyze a project’s tax history, historical business data, credit information, and the like.

The company’s in-house team executes different investigations using some well-established tools and methods. Also, the platform’s assessments may go well beyond crypto coins. Furthermore, for executing any payment over this network, the team has come up with specially designed SPY tokens. The buying and selling of the services on the network will be initiated through these native tokens. Since everything is transacted on the platform using these native tokens, they’ll experience a price rise in the coming time.

So, considering everything, the project looks promising as it’s planned well and its token value won’t likely be influenced by any external factors. Now, as is the case with every crypto project present on the ICO list, Global Spy, too, needs some highlighting factors that’ll set it apart from the others in the competition.

So, in the coming section, we’ll give you the low-down on some of the top factors that are unique to this blockchain-powered ecosystem. 

Global Spy innovation 

Take any ICO campaign—Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, Qurrex or BEtrium—and you’ll find that they all are innovative in their own ways. Well, same is the case with Global Spy; the project has some highlighting factors that make it score full marks in innovativeness. Here are a few of the top project highlights.

A unique business model that lets you earn money 

Investing in crypto coins or ICOs or any other digital assets doesn’t have to be a visionless leap of faith. Well, for making sure that the project will deliver returns, you need to analyze it first. For that, you can pick Global Spy and tell its team to perform investigative research on the ICO or coin of your preference. Now, once the research is done, you can pay the team in the network’s tokens. However, the ecosystem even gives you the ultimate, never-heard-before functionality of reselling your investigative reports to any other user present on the network. The research will be sold by you using the platform’s native tokens.

Globalspy technologies

A well-managed investigative suite of services is here

The blockchain-powered ecosystem will offer a range of services whose details are given below.

  • Investigating a crypto-based project and its holding company
  • Carrying out a deeper analysis of an ICO campaign and its terms and conditions
  • Confirming a company’s registered address via personal visits and analyzing the historical data from different non-public databases
  • Conducting a project’s or currency’s detailed risk analysis
  • Delivering Quick Service to get information by leveraging automated search engines.

Global Spy ICO

Unlike many other ICO tokens such as Celsius, SkyChain, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS, EQUIBunnyToken that require mining, the SPY token will be pre-mined. Most of these tokens will be sold during the ICO crowdsale. These native tokens will even have a limit because they’ll be used for paying for any professional research work. Further, this ICO sale won’t have a traditional referral link or a presale event; instead, these crypto tokens will be allocated for the crowdsale only. 

Global Spy ICO details 

  • Ticker: SPY
  • Price: 1 ETH coin = 5,000 SPY tokens
  • Token distribution:
  • Total supply = 170,000,000 SPY tokens
  • Hard cap = 150,000,000 SPY tokens that’ll be equal to 30,000 ETH coins
  • Soft cap = 5,000,000 SPY tokens that’ll be equal to 1, 000 ETH coins 

Global Spy team

Every successful ICO project is built by a strong team. For instance, the teams who’ve worked on Sapphire Coin or Dragon are quite experienced—and that’s why their ICO sales were a runaway success. And same is the case with Global Spy. Since it’s an out-and-out investigative platform, its team is supported by not only blockchain people but also expert investigators and retired police officers. Apart from investigators and experts, the team includes the members who have rich experience and expertise in managing huge data centers. In simple words, the team is working collaboratively and making sure that the project covers all its milestones as intended. 

Globalspy advantage

Summarizing Global Spy 

To sum this project up, we think that the solution that’s being offered here has the potential to disrupt the cryptocurrency and ICO ecosystems—well, who doesn’t want to invest in a secure, safe ICO project or coin anyway? And since the project is launching its own token, the overall business will monetize—this move, if planned and executed well, will even win an investor’s trust across the board. So, by and large, it seems the project is ready to deliver what it’s promising. Now, if this project is piquing the interest of the investor inside you, join the sale. But, as always, make sure to visit the project’s official website and run a quick feasibility check on it before making the final call.

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