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GBMS Tech (GBMS) ICO Review – ICO Token News



GBMS Tech is a UK-based global cybersecurity company founded on the principle that in a world of of increasing cyber attacks preventing breaches is far better option than curing them.  GBMS Tech secured business continuity technologies provide proactive cybersecurity protection that are radically different to traditional reactive cybersecurity technologies available today, that require continual ‘black-lists’ of viruses and malware file updates and patches.  We design cybersecurity systems which not only eliminate the reduced efficiency of a failure to regularly update, thanks to human error, by changing the paradigm and creating a new kind of protection which does not rely on the identification of malicious code. GBMS Tech Secured Business Continuity technologies protects the host from all ‘unknown’ and ‘zero day’ viruses, unlike existing traditional anti-virus software. The concept is simple: if a virus and malware are rigorously stopped from infecting the host system, they cannot spread and infect, if hackers cannot enter the platform they cannot disrupt it. GBMS Tech Secured Business Continuity technologies integrate fully into the Microsoft Windows operating systems and provide preventative protection capability.

Expanding via blockchain and open source

It is an important part of any lofty goal (in this case the development of a world wide protection network) to have a clear, achievable plan to be able to execute in.  GBMS Tech Ltd has developed and deployed an exceptional enterprise grade cybersecurity service which includes a proprietary network monitoring device with incredible pinpoint accuracy and combines it with an app blocker for ultimate security. This service is currently aimed at businesses of any size. GBMS Tech Ltd will take this breakthrough cybersecurity service and expand its capability by creating a free and open source service able to provide increased cybersecurity to everyone, so that all device users benefit even through consensus-based authentication made possible by a distributed blockchain ledger of identified threats. After years of development, testing, and proven commercial application, we can draw upon this technology to create a professional paid service offering superior security to clients whose efficiency is magnified by the assistance of both free and open-source users of consumer devices who received commercial grade security and potential rewards. The free consumer version will only omit the monitoring, compliance and remediation services that professional user’s require.

Realising maximum effect through a charitable attitude

In the eyes of today’s connected world, there is much to benefit from a selfless attitude towards the greater community of users. There is a synergy involved with providing an exceptional commercial product which encompasses the compliance and reporting features businesses need, but also supports the development of a fantastic consumer version available free to all. One of the biggest places cybersecurity can win is by reducing the profitability of hacking by increasing the difficulty in every aspect and on every device. With a community-based approach to cybersecurity we can achieve the goal of better protection, wider adoption and a demised profitability for hackers which will organically encourage these smart and creative people into any myriad of more lucrative legitimate pursuits.

MESH Threat Reputation System

The MESH Threat Reputation System (MTRS) handles many problems that are faced in cybersecurity with the two largest problems primarily being security firms keeping centralised proprietary databases of threats and bad actors, and the second being zero-shared resources amongst security vendors to stop threats faster. The MESH Threat Reputation System will comprise two components the free community version accessible to all via the blockchain and the paid premium version accessible to subscribers with additional benefits and services. Reputation cannot be determined via one or two sources, to determine the reputation of potential cyber actors one must consider many sources such as Virus Total, Sophos Labs, etc. The problem being when one of these sites has mistakenly identified the traffic as bad/malicious it tends to create false positives that could result in legitimate traffic being blocked or made in accessible.  The MESH reputation system works using the blockchain ledger to allow entries of bad traffic to the ledger. Once in the ledger the AI algorithms will then start to form a reputation factor for that item. To gain the correct information Phalanx Secure Solutions will need to gain the support of existing threat feeds already in action, it will then be required to build an API that will allow these threat feeds to automatically send their data to the community/paid system based on their level of input and ability.  The system will also gain by allowing those same feeds to read the data from the ledger along with other cyber companies building products. The premium version of the MESH Threat Reputation System will comprise of a read only AI that will allow for the licensing of third party applications to view and gather threat data for their existing or new applications.

ICO Token

The maximum token allocation for the ICO is limited to a total of 200 million tokens. An ICO is NOT trading in cryptocurrencies. It’s simply a mechanism that allows people to get involved directly in a business through the company’s utility tokens. What’s special about this particular ICO is that you’re not getting involved with just an idea. The purpose of the GBMS Tech ICO is to assist the company in further developing their incredible lockdown/network monitoring product to reach a wider market. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to take advantage of the potential benefits that blockchain has to offer with a unique private agreement from GBMS Tech, a company with an incredible product and global expansion potential. ICO’s have become the platform of choice for early stage supporters who enjoy the ability to do due diligence and support projects from the comfort of their own home. However, they are faced with the problem of finding an attractive business they can be confident will continue to grow in years to come. GBMS Tech Ltd delivers where others can’t with a proven track record and fully developed hardware and software based service that changes the paradigm of cyber security to block hacking and secure company data. It’s this compelling proposition that will fuel a successful ICO. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.


  • Gordon Grant
    Gordon Grant
    Gordon Grant
    Gordon has over 35 years experience selling high-end IT hardware and software solutions most recently focused on cybersecurity.

  • Laurence Burton
    Laurence Burton
    Laurence Burton
    Laurence is a seasoned operator with experience from SME’s through to PLC’s, spending his professional life working within the IT market.

  • Simon Simmons
    Simon Simmons
    Simon Simmons
    Chief Operating Officer
    Simon is responsible for underpinning sales and support during roll-outs through major channel partners and end users.

  • Bradley Morgan
    Bradley Morgan
    Bradley Morgan
    CBDO,GBMS Tech, Cybersecurity
    Over 25 years experience in business development, specialising in innovative, high-tech security equipment and data centres.

  • Tony Allen
    Tony Allen
    Tony Allen
    Manager at GBMS Tech Ltd
    Experience includes negotiating the purchase of professional football clubs, obtaining finance for business start-ups, expansions, taxation and multi-disciplined accountancy.

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson
    Highly experienced technical executive both with established business and start-ups. With over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, product development, systems design and management.

  • Jochem Navis
    Jochem Navis
    Jochem Navis
    ICO Project Manager
    With a proven background in project management, finance, IT and recruitment. As an early adopter and blockchain enthusiast, Jo leads the GBMS Tech ICO Team.

  • James Clements
    James Clements
    James Clements
    Sales Consultant at GBMS Tech
    Next-generation cybersecurity,
    IT and online services,
    global distribution and
    support services of
    high-end products.

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson
    Content Marketing
    Andrew is the CTO of Goldmanns and Sons Plc and draws upon extensive experience in providing content and marketing resources in advising for the ICO.


  • 1
    June 2018
    • Windows Agent to monitor desktops for Host Intrusion activity. Ingestion of
    Windows Agent activity to appliance. (Appliance)
    • Ability to deploy the Windows Agent from the appliance using WMI, Active
    Directory Services. (Appliance)
    • Windows Agent security information added to the database and the dashboard.
    (Dashboard, SOC Portal and Dashboard)
    • Expand Security Cluster to third data center in either Amazon AWS or
    Microsoft Azure.
    • Expand Dashboard and SOC pages to include host information gathered from
    syslog, host port scanning, OS detection, and vulnerability assessments, and
    Windows Agents. (Dashboard, SOC Portal and Dashboard)
  • 2
    Quarter 3 – 2018
    • MAC OS and Linux Agent to monitor desktops for Host Intrusion activity.
    (This does not replace the host technology yet, as the host technology prevents
    applications from being accessed and run) (Appliance)
    • Ingestion of MAC OS and Linux agent activity to appliance. (Appliance)
    • Ability to deploy the MAC OS and Linux agent from the appliance using
    WMI, Active Directory Services. (Appliance)
    • MAC OS and Linux agent security information added to the database and the
    dashboard. (Dashboard, SOC Portal and Dashboard)
    Correlate customer dashboard and threat feed engine to inform clients on
    their dashboard of items that they should act on or look at. (Dashboard)
  • 3
    • Control the appliance from the SOC Dashboard (Reboot, run port and OS
    Scans, run vulnerability assessments), without needed to log into the appliance
    directly. (SOC Portal and Dashboard)
    • View and compare vulnerabilities across hosts in dashboard. (Dashboard)
    • Build and created Machine Learning for first set of 10 rules with further
    testing. (Threat Feed Engine)
  • 4
    • Automate the installation of Appliance to allow for customer self-installation.
    • Control the appliance from the Customer Dashboard. (Reboot, run port and
    OS Scans, run vulnerability assessments) without needed to log into the
    appliance directly. (Dashboard)
  • 5
    Quarter 4 - 2018
    • Launch Accumulus Threat Scoring Algorithm and System.
    • Launch self-installed and monitored Trident CMP products and services.
    • Launch Kraken Firewall Product Worldwide with access to the Trident CMP.
    • Dashboard and monitoring.
  • 6
    Quarter 1 - 2019
    • Establish The Shield Core Partner program to begin vetting trusted 3rd party
    resources to be part of the The Shield Core trusted network of threat feed
    • Accumulus AI Engine starts ingesting data to learn patterns and potential
    security issues.
    • New customer Trident CMP portal to launch to encompass all aspects of the
    Accumulus Threat Shield Ecosystem.
  • 7
    Quarter 2 - 2019
    • Launch private blockchain code to contain MESH Threat Reputation System.
    • Launch Beta of MESH Threat Reputation System.
    • Beta deployment of application code to non GBMS Tech Ltd systems for
    access to The Shield Core.
  • 8
    Quarter 3 - 2019
    • Integrate Accumulus Threat Scoring system with MESH Threat Reputation
    System to create accurate threat Reputation feed in the private blockchain.
    • Beta community version of The Shield Core to launch.
    • Beta commercial version of the Shield Core to launch.
  • 9
    Quarter 4 - 2019
    • Integrate Accumulus Threat Hardening System with The Shield Core to real
    time block traffic at devices, apps, and systems that are part of the Accumulus
    Threat Shield Ecosystem.
    • Distribution of tokens for valid threat feed ingestion to begin.
  • 10
    All systems integrated and launched in production.

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