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Gastery (WTR) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Gastery is a foodtech startup designed to automate interaction of restaurants and their visitors. Our service is based on the geolocation, blockchain system, smart contract technologies, and use of QR codes. The purpose of this project in the HoReCa industry is to improve quality and speed of waitressing on the one hand, and to raise income of catering facilities on the other hand.

Marketing and Analytics

The lion’s share of success of restaurants and private hotels accounts for correct promotion. Today, restaurants spend time and money on posting their information on hundreds of sites from Google Maps to various little-known restaurant aggregators. By means of huge investments in marketing and attracting of users, Gastery provides restaurants with an instant access to contact with the audience, i.e. to those people who want to choose a restaurant and have lunch.

Advertising opportunities – All restaurants connected to this service are shown on map and users can easily see all information about them. Individual pages of each catering facility in the application contain data on distinctive features, promotions, and menu, photos, reviews, etc. Customizable design corresponding to the restaurant image facilitates promotion and draw attention. The application analyses preferences of potential guests and automatically suggests them interesting promotions, special offers and recommended dishes, and users get push notification about the closest of them.  There is a unique option to search a restaurant by a dish. A user enter a name of a dish and sees all restaurants which offer it. The corresponding rating will be made on the basis of the feedback left about the dish by users. It is a kind of word-of-mouth advertising but for a wider audience and without investing of any money. A restaurant will just need to be registered in the system to notify that its pasta is the most delicious in the city.

Analytics – A restaurant keeper will easily get comprehensive information about a catering facility:

  1. Total amount of orders in the restaurant, comparison with dynamics of competitors. All of this will help to correct the course and price policy.
  2. Statistics of popular and unpopular dishes. Statistics of the most popular dishes in the outskirts, in the city, in the segment.
  3. Dynamics of work load of the facility.
  4. Description of behavioral factors of guests in the facility.
  5. How guests find the facility, what they are searching for and when they put attention to this or that facility.
  6. What guests actually think of the facility and its dishes. The restaurant keeper can promptly take necessary measures basing on true reviews which could not be left by people who have never tasted the dish or visited the restaurant.
  7. Number and amount of orders made through the application (i.e. the orders in the framework of sales promotions, bonus programs, etc.) and a number and amount of bills paid with WTR tokens.

Using Gastery a restaurant will be able to analyze its work easily. Restaurant keepers will get an opportunity to know their clients in person and understand their tastes and preferences. Analytics of the Gastery system makes it possible to make a full portrait of a guest including a potential one. A guest’s name, age, location, average bill in restaurants, grades given to dishes and facilities, specific preferences of dishes—with Gastery everything is possible. Thus, the restaurant gets a powerful marketing tool to set up a mailing list for the most interested audience and with a high conversion.

Token Model and Loyalty System

It is planned to implement our own cryptocurrency within the Gastery project. For better perception by users it will be introduced in a form of common bonuses. Another possible name within the ecosystem is WTR. Hereinafter the local cryptocurrency will be referred to as the “coin”.

The Gastery team anticipates crowdfunding investments to WTR tokens which will be issued on the Etherium blockchain platform. Standard of the token is ERC 20. Total issuing volumes of the WTR tokens will be amounted to 175 million without a possibility to issue new ICO tokens. In the future, tokens will be converted to the WTR tokens on the basis of their internal blockchain to be used within the application.

What is the Coin For?

Guests can use the coins to pay orders in the application. The coin is a primary tool to keep users inside the ecosystem and increase their loyalty. The coins can be exchanged for fiat money, i.e. turned to cashback paid to a user for performing of target actions within the application.  You can check ICO list to know more about different ICOs.

How Users Can Get the Coins?

The coins will be transferred to the internal wallet of a user when the user performs certain actions within the system. The purpose of the coins is to keep a person in the application, inspire him/her to invite friends (for remuneration) and leave truthful reviews on food and restaurants.

What Are the Benefits for Cryptoinvestors?

As a part of marketing activities to promote the application, users will get the welcome coins in the amount equal to 5 USD upon the first downloading of the application. Also, the referral system will be implemented: users will be able to share links for downloading of the application or promotion codes and get the coins in the amount equal to 3 USD for every person brought to the application. An order for purchase of the coins to be transferred to the user will be created on the internal exchange. In addition, orders for purchase of the coins to be transferred to users will be created when the coins are accrued as cashback or for reviews and grades left, or for any other remunerated actions.


  • Pavel Krishtopa
    Pavel Krishtopa
    Pavel Krishtopa
    Sales manager
  • Mohamed Chetouane
    Mohamed Chetouane
    Mohamed Chetouane
    Copywriter & Translator
  • Kiruhina Maria
    Kiruhina Maria
    Kiruhina Maria
    UI/UX Designer
  • Vadim Chizhkov
    Vadim Chizhkov
    Vadim Chizhkov
    Blockchain developer


  • 1
    JANUARY 2017
    Inception of the Idea
  • 2
    JANUARY - JULY 2017
    Market Research
  • 3
    Preparation for a pre-SALE
  • 4
    Token pre-SALE
  • 5
    MARCH - MAY 2018
    Preparation for the ICO, application alpha-test.
  • 6
    JUNE 2018
    Application beta-test
  • 7
    JULY 2018
    Start of monetization.
  • 8
    AUGUST 2018
    Setting up a local exchange.
  • 9
    SEPTEMBER 2018
    Scaling (expansion to the largest Russian cities).
  • 10
    OCTOBER 2018
  • 11
    NOVEMBER 2018
    Beta-test of the restaurant authomatization system
  • 12
    Expansion to the regions

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