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Gamblica (GMBC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Gamblica?

Gamblica is all set to revolutionize the gambling industry with the introduction of its blockchain powered international online gambling platform, which allows for a unique betting opportunity to any gambler irrespective of his/her income and location.

Built by a group of gambling enthusiasts and based on  the  integration of innovative IT solutions, the gaming platform runs on a decentralized  smart  contract  system, and promises to ensure  fair  random  number  generation,  cards  distribution,  betting  slip  odds calculations, distribution of funds, and payouts. With the introduction of this unique ecosystem, the platform aims to revolutionize the idea of online gambling by making it safe, transparent, and scalable like never before.


The creators of Gablica say that their platform guarantees the fairness and transparency of every gambling activity, comprising online casino games, sports betting and poker. The platform is designed such that it can solve all the problems gamblers have to face in terms of trust, international market entry, and personal data protection. Primarily, it makes it possible for all and sundry to review all operational activities of the gambling operator through an open public ledger with mathematical proof of authenticity.

Some of the key benefits that Gamblica platform will be providing to gamblers are as follows:

  • Universal and scalable system and there is no need to modify the program across regions
  • Anyone can validate RNG using the casino’s public key and a blockchain record
  • No limits except for those imposed by Ethereum transaction throughput
  • Faster transactions around the world with lower transaction costs
  • User account or withdrawals cannot be blocked by the casino

Thus, Gamblica is a transparent international blockchain-enabled (similar to ArmPack, BunnyTokenTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2Live) online gambling operator, which will allow verifying all transactions and reviewing the RNG algorithm of every bet or game.

Problems existing in gambling industry

For gamblers and sports bettors

  • Players cannot  verify  the  RNG  algorithm  of  an  online  casino  game  or  that  of cards distribution in the poker room
  • Online gambling operators do not guarantee the player’s account would not be blocked
  • Problems while making deposits and withdrawals
  • Poor personal data protection

For online casino operators

  • The complexity of scaling a business and expanding into new markets
  • High transaction costs and inefficiency of international payments
  • A lack of trust in a platform caused by its poor reputation

What is Gamblica GMBC token?

The GMBC token is the internal currency of the Gamblica platform. Similar to other ICO tokens, this token is also redeemable and you can use it for betting in all Gamblica games and sports betting. It helps you in purchasing additional premium services offered by Gamblica platform. Being intensely integrated into the system, it ensures the maximum turnover, as per the usage and value of Gamblica cryptocurrency.

Gamblica Token sale structure

Players have to create the initial demand for tokens: to take part in the casino as a player, they first need to buy tokens and make use of them to place bets and contribute to the prize pool of poker tournaments. Here you don’t need to understand how crypto exchanges work rather you can deposit money into your accounts using a debit or credit card  or  one  of  the  payment  systems,  and  the  platform starts automatic purchasing of tokens and credit them to the player’s balance.

GMBC token sale details

Token sale: 01.03.2018-01.06.2018

Token sale hard cap: 40.000 ETH

Private sale: 12.12.2017-19.01.2018

Token sale soft cap: 4.000 ETH

GMBC price = 0, 0001 ETH

The main objective behind staging GMBC token sale is first to put the GMBC tokens into circulation, second to attract funds for the development and promotion of the GBMC platform.

Gamblica will issue a total number of 40 000 000 GMBC tokens; of which 504 000 000 are to be given out during the token sale. It is to be noted that all tokens will be distributed through a smart, which code is to be published for public audit prior to distribution. The funds collected from the token sale are to be utilized for launching the platform, integrating the token, and financing the marketing and advertising campaign.

  • 2 percent of the total supply will be held for partners and founders
  • 3 percent for the bounty program,
  • 5 percent for the advisory board
  • 20 percent is for the game fund,
  • 10 percent for the team,

This way, around 60 percent will be made available for sale during the BMBC token sale.

Gamblica token sale

How to participate in GMBC token sale

In order to participate in the GMBC token sale, as an investor, you should first sign up and go through the KYC procedure in your personal account through the Gamblica website. Now purchase GMBC tokens by making transfer of cryptocurrencies like ETH/BTC directly to your personal account. GMBC tokens will be made available for purchase during the official dates of the crowdsale at the mentioned price. All bonuses are to be automatically distributed. Right after the token sale, GMBC tokens would be transferrable to your external ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet. Following are the wallets that you can use to store your GBMC tokens:

  • MetaMask
  • MyEtherWallet
  • Ethereum Wallet

Gamblica Token sale bonus program

  • Stage 1- 8000 ETH (80,000,000 GMBC) – bonus 50 percent
  • Stage 2 – 8000 ETH (80,000,000 GMBC) –bonus 40 percent
  • Stage 3 – 8000 ETH (80,000,000 GMBC) – bonus 30 percent
  • Stage 4 – 8000 ETH (80,000,000 GMBC) – bonus 10 percent
  • Stage 5 – 8000 ETH (80,000,000 GMBC) – bonus 0 percent

Gamblica team

Similar to other ICOs, such as Cibus, Amon, Aktie Social, Alttex, THEFANDOME, and many others, the Gamblica team is made up of brilliant brains and extensively experienced people. Headed by Nikita Cherenkov — Co-Founder/CEO Gamblica, the team includes members like:

  • Dmitry Yakovlev Co-Founder/Investor Relations
  • Nathan Christian – advisor
  • P B Stanton – advisor

Final remarks

Gambling is million and billion dollars business. However, similar to other quick money making business, it is also not immune from the frequent glitches that one has to face. However, the project of Gamblica wants to change it all by making this a completely fair and transparent. Though many such projects are already revolving around the crypto space, it seems to do something different by providing a unique betting opportunity to any gambler irrespective of his/her income and location.

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