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Fairwin (FWIN) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Today’s gaming market suffers from the crisis of trust between the players and the game organizers. As you are aware of, the organizers of casino games and sports betting resort to manipulating the winnings in order to maximize their profits. The cases of outright refusal to pay out the winnings have become a frequent occurrence.


We offer a fundamentally different gaming platform where the game logic and the amounts of both wagers and wins will be publicly available and the payment of winnings will be automated and will not depend on the organizers

Our platform will prohibit game organizers from both understating payments and manipulating winnings. This idea will be implemented by publishing the entire game process on the Ethereum network

As of now, no single gaming system in the world can guarantee the fairness of winnings. The technology that ensures the fairness of payments to players will no doubt be in demand


The Blockchain technology has become the key to solving many of the problems inherent in the economic and social systems of our society. In the field of gambling, the conflict of interests has recently become especially noticeable and the Blockchain developments have come to the aid of the industry just in time

Product Description

We are working on a FWIN token that will serve the entire system. Players will use the FWIN tokens for placing their bets while the partners will be able to buy the FWIN tokens on the exchange or use the FWIN tokens purchased during the ICO. The partners will independently assign the value of the FWIN token for the players

The game algorithms will be done in the form of smart contracts and uploaded to the Ethereum network. The smart contract code will define the game combinations and calculate the winnings. At that, any player will be able to see the proof that the game combination was generated by a smart contract precisely since it is signed with a unique key

The mathematics of the game wired into the code of a smart contract guarantees the return on the stakes at a strictly defined level. Anyone can open the contract code and verify the honesty of the declared return. Therefore, if the system claims that the return on the game is 96%, it will mean precisely this return value and no person can affect it

Should there be any kind of intervention, all the participants will become aware of them

Platform Advantages

The whole game process takes place outside the Blockchain system which allows for instantaneous moves in the game. There is no more need to wait for the validation of the transactions; only the depositing and withdrawal of funds will be done on the Blockchain base

The platform provides support for 3D games

HTML5/WebGL game client. The gaming platform is capable of running on any device and in any browser

The math tested over many years with the guarantee of return rate (RTP)

An advanced control panel developed on the basis of the most modern vue.js framework

Honesty is guaranteed. Each game move will be generated using Random Number Generator (RNG)

The sequence of the game moves will be signed with a unique key and checked by both the client and the server, which will guarantee the security of the game session. The possibility of influencing it from the outside will be out of the question

Playing moves are up to 10 times less expensive than those on other platforms (gas cost)

A 2-click process of integration into other platforms

A fully decentralized technology upon the platform’s release

It functions on the FWIN base – the token of the FairWin platform. Investors, game developers and partners receive FWIN tokens as compensation

An open platform architecture convenient for developers


The ICO start: May 7, 2018

The minimal amount of FWIN token purchase: 1000 USD

The exchange rate of ETH/USD, BTC/USD, ZEC/USD will be established at the ICO start date.

SoftCAP $6 million, HardCAP $25 million


The Bitcoin, Zcash и Ethereum rates will be fixed for the entire ICO time. Final prices will be published on May 7, 2018, at 00:00 (UTC) Bitcoin address: Will be announced before ICO Zcash address: Will be announced before ICO


FWIN tokens will not be convertible into other tokens of the ERC20 standard since many ERC20 tokens are too illiquid to ensure fair pricing during the ICO period


FairWin is engaged in the production and distribution of games. Coins for platform games will be FWIN tokens intended to be released during the ICO process. The company partners will have the opportunity to buy FWIN tokens on an exchange or receive them during the ICO. The value of the FWIN token will increase as new playgrounds and players get linked in. The first profits are expected as early as the beginning of 20

If you want to know everything about investing in ICO, read our page how to invest in ICOs.


  • Roman Morozov
    Roman Morozov
    Roman Morozov
    (CEO) -
    Results-driven and structure oriented, proven specialist and a master of change. Thriving in challenging, collaborative, fast-paced environment. Entrepreneur, visionary, jack of all trades.
  • Sergey Bolshakov
    Sergey Bolshakov
    Sergey Bolshakov
    (Lead Developer) -
    Always looking for opportunities to grow as a software developer, which will contribute to continued growth and success of the organization.
  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters
    Mark Peters
    (Frontend Developer) -
    Over 10 years experience in JavaScript, C# , Java and PHP development but always open for other technologies.
  • Alex Svetlov
    Alex Svetlov
    Alex Svetlov
    (PR Specialist) -
    Experienced specialist of PR. Strong creative professional skilled in publicity, traditional & digital media, influencer relations, marketing
  • Andrew Harrington
    Andrew Harrington
    Andrew Harrington
    (Marketing Specialist) -
    Enthusiastic and versatile person. Fast learner and flexible person, able to adapt to many different situations, whose motivation and passion make the real difference between failure and success.


  • 1
    Pre-ICO launch
  • 2
    FairChannel (beta1), 3 slot games+European Roulette
  • 3
    ICO launch, 10 games in total
  • 4
    Blackjack, 21 games in total
  • 5
    FairChannel (release version), 37 games in total
  • 6
    88 games in total. Game licensing

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