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EXXO Exchange (EXO) ICO Review – ICO Token News



EXXO is a cryptocurrency exchange service platform who plans to become a becon of fairness in the new age of Internet of Money, using blockchain system regulated by an autonomous algorithm with methods proven on crypto financial markets.

Why is EXXO Exchange needed?

Decentralized exchanges are seen as a solution to the problem of centralized exchanges getting hacked, people losing their assets or bad actors stealing funds.In EXXO, we find one more solution to that end, one of many, and this must be noted up front or else you might be confused when you see multiple other decentralized exchanges on the internet. EXXO along with other decentralized exchanges in the market will create true value, due the fact that we’re gonna offer faster and more safety trades.

Another thing that EXXO brings as a value is that the DEX is running on network and not on a particular server, this thing makes EXXO impossible to shut down.


100% Secure – Full control over your assets stored in your EXXO Wallet.

Instant Trading – A true “real-time” trading experience help users to trade instantly.

Peer 2 Peer – What makes EXXO unique is the fact that the trading occurs between individual parties directly.

Zero Fees -If you own 30,000 EXXO Coins in your wallet, all trading fees are waived.

Why Invest in EXXO?

No Trading Fees – Once you acquire 30,000 EXXO Token, all the transactions fees will be waived. This means you will never pay when you exchange your cryptocurrencies.

Valuable Currency – Users that acquire EXXO token will hold them in order to get free transactions. This will limit the tokens number avalaible in the market.

Brings value to blockchain – As the crypto market grows more and more decentralized exchanges are needed. Fast and secure.

Key Components

EXXO is special because of its amazing components. These allows EXXO to be stable, trustable and a valuable project.

Wallet – You can safely store your currencies in your personal wallet. This gives you total control over your assets. You can control your private keys, send and receive funds.

Plugin System – The developers can develop more and more assets through our open source system, adding more features and other crypto currencies.

The Tracker – Once you place an order in the market directly from your wallet. Our tracker will find the perfect match for you and execute the transaction. All the transactions are made wallet to wallet.

Multiple blockchain exchange – Being a solution over multiple blockchains, you can trade which ever currency you would like.

EXXO is one step further than any cryptocurrency exchanges as it will create a fair distribution of risk. The first service launched by EXXO is the most secured world trading exchange that solves existing problems of cryptocurrency exchanges. At the moment, EXXO services will not be available for citizens of the United States of America, Singapore and China due to local regulation. If you have at least 30,000 EXO tokens in your wallet all your trading fees on our platform will be Zero. This will add more value to our currency. The security factor behind EXXO’s platform Is a combination of industry leading Cloudfare DDOS and backed by computer scientists and crypto professionals to provide the upmost security to our users and ourselves. If you have a coin (token) that you want to list with EXXO Exchange, please send us an email to : All the tokens will be released 4 days after the ICO will end.


    CEO & Founder

    Eric’s background includes extensive experience in the financial sector, working with Deloitte Consulting. He has been involved in blockchain technologies since late 2015.

    Has over 8 years experience as a senior frontend developer at His main contribution on EXXO’s project are backend codebase ( smart contracts ) and optimizing consensus implementation to be faster and more accurate..
    Over twelve years of experience in developing a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in security related enterprise Web applications and blockchain applications.

    Jay concentrates on creation of convenient and multifunctional products. His main interests in this project are SecureNetwork and The Validator. Jay has been involved with Bitcoin since 2010 but did not seriously commit to the development until 2014


  • 1
    The EXXO Project : Q3 17
    Market Research & Product Opportunity - completed ✔
    Concept & Research - completed ✔
    Assembling the team - completed ✔
    Prototype Development completed ✔
    Product Strategy - completed ✔
    Marketing Strategy - completed ✔
  • 2
    Exchange platform : Q4 17
    Tracker development - completed ✔
    SecureNetwork implementation - completed ✔
    Validator 1st release - completed ✔
    Validator linking to plugin system - completed ✔
    API Cluster Release - in progress
  • 3
    Safe Wallet : Q1 18
    Development started - in progress
    Mobile Dapp - in progress
    First Wallet Release - scheduled
    Cluster Release - scheduled
    Plugins systems implementation - scheduled
  • 4
    Beta Release : Q3 18
    Desktop EXXO Exchange Release - scheduled
    Mobile Dapp Release - scheduled

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